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Pool and spa safety tips from the most reliable pool contractors in Charlotte NC

Safety tips from the most reliable pool contractors in Charlotte NC

Most reliable pool contractors working on a swimming pool
Many families dream of having a pool in their backyard.  They have visions of fun-filled days and family and friends gathering on summer evenings.  This is definitely the goal for most families, but even more important is taking steps to ensure everyone is safe when around and in the pool.

There are steps you can take to help keep your family and visitors safe while using your pool.  Taking these actions can also help you with insurance costs.  Local ordinances or codes may also require certain safety features for your pool and the surrounding area, so it is a good idea to discuss safety features with the most reliable pool contractors in Charlotte NC.  Recommended safety steps include:

  • Upgrading drain covers. If you pool has the old-fashioned, flat drain covers, it is recommended that you upgrade to new drain covers that comply with federal standards.  These drain covers are much safer and even reduce the amount of hair caught in the drains.  This greatly reduces the risk of someone drowning because of hair entrapment.
  • Enclose your pool with a fence at least four foot high. Any gates in the pool should be lockable and open away from the pool.  These gates should also be self-locking and self-closing.
  • Add an automatic cut-off device for your pool pump. This type of device detects an increase in suction pressure and cuts off the pool pump to relieve that pressure.  This often happens when the drain is blocked and is much faster than having to manually turn off the pump.
  • Use a pool cover that meets the safety standards as set by the American Society for Testing and Materials. These specifications will add a layer of protection, reduce water evaporation, and reduce heat loss.  This cover should be tightly secured on all sides when installed over the pool to prevent anyone, especially children from slipping under the cover.  Do not allow water to accumulate on the cover.
  • Install a rope dividing the shallow end of the pool from the deep end. This notifies swimmers of varying water depths.
  • Install in-pool alarms and motion detectors. These provide an alarm when there is someone in the pool.  They are also available for fences, doors, and as a clip-on for children.
  • If you are building a new pool, install more than one drain. This helps reduce pressure from each drain.  With a single drain, suction pressure may be strong enough to hold 400 to 500 pounds.  This is almost impossible for an adult to escape, not to mention a child.
  • Lock up all pool chemicals and keep the key away from children.
  • Never leave children unsupervised around the pool, even if the gates are locked.
  • Make sure everyone in your family knows how to swim. Children can be enrolled in swimming lessons at a very young age and it may save their life.

If you need to add or upgrade safety features for your backyard pool, call Carolina Pool Plastering, one of Charlotte’s most reliable pool contractors.


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Why you should hire one of the best pool builders in Charlotte

Why you should hire one of Charlotte’s best pool builders to build your new concrete pool

Pool builders working on a new swimming pool installation
Many of us envision a backyard paradise, complete with a beautiful pool and spa.  As you begin the process of making this dream a reality, it is a good idea to talk with some of the best pool builders in Charlotte to get an idea of what the project may require.  In preparation for meeting with a pool builder, there are a few steps you can take.

Check out the potential area

Take a good, hard look at where you want to place your new pool.  You can use a recent survey of your property to help identify the best locations on your property to construct the new pool.  You should also consider any local ordinances or codes which might restrict where you can place the pool.

Sketch the design

Take a pad and pencil and sketch out a few potential designs for the pool.  Try different shapes and sizes in all the potential areas.  Consider which shapes fit best on your property and which shape would be best for your family’s lifestyle.  Also, think about what the pool will be used for.  Will it be primarily a lap pool or will the entire family be playing and splashing around? If this will be primarily a family fun pool, a free form shape may be perfect, while a lap pool is typically a rectangle.

Once you have a penciled design, draw it out with spray paint on the ground to see how the shape and size you like will fit in with your property.   Use different colors of paint to designate the pool, deck, and landscaping or water features.

Talk with the best pool builders in Charlotte NC

Now you are ready to begin discussions with the best pool builders in Charlotte.  Ask them to visit your home so they can see your location and discuss your plans with you.  Ask them some basic questions about their warranties, licenses and referrals.

Once you have this information, select several of the best pool builders and arrange to have them visit your property and invite them to submit a proposal for the job.   There are several important questions to ask the best pool builders when they meet with you:

  • Ask how long they have been in business
  • Ask for references for both completed and uncompleted projects
  • Ask for their license numbers and certificates
  • Ask about their equipment
  • Ask about warranties and guarantees
  • Ask what happens if they miss their completion deadline
  • Ask for an itemized proposal, including standard and optional items

The answers to these questions will help you determine which of the best pool builders to hire.  When you are ready to award the contract to build your new custom pool, call Carolina Pool Plastering, one of Charlotte’s best pool companies.


