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Swimming pool construction and renovation with solar heating

Save money this winter

Swimming pool construction and renovation by the pool builders
Solar heating is a sustainable and affordable way to enhance your swimming pool construction and renovation. The temperatures are falling and the days are getting shorter. We must begin to think about alternative use for our swimming pool. Soon our focus will be on ice laden sidewalks, when just weeks ago, the first thing that came to mind was ice cream and swimming. While it may be getting colder, we can definitely find ways to extend the swimming season.

We dread the possibility of increased heating expense for the home, much less, the pool. Solar pool heating technology has provided a solution that can save us money at a time of the year when we use our pool the least, if at all. Solar heating is a low maintenance and affordable way to heat your pool water using the energy from the sun. Stop paying the high energy cost of standard pool heaters.

Understanding solar pool heaters

Solar water heating systems consist of basically three different types of collector and circulation systems. All three types operate the same way; they function by trapping the heat of the sun and transferring it to your home or pool. They are as follows:

  1. Batch Collectors – This system uses insulated boxes that contain heat absorbing tubes that can store warm water for long periods of time. They are generally used for heating homes, barns, garages, or for heating water in the home.
  1. Flat-Plate Collectors – This type of solar heater uses flat absorber plates that are fitted with copper tubes. The tubes are sealed and contained within an insulated box. This type of collector is primarily used for home water heating. Ideally, it stores up to 40 gallons of water, taking the place of a conventional water heater.
  1. Evacuated Tube Collectors – This is the most efficient type of solar heater collector available today. Tube collectors consist of glass tubes that are vacuum sealed. The end result is minimal heat loss, and maximum efficiency. This type of collector works well even on cloudy days and in temperatures as low as 40°F.

Solar heater circulation systems:

Once the water is heated, what do we do with it? This is where solar heater circulation systems come in to play. This is the way that the heated water circulates through your pool, providing a heated and comfortable swimming environment. There are four types of solar heater circulation systems:

  • Direct circulation systems
  • Forced circulation systems
  • Indirect systems
  • Passive systems

All of these systems are simple in design and they are effective. It would be best to contact a qualified Charlotte pool company, and speak with their representative to determine which circulation and collector system is best for your situation.

One of the best pool builders in Charlotte, NC

Carolina Pool Plastering offers many services to repair and remodel your pool, and the surrounding areas. Be sure to ask them about their many options and ideas for spas. They can help you with inspired ideas that will create a pool with enticing comfort zones, and extend your entertainment space. Retaining walls require special skill and experience that only comes from years in the business. A swimming pool can only increase the value of your home or business. To learn more about solar heater, or swimming pool construction and renovation, contact Carolina Pool Plastering, in Charlotte, NC.


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Give your pool installation a fall theme

Change of season

Pool installation done by pool contractors
Bring your pool installation into season with autumn themed decorations and accessories. Fall is upon us, the air is crisp at night and the leaves are beginning to change. This can be easily and creatively done by decorating the backyard and pool deck, just as you would to make the inside of your home cozy and in season. The best part is that decorating your pool does not need to cost a great deal. Consider the following decorating tips that are not only tasteful and affordable.

Pumpkins are essential

Pumpkins are as symbolic for fall as the Christmas tree is for Christmas. Decorating with pumpkins is almost compulsory. Pumpkins can be purchased at any grocery store, or make it a fun day and take the kids out to a pumpkin patch. They come in such a variety of shapes and colors that will provide you with the perfect display. Accent the pumpkin display with colorful gourds to bring in different textures. Pumpkins are a festive choice for large planters on the patio or deck.

Create a centerpiece

Creating a fall themed centerpiece for poolside tables is an easy and inexpensive venture. Decorative baskets can be purchased from a craft store; fill it with items that remind you of autumn such as acorns, Indian corn, gourds, or dried floral arrangements. The centerpiece is a nice touch for those cool, relaxing evenings by the poolside.

Fall theme for pool furniture

This is a great time to replace those summer pillows on the poolside furniture with something that coincides with fall. You will have no problem finding pillows that are decorated in warm shades of reds and oranges. Deep purples and greens can be really fun and perfect for Halloween. Choose colors that complement the fall flowers in the landscaping. A more involved option could include painting the patio deck a rustic fall color.

Change the lighting

Decorative lights should always be a part of your pool motif. Orange or yellow twinkle lights are a great way to set the mood. Floating lights in the pool are quite relaxing and colorful. Hanging fall themed or Halloween lanterns are a nice way to incorporate color. You could also consider lighting up the area with LED rope lighting.

Wreaths and flowers

When decorating for the fall season, it is best to use natural elements such as: corn stalks, dried flowers, straw, and colored ribbons. Wreaths are a popular item for every season, and your harvest wreath can be arranged by using everyday items from your basement or attic along with natural foliage from the yard.

