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Pool tile repair is done and the party is on

Pool party ruined by tile repair needs

Pool tile repair in Charlotte, NCPool tile repair can be expensive and time-consuming. Unfortunately, you have damaged tile and the invitations have already been sent out for your child’s big pool party. You have picked out the theme Frozen from Disney for a fun party in July, and all the decorations have been purchased and the cake ordered.  Your six-year-old will be heartbroken if you have to cancel the party. You need a pool company with a great reputation and a quick response time. You need quality customer service, from a pool contractor that will listen to your needs and provide efficient, professional repair work.

Pool party saved by pool tile repair

Your guests will never know you needed tile repair. They will be oohing and ahhing over the beautiful tile work as they enjoy the pool and your fun-filled party. If you choose, you can add in blended colored glass tiles and you will be thrilled with the result.  Make sure you chose a pool company with good before and after photos, along with excellent reviews.

Read online reviews and reviews from Pool Tile Repair websites

The pool looks great and I can’t wait for warmer weather to be able to actually use it.  I have always heard that building a pool can be a nightmare, but it was not for me at all.  The whole process was very smooth. We are very pleased with our new pool and the tile repair done around the pool area.

Our services

We provide many different services in addition to pool plaster work and tile. We also do decks, erosion control, water blasting, and many more services you will find on our website.  You will feel comfortable getting your pool repair done by a pool contractor that has been in business since 1982. Our staff has the experience, training, and the latest technology to get the job done right. You will not happy with the work, and your pool party will be a hit.

It is our pleasure to serve our customers

At Carolina Pool Plastering, we are a pool contractor that takes pride in satisfying our customers in every way possible. We strive to make our customers happy, especially six-year-olds.  Don’t worry about your party, or the birthday girl. We will take care of all your pool tile repair needs. You can trust us to do a fair and reasonable consultation and quote.  Check out our website-you can call or email us-whatever is convenient for you for your pool tile repair.


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Pool construction, repairing, and remodeling in Charlotte, NC

Overview of a best pool builders

Best pool builders in Charlotte, NCThe best pool builders in the Charlotte, NC area offer an array of services, from repairing and remodeling your pool, to building pools, to working on the tile or deck surrounding your pool area. The experts in your area can transform your existing pool into a beautiful one, or create a new pool, developing an ideal working schedule with you to meet deadlines.


Shortcrete pools are the optimum kind of pool to build in Charlotte, NC. Shortcrete pools are built using a wet mixed method, meaning materials are mixed, and then sprayed onto the excavation made for the pool, making it easy to create a custom shape. Shortcrete is cheaper than poured concrete, is aesthetically more attractive, and binds easily with rock, tile, stone, brick, steel, and other materials at the excavation site. Maintenance is also easier. These pools can be cleaned, vacuumed, scrubbed, and washed. Tile installation is simpler with Shortcrete pools because the material is compatible with most tile brands. Furthermore, despite being relatively inexpensive, these pools are extremely sturdy, capable of withstanding 6500 to 7500 PSI. Even construction companies use Shortcrete for erosion control and slop stabilization. Finally, they achieve a longer lifespan by being covered with plaster, rather than liners. Plaster types offered include white marcite, quartz, and pebble.

Water Blasting by best pool builders

Water blasting is an eco-friendly way to prepare the surface of a pool before it is re-plastered by best pool builders. This ensures a clean surface so that the plaster application is long lasting, without using cleaning agents or abrasive chemicals. This is a better alternative to traditional sand blasting, which cleans a surface by converting the existing surface into find dust particles, which can then hazardously contaminate the surrounding air, lawn, cars, windows, and doors. Water blasting is ideal because it does not create that abrasive waste. At 40,000 PSI, water blasting uses a high-pressure jet to clean coatings and undesirable surface irregularities to thoroughly ensure a bondable surface.

Decks and Tile

Decorative tiling can dramatically improve the overall look of your pool from best pool builders. Customers in the Charlotte, NC area may also consider a new pool deck, which can increase the value of your home of business, and the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor space.


Carolina Pool Plastering is among the best pool builders and contractors in the Charlotte, NC area. The company’s residential and commercial services include pool remodeling and repair, shortcrete, pool shells, decks, plaster, tile repair, coping replacement, and water blasting. Commercial services also include erosion control. Founded in 1998 by David Deaton, Carolina Pool Plastering has extended its services across the East Coast, offering quality and individualized results to ensure that each and every customer is satisfied. To guarantee this satisfaction, Mr. Deaton is present on each project for supervision, aid, and implementation.