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When you should use a pool contractor for pool tile repair

When you need pool tile repair

Pool contractors working on pool tile repair
If you have an in-ground pool with any type of ceramic or glass tiles, it will eventually require some type of pool tile repair.  Depending upon the number of tiles to be removed or repaired, you may need to contact a Charlotte NC pool contractor to do the job.  If there are only one or two tiles needing repair, you may be able to do the work yourself.  If, however your pool needs a larger pool tile repair, such as an overall tile replacement or even a run of several feet, you should really hire a pool contractor to perform the work.

Hiring a pool contractor to do your pool tile repair

If you pool is more than twenty years old, chances are it is time to replace all of the tiles in the pool.  Whether they are above or below the water line, the pool will need to be completely emptied and clean before any pool tile repair or replacement can start.  Your Charlotte NC pool contractor is specialized in repairing and replacing pool tiles.  They can do pool tile repairs quickly, saving you time and money.  They have the right equipment and skills to ensure the job is done correctly so it does not have to be repeated in a year or two.

Pool tile repair

If your pool only requires a few pool tile repairs, the job will not take too long.  Your Charlotte NC pool contractor will begin by emptying and then completely cleaning and washing down the pool.  This is to ensure there is no dirt or debris which could get into the pool tile repair mortar.  Once the pool is empty and cleaned, the pool contractor will begin loosening and removing any tiles which need to be replaced.  They will use a variety of tools, depending upon how many tiles will be replaced during the pool tile repair.

To do the repair, the pool contractor will first remove the loose tiles using a chisel.  Then they will remove any grout which may be stuck to the tiles, as well as any grout adhering to tiles on either side of the removed tile.   The pool contractor will then carefully inspect the pool wall or bed behind the tile just removed.  They will look for flaking or loose materials and will build up the bed, if necessary to create a smooth surface even with the next tile.

Ensuring a good pool tile repair

The area behind the removed tile is called the beam.  Your Charlotte NC pool contractor will inspect the beam, looking for cracks or chips.  Cracks are typically the reason for tiles to loosen in the first place.  If there is extreme damage to the beam, a pool tile repair may only last a year or two since there are larger issues with the pool’s construction.  Should the beam damage be significant, a pool contractor may recommend additional repairs such as removing coping stones and replacing a wall.  If the beam is missing chunks of material or is uneven, the pool contractor can use hydraulic cement or pool plaster to create a smooth base for doing the pool tile repair.

One of the best pool contractors in Charlotte NC is Carolina Pool Plastering.  When you need a pool tile repair, give them a call.


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Pool tile installation using ceramic tiles

There are different types of tiles for pool tile installation

Pool contractors doing pool tile installation Adding tiles to your pool can provide attractive details and customization.  The most popular type of tile to use around a pool is ceramic tile.  Ceramic tile is easy to work and is available in a variety of colors, sizes, and styles.  You may want to simply install a single row of tiles along the top of your pool or perhaps, at the water line.  You may want to do a pool tile installation covering the entire pool, both floor and walls.  Either way, it is important that you talk with a good pool contractor in Charlotte NC who specializes in pool tile installation.

The right tiles

Wet clay ceramic tiles are the most popular for use in pool tile installation.  These tiles are fired and then glazed which makes them waterproof.  There are special ceramic tiles which are made to be used in wet areas, however some are not suitable for use in a pool tile installation because they may have small, minute cracks which will allow in water.  Any ceramic tile used in a pool must be vitreous or impervious.  This means the tile is sealed all the way through and will not absorb water if cracked.  The best tiles are impervious tiles because they typically only absorb about .5 percent of moisture.  A vitreous tile may absorb as much as three percent, which is still okay for pool tile installation.

The pool tile installation

When your pool contractor begins installing your pool tiles, they will ensure the pool is ready.  The pool must be emptied and all walls and floors completely washed down.  Your Charlotte NC pool contractor will perform this wash down with a pressure washer to ensure all dirt and pool chemicals are removed and the walls completely clean.

Materials used for pool tile installation

The pool tiles are set in a thin set mortar fortified by latex.  This mortar is designed to be used in wet areas and must be impervious to pool chemicals and moisture.  Your pool contractor will know the best types of mortars for pool tile installation.  The Charlotte NC pool company will also select a grout containing no epoxy or Portland cement.  Either of these may change color or weaken when exposed to pool chemicals.  Any grout used in pool tile installation should be fortified with polymers for strength.  There should be at least a minimum of 1/8 inch in every grout joint.  This allows for movement of the pool tiles.

Tile setting

The pool tiles can be installed in almost any design or anywhere within the pool.  Your Charlotte NC pool contractor will work with you on a design and will typically lay it out ahead of time so you can see it.  Once the design is approved, the pool tile installation begins.  The tiles are laid into mortar spread onto the pool floors or walls.  Once installed, the tiles are then hit gently with a beating block and rubber mallet to drive them in.  The mortar should cure for at least 24 hours before grouting.