These decorating ideas will create the perfect fall themed compliment for your patio and poolside. Make it a fun project for the whole family; you will get so much fun for just a few dollars. Fall is a great way to incorporate nature in your everyday life.

Pool installation and design in Charlotte, NC

Carolina Pool Plastering offers many services to repair and remodel your pool, and the surrounding areas. Be sure to ask them about their many options and ideas for spas. They can help you with inspired ideas that will create a pool with enticing comfort zones, and extend your entertainment space. A swimming pool can only increase the value of your home or business. To learn more about swimming pool installation or maintenance, contact Carolina Pool Plastering, in Charlotte, NC.


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Hot tub tips from Charlotte’s most reliable pool contractors

Hot tub season is underway

Hot tub tips With cooler temperatures ahead, Charlotte’s most reliable pool contractors offer tips for safe enjoyment of your hot tub or spa. With the stresses of going back to school and the holiday rush soon to begin, your hot tub offers the chance to kick back and soak in its therapeutic, relaxing bubbles. In order to gain maximum enjoyment from your spa, it is important to regularly inspect the tub to make sure it is safe to use. Consider the following checklist to ensure a healthy hot tub or spa:

  • Make sure there is no heavy chemical smell or odor
  • Always check the sides of the tub to make sure that they are smooth, not slippery or sticky
  • Run daily checks to make sure that the pump and filtration system is working
  • Keep the water temperature at or below 104 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Regularly monitor your water chemistry

What is a hot tub?

If you are asked to define a hot tub, you probably would describe it as a warm and relaxing tub of water that may have extra amenities such as a stereo music system and attractive lighting. However, if it is not maintained properly, your hot tub or spa could be reduced to a water barrel that is brimming with bacteria. Please be aware that our goal here is not to make you uncomfortable about hot tub use, only to stress the importance of proper maintenance and care for your hot tub.

Explaining hot tub rash

Hot tub rash is a condition that can result from using an improperly disinfected hot tub. When levels of the bacterium Pseudomonas aeruginosa increase because of the absence or low level of chlorine or bromine; hot tub occupants can experience an infection of the hair follicles of the skin. This infection is technically known as Pseudomonas folliculitis, otherwise known as hot tub rash. The rash usually develops in the shape of a person’s bathing suit, and normally goes away within a week. Another condition associated with infected hot tubs is Legionnaire’s disease, a serious type of pneumonia, which causes flu-like symptoms. This particular illness is picked up when hot tub occupants inhale the mist or airborne droplets containing the Legionella bacteria. Smokers, senior citizens, and anyone with compromised immune systems are susceptible to these illnesses.

Choosing one of the best Charlotte pool companies

Do not be afraid to ask questions about maintenance for your swimming pool. Talk to the professionals at Carolina Pool Plastering. They offer many services that will help homeowners to repair, remodel, and renovate their pool and the surrounding areas. They specialize in providing environmental friendly solutions and have been satisfying customers in Charlotte, NC for many years. Consider Caroling Pool Plastering as one the most reliable pool contractors for sparkling water in your pool or hot tub.


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Charlotte’s best pool builders can make dreams reality

Finding a residential pool company

Residential pool company
Have you decided to build a pool or spa and you are looking for the best residential pool builders? Building a swimming pool is a big investment, so finding the right pool contractor is an important decision. Hopefully, this article can help educate you on how swimming pool or spa should be built.

Hire an experienced pool contractor

You want a company with years of experience and pool building expertise. Beyond the construction aspects of pool building, you want a pool company that has the knowledge and skills necessary to transform your ideas into your ideal backyard. Undoubtedly, there is a lot that is involved in the process. Quite honestly, it is also an emotional purchase, and you will want a pool contractor that is engaged and will be involved before, during and after the sale and construction in order to inform and educate you. The best Charlotte pool companies take great pride in listening to your needs and wishes, as well as anticipating your future needs as well.

A pool contractor with experience knows the process so well, that they will be able to make your pool construction go as smoothly as possible. They should be a team of professionals that understand what is necessary for the accurate construction and engineering of your swimming pool; whether it is a free form, geometric, large, or small pool design. They can install a pool that will compliment your landscaping and topography regardless if is on flat ground or on the side of a hill.

Hire creativity

Hire a swimming pool contractor who is creative and who has a reputation and is recognized for their innovative work and excellent customer service. Remember, it is the referrals and recommendations of previous customers that will tell you volumes about the company you intend to hire. When selecting a Charlotte pool contractor, look for the company that has extensive experience building pools and spas. Look for a company that combines service, quality, and creativity, providing you with the highest quality pool at the best possible price.