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Using decorative tiles during pool tile repair can create a dramatic impact for your pool

Create a new look for your pool by using decorative tiles during pool tile repair

Pool tile repair in Charlotte, NCIf you are tired of looking at chipped or cracked tiles in your pool, it may be time for a pool tile repair.  To create a really unique look for your pool, consider using decorative pool tiles to create artistic designs or a flowing palette of colors.  Carolina Pool Plastering, one of the best pool companies in Charlotte NC can use colorful tiles to create dazzling displays of color.  Doing a pool tile repair to add or replace tiles can result in an updated look to your new pool.

Creating interesting patterns

Pool tile patterns have come a very long way.  It used to be the only choice was the six by six inch blue tiles, but today pool companies like Carolina Pool Plastering are using tiles from all over the world to create gorgeous designs in a vast array of colors and styles.  This wide array of available colors, shapes and sizes in pool tile make this the perfect time to do a pool tile repair on your pool.  Pool tiles may be arranged in unique patterns and themes creating customized mosaics and displays for your pool. The pool tile repair experts at Carolina Pool Plastering can help you create a pool tile display that is exactly right for your outdoor living area.  From a classic mosaic design to a sentimental picture with personal meaning, you and the team from Carolina Pool Plastering can make your backyard pool something to love and enjoy.

Pool tile repair reasons

Even if you have the best pool tiles possible, eventually exposure to sun and pool chemicals will cause them to fade, chip and crack.  Pool chemicals can cause the grout between the tiles to wear thin and eventually give way, allowing pool tiles to come loose.  Sunlight can fade the colors of the tiles, making them look drab and shabby.  When your pool needs an update, a pool tile repair or replacement using modern, colorful decorative tiles may be the answer.

Special pool tiles

Tiles used in swimming pools should be frost free.  This makes them more resistant to freezing and cracking during cold weather.  When you are thinking about a pool tile repair for your Charlotte NC pool, ensure your pool contractor uses the right types of tiles.  The professional pool tile repair experts from Carolina Pool Plastering know the best types of pool tiles to use when replacing or repairing pool tiles in a Charlotte NC pool.  Updating the look of your pool with a professional pool tile repair not only improves the appearance of your pool, but may complement your entire outdoor living area.


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Use a new pool tile installation renew the appearance of your pool

A new pool tile installation is a great way to update the appearance of your pool

Pool tile installation in Charlotte, NCIf you are ready to change the look of your pool, a new pool tile installation is a good way to do it.  Updating or replacing your pool tile is a great way to give your entire outdoor living area a new look.  A new pool tile installation can be done by Carolina Pool Plastering in Charlotte NC and can provide a drastically new look for your pool.  A new pool tile installation can bring color, value and a completely new look to an older pool.  You may decide to replace pool tile or coping for a number of reasons.  These could be cosmetic or structural, including chipped or cracked tiles.  Pool tiles crack and loosen and can fall and create a trip hazard or unstable surface.  The experts at Carolina Pool Plastering can also repair or replace any old or damaged pool equipment at the same time.

Loose or falling tile

Pool tiles can become loose and fall off when the bond used to set them into place fails.  If you check behind the tile, you may see a horizontal crack which may be evidence of a cracked beam.  If you have popped tiles, this may be caused by water getting behind the tile and freezing.  This happens when there is no caulking in the expansion joint or that caulking fails. If it is only the tile which has fallen, it may be possible to reset or regrout it back into place.  Carolina Pool Plastering, one of the best pool companies in Charlotte NC uses waterproof grout during a new pool tile installation.

White deposits

Many times mineral deposits will collect on pool tiles creating a white deposit which must be scrubbed off or removed with some type of acid.  This is known as efflorescence and consists of mineral salts, including magnesium and calcium.  These minerals may come from the setting mud, the grout, or from the pool water.

Cracked tiles

Tiles may crack as a result of a cracked bond beam or when water freezes and presses against the tile when it expands.

Older tiles

As a pool ages, grout will erode away because of exposure to pool chemicals.  Carolina Pool Plastering will inspect your pool and determine the best way to fix any damage.  They may recommend regrouting of the pool or a new pool tile installation.  In older pools, grout can wear thin and allow water to seep in behind the pool tiles.  If water gets behind the pool tiles and freezes, the tiles will begin to fall off. Carolina Pool Plastering can replace or repair any damage during a pool tile installation.


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Add a new pool deck and upgrade your outdoor living space

Make your pool stand out with a new pool deck

New pool deck in Charlotte, NCOne of the best ways to improve the appearance of your outdoor living area is to install a new pool deck.  There are several considerations when building a new pool deck, however one of the most important is which material to use to build the deck.  Which material you choose may depend upon several factors, including space, surrounding landscape, uses for the pool deck, how much time you want to spend on maintenance and upkeep, and your budget.  Carolina Pool Plastering, one of Charlotte’