Adding tile to your pool can make it really stand out.  For the best pool tile installation in Charlotte NC, call Carolina Pool Plastering.


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The best design ideas for a new pool deck

Designing your new pool deck

New pool deck installed by pool buiders
When you build a custom in-ground pool, one of the most important considerations is what material and design you want for your new pool deck.  Most pool builders will include a three foot broom-brushed concrete deck with their price.  This looks just like a sidewalk and while it will serve the purpose, may not add the elegance or style you want.  There are many options to upgrade your new pool deck, including stamped or stained concrete, wood, tile, brick, stone and slate.  Any of these will make a beautiful new pool deck, you just need to decide which one meets your needs and budget.

One of the most important considerations as you design your new pool deck is that this is more than just building a pool deck, you must envision how it will fit into your entire landscape. This is especially important in a locale like Charlotte NC where there is an extended pool season.  A new pool deck can expand your entire outdoor living space and can even link your indoor space to your outdoor.  This means you may want to use a deck material that will act as the transition from indoor to outdoor living.  Flagstone and tile are great for this since they can be used both inside and out.  Brick is also good, although using brick for the entire pool deck may be rough on bare feet.

Other considerations as you design your new pool deck is where it will go and how it will blend with your existing landscape.  You will also want to think about sun and shade for lounging and sunning.  Lighting is also important, especially if your pool gets a lot of use at night.  You will also want to seamlessly integrate your new pool deck into existing walkways and patio areas.

Selecting your new pool deck materials

There are several different materials available for building your new pool deck.  Brushed concrete is functional, affordable and look fine, but may not be stylish enough or as visually appealing.  You can select to stain, stamp or color your concrete pool deck.  Any of these will add color and vitality to your concrete pool deck making it one of a kind.

Wood can be very nice, adding warmth and beauty around your pool.  Popular wood pool deck choices include cedar, redwood, and mahogany.  These are premium hardwoods and do not tend to splinter as much as pressure-treated fir or pine wood.  Pavers are another great option for a new pool deck.  These are made from concrete or brick and connect to each other to form your design.  Unglazed tile and stone are two more very good choices for a new pool deck.  Never used glazed because they are too slippery when they get wet.  Any of these materials will work for your new pool deck in Charlotte NC.

One of Charlotte’s best pool builders, Carolina Pool Plastering can build your new pool deck using any of these or other materials.  For the best quality and service while constructing your new pool deck, give them a call.


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Tips on how to choose a Charlotte pool company

Why choose a Charlotte pool company to build your new in-ground pool

how to choose a Charlotte pool company for your needs Some homeowners may start out thinking they can build their own pool.  What they do not realize is just how complex a new pool project is and how expensive mistakes can be.  Even if you think you might save money building your own pool, unless you are an experienced and trained pool specialist, chances are by the time you are finished with your do-it-yourself project you will have spent more than if you had hired a pool builder.

Potential problems that may occur when you try to build your own home include design flaws, construction errors, mistakes in pouring the concrete, and many others.  Any of these can lead to drainage problems or leaks, creating even bigger issues later on.  It also takes a great deal of time to build your pool yourself.  An experienced pool company can build your pool quickly and well.  It helps if you know how to choose a Charlotte pool company.

What to look for when choosing a Charlotte pool company

There are several factors you should consider when selecting a pool company.  These include how experienced they are in the type of pool you want, what they include in their pool package, the size of your project, how quickly they will build your pool, and if they will provide references for other jobs.  These are the most important factors in how to choose a Charlotte pool company.

The pool builder you hire will be the single most important factor in the success of your pool project.  While it is not easy to find the best pool builder, when you know how to choose a Charlotte pool company, it can make the difference between owning the pool of your dreams and ending up with a nightmare construction project.

Experience and how to choose a Charlotte pool company

The first thing you want in a Charlotte pool company is experience, especially experience in the type of pool you want.  Before you begin discussions with pool contractors, you should do your research and have a good idea of the type of pool you want.  This will help you determine which Charlotte pool company is the best fit for your project.  Are you interested in a fiberglass, concrete or vinyl pool?  Most Charlotte pool companies specialize in one of these pool types and materials.  This is the first question you should ask a Charlotte pool company since you will want a contractor who can install your type of pool.

Other factors to consider are if your project requires any special expertise or skills.  Some pool styles, such as infinity pools requires special building techniques.  Before you select a pool company, be sure they have the expertise to build your pool.  It is also important to ask the pool company if they can provide references and if they do, you should check them to see how satisfied they are with the company’s work.

Complicated pool projects require a certain skill level and it is important you know how to choose a Charlotte pool company.   To ensure your pool project is a success, choose Carolina Pool Plastering, one of the best pool companies in Charlotte.