One of the top pool builders in Charlotte, NC

Quality is indeed the most important factor to keep in mind when you are looking for the best swimming pool contractors in Charlotte, NC. Make inquiries and find the company that can build or renovate the pool of your dreams. In your search to find the best pool companies in the Carolinas, consider Carolina Pool Plastering. They are a knowledgeable company that offers many services; including lighting design your pool and its surrounding areas. To learn more about Carolina Pool Plastering, put them on your list as one of the best pool builders, and give them a call.


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Shotcrete Phase for Beckanna apartments

Shotcrete phase for Beckanna Pools in Raleigh NC

Here is a video and some photos for the new pool being created at Beckanna Pools in Raleigh NC.  Photos are of the shotcrete phase of the pool building.  Shotcrete is a method that is called “wet mix method”. The materials are mixed in building equipment and then sprayed on the excavation area created for the pool.

There are several advantages to using Shotcrete such as:

  • Easier to clean
  • Can easily come in various designs
  • Shotcrete works great with plaster
  • Prevents erosion
  • Sticks well to the plaster

Contact Carolina Pool Plastering today, for more information about new pools, pool renovations, and learn more about our Shotcrete process.



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New Residential Pool in Jacksonville, NC

Carolina Pool Plastering is pleased to show the progress of one of our recent residential pools. We are building this pool at a private home in Jacksonville, NC.As you can see, from the photos below, and more photos in our photo gallery, we have dug the pool and tied the steel. Check back, and we will have more updated photos as we continue to build this private, residential pool. For more information about pool building or pool renovations, Contact Carolina Pool Plastering today at 704-529-8177.

The main considerations we made while planning this project are the design, structure and costs. For more than many years, we have assisted many residential and commercial building owners achieve the swimming pool of their dreams. To ensure the quality of our work and the overall satisfaction of our clients, we have worked hand in hand with them to make sure that the design, cost and materials being used are within their expectations and liking.

If you would like your very own customized swimming pools in your residential or commercial properties, contact us. We will assist you from planning to the actual installation of your swimming pool. If you need more information about our recent projects, you can contact us using this form.

residential pool installation

residential pool company

residential pool builders


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How to choose a Charlotte pool company for renovation

A different perspective

charlotte nc pool builder
There are lots of articles on how to choose a Charlotte pool company, but frankly, most of those are written from a pool company’s perspective. Hopefully, this article will give you a different perspective that goes beyond checking for insurance and licensing. It is fairly evident and it is common knowledge that you should do that, but that does not ensure that you are hiring the best pool company for your situation. Consider a pool owner’s advice on how to select a pool company for your remodeling project:

Trust your instincts

All too often, we underestimate our own intuitive process. Trust your instincts; the fact that you like, and are comfortable with the person you are dealing with is a good sign. If you are not comfortable with the company representative, chances are you will not be comfortable with the workers or the services of the company that they represent. Ask him or her if they use their own crews to do the work, or do they subcontract the work? It is a proven fact that the more that subcontractors are in the mix, the responsible parties are more interested in the satisfaction of the contractor than they are in your satisfaction.

Ask about their reputation

Ask each company about their record with the Better Business Bureau. This is a critical piece of information because not only will you find out if they have customer complaints, you will find out if they are responsive to satisfying those complaints. Pay close attention to their most recent activity. Also ask them about the number of jobs that they have completed over the past two or three years. Compare the age of their license against the number of years that they have been doing business. If a contractor that tells you they have been in business for 20 years, but their license issued only three years ago, something is afoot.

Hire the right type of company

If you are looking for renovation or remodeling, you need a pool contractor that specializes in renovation. This is the type of company that has experience completing a project without disturbing mature landscaping or harming the environment. This also means that they have lots of experience handling the unpredictable. This is important because renovation and remodeling is unpredictable. Just like any other purchase, if it seems too good to be true, or if it just does not feel right, follow your instincts and choose a different company.

Consider one of the leading pool companies in Charlotte, NC

Carolina Pool Plastering offers many services for the repair and renovation of your pool, tile and its surrounding areas. Is your swimming pool in need of repair? Carolina Pool Plastering can restore and transform your pool to its original splendor. Talk to them about the many solutions they offer that can raise the value of your home or business.

Starting out only servicing the Charlotte, N.C. area, Carolina Pool Plastering has expanded its servicing area to all of the East Coast. They take pride in offering quality custom work, ensuring that customers are completely satisfied. Contact your swimming pool construction and renovation specialists at Carolina Pool Plasterers and learn how to choose a Charlotte pool company.


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Using concrete stamps to add pattern, texture, and color for a new pool deck

Decorative concrete pool decks

Pool builders working on new pool deck
Now is the best time to contact Charlotte pool companies about ideas for your new pool deck. Many pool owners have decided to renovate their pool deck with a decorative concrete project. A qualified pool contractor can enlighten you as to how the projects are designed and created, and what techniques and products are appropriate for your project. They can also explain if there are any special challenges to overcome during construction.