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Make your swimming pool construction and renovation project a success

What season you plan swimming pool construction and renovation can make a difference on the price

Swimming pool construction and renovation in progress
Most swimming pool installation and repair work is done during the warm months of the year.  If you are flexible on your construction or renovation schedule, you may be able to save a great deal of money by doing this type of pool contracting work in the fall or cooler months.  Pool companies tend to be very busy during the prime swimming season, so have no real incentive to lower their prices.  When it cools off, though, not as many people are hiring pool contractors, so they may be willing to negotiate on their swimming pool construction and renovation pricing.

Where you build your pool can also impact the cost

The type of soil in your selected pool construction area can dramatically impact the cost of swimming pool construction and renovation.  Hard, dense clay soil is much more difficult to work with than soil that is sandy and loose.  Even though you typically cannot change the type of soil in your yard, there are certain considerations which can help keep the swimming pool construction and renovation project costs as low as possible.

Select the most level and flattest part of the yard or site.  If this is not possible and you must construct the pool on a slope or hillside, pool contractors must take special precautions during the swimming pool construction or renovation to prevent the pool from caving inward.  Discuss these possibilities with pool companies to get an idea of the cost impacts and to ensure potential pool companies are aware of all factors which could impact pricing.  Be sure to get an estimate that addresses every possible consideration and be sure to get everything in writing before signing a contract for pool installation or renovation.

It is also important to remember to include everything the pool will require when you are developing your budget and ongoing maintenance costs estimates.  These include more than just the swimming pool construction and renovation costs.  You must also factor in safety fencing, increased patio or deck space, landscaping, and decorative tiles or other enhancements.

Choosing the right location will provide maximum fun

Installing a new pool may be the single biggest investment you make in upgrading your home.  To get the most out of this major financial decision, ensure the pool is placed in the best location possible.  The single best decision you can make to maximize your family’s enjoyment of the pool is to place it in a sunny area.  If a pool is placed too close to the trees, they not only block the sunlight, but will also send large amounts of leaves into the pool making it a nightmare to keep clean.  A pool located in direct sunlight is also less expensive to heat, since the sun will help to naturally keep the water warm.

For help and advice on swimming pool construction and renovation, call one of Charlotte’s best pool contractors, Carolina Pool Plastering.  Their experienced staff will work with you to ensure your pool project goes smoothly and quickly so you and your family can get into the water.  When you are ready to begin your swimming pool construction and renovation, give them a call.


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Steps to ensure a successful pool installation

A pool installation can be a challenging project

Pool installation by pool builders
If you are considering putting in an in-ground pool, you need to be prepared.  Knowing the major steps will help ensure you get the pool you want without any major headaches.  It is important to understand what goes into pool construction when you are talking with pool contractors.  This knowledge will also help you spot any potential issues before they become major problems.  Building an in-ground pool requires a great deal of planning.  There are several professionals who you may want to contact, including pool designers and pool contractors.

Pool Designer

The first professional you may want to talk with is a pool designer.  Some pool contractors include the pool design with the pool installation, while others will expect you to already have a design.  If you decide to work with a pool designer, this individual may have pool contractors they recommend.  The pool designer may even work with the pool installation company and give you a package deal.  This is a common practice. Other designers work independently so may only be able to provide advice or tips on hiring a pool contractor.

Hiring pool builders

Who installs your pool is one of the most important factors in the project.  Even if you have a gorgeous design, if your pool builder is difficult to work with, or worse is not capable of installing the pool you want, then the project can become extremely frustrating with expensive delays and cost overruns.  To minimize the possibility of a problem pool project, there a several pieces of information you will need.

Type of pool material

There are three major types of pool material and it is a good idea for you to know the differences as you begin thinking about your pool.   The longest lasting and most versatile are concrete pools.  These pools can be customized just about any way you can imagine.  They are, however expensive and difficult to install.  Vinyl is another option for in-ground pool material.  These are much less expensive than a concrete pool and are easier and faster to install.  If you are considering vinyl for your pool material, ensure the vinyl is very thick so it will resist punctures and tears.  While concrete is more versatile than vinyl, vinyl pools do come is different shapes and sizes.  The third option for in-ground pool material is fiberglass.  Fiberglass makes very good material for an in-ground pool.  It is durable and inhibits the growth of mildew and algae, which makes it easier to keep your pool clean.  Both fiberglass and vinyl pools take less time to install than a concrete pool.

If you want a project to go as smoothly as possible, consider hiring one of Charlotte’s best pool builders, Carolina Pool Plastering to install your new pool.  This pool contractor is experienced and knowledgeable and will work with you to build the pool of your dreams. When you are ready to start your pool installation, give Carolina Pool Plastering a call.


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