For many pool owners, colored and stamped concrete is the ultimate pool deck surface. Concrete pool decks combine the elements of beauty, strength, and low maintenance. Stamped concrete decks are available in a vast array of decorative options that are simply not possible with other pool deck materials. You can choose from many different patterns that mimic stone, brick, tile, and even wood-grained textures.

You can also add unique colors to your pool deck with the use of stains, pigments, and antiquing agents. Specialty contractors can create a pool deck that looks identical to natural stone. Colors can also be customized coordinate with your home and landscaping. When it has been properly sealed, a concrete deck will also resist degradation from pool chemicals, constant water exposure, and UV rays. If you are worried about a slippery pool deck surface, you can have your pool contractor mix a non-skid additive into the sealer. Here are a few ideas for utilizing the look and function of a stamped concrete pool deck:

  • If your concrete pool deck is exposed direct sunlight, you can make the surface cooler to quests feet by coloring the concrete with lighter shades, such as taupe, tan, or numerous white tones.
  • Resist choosing stamp patterns that have deep grout lines or rough surface textures. They are uncomfortable to bare feet and tend to pool water.
  • Create a unique and individual look for your pool deck by installing a pool border, finishing your coping, in a contrasting color or pattern. Consider options such as limestone, concrete tiles, and hand scored concrete.
  • You can create separate areas for lounging, eating, and recreation by terracing different levels of your stamped concrete pool deck.

Call a qualified pool contractor to get ideas that will help you select the right pool decking for your project. Ask to see their portfolio of backyard pool decks to see why so many pool owners chose concrete for their decking material.

One of the best pool contractors in Charlotte, NC

Carolina Pool Plastering offers many services to maintain, repair, and remodel your pool. This includes the deck, tile, and surrounding areas. Be sure to ask them about their many options and ideas for decks. A beautiful deck will create beautiful comfort zones and extend your entertainment space, increasing the value of your home or business. If you were wondering how to choose a Charlotte pool company, start with a call to Carolina Pool Plastering for a consultation design ideas for your pool and your new pool deck.


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Finding the pool installation that works best

Building a new pool

Pool builders doing pool installation  in Charlotte, NC
You have decided that this was the last summer that you will go without a pool; understandably, you want the best pool installation that is available. After reading a few articles on the internet, you realize that building a swimming pool can be a daunting task. One of your first questions is, “How will I find the best pool builder?” Talk with several pool builders, ask every question you can think of, look at their work, and consider a contractor who will listen to you and help you to turn your ideas into the ideal pool installation.

What is the right pool for me?

The first thing you will need to decide is the size, shape, and depth, of your swimming pool. The topography and the landscaping surrounding your pool will be factors that you will need to consider. Lifestyle will also determine a lot of your choices. For example, do you have children that are grown or in their late teens, or are they toddlers? Perhaps you have no children at all and a smaller pool with a spa attached is an important feature? Maybe you have a very large backyard, and you want your pool area to fill that space. There are specific questions that your pool builder will ask you in order to determine the best pool for you. This is why it is important to choose a qualified and experienced pool builder, because together, you will discover what you want and what works for you.

How will you use your pool?

How will you use the pool? Many pool owners want their pool to be a centerpiece for entertainment in their home, and for hosting lively gatherings. For others, their concept is a nice pool to relax in, where sitting by the pool side and listening to a waterfall or fountain is just as important as swimming. More and more pool owners are opting for pools that are low maintenance because of their busy lifestyle. Some families will have an empty nest in four or five years, so it is important to consider your current lifestyle, but also recognize how your needs for a pool will change in the next few years. This includes the possibility or the reality of grand kids in the future.

Shape and safety

Have you considered the shape of your pool? Do you want a rectangular pool or a unique shape/design? Are you seeking the largest pool for the money? A rectangular pool can provide you will the greatest amount of square footage, and will lend itself to the safest type of pool cover. However, for many, aesthetics and ambiance are major inspirations for their pool. Perhaps you want a unique shape that compliments the house and landscape? Many pool owners forget that safety and access are often regulated by local ordinances. The best pool builders see this as another opportunity to be creative. The law may state that you must have a locking gate to prevent access by small children; however, this is only an opportunity to create an ornate or natural looking barrier that adds to the beauty and atmosphere of your pool area.

One of the best pool builders in Charlotte, NC

Carolina Pool Plastering offers many services to repair and remodel your pool, its tile, and surrounding areas. Be sure to ask them about their many options and ideas for spas. They can help you with inspired ideas that will create a pool with enticing comfort zones, and extend your entertainment space. Retaining walls require special skill and experience that only comes from years in the business. A swimming pool can only increase the value of your home or business. To learn more about swimming pool installation or maintenance, contact Carolina Pool Plastering, in Charlotte, NC.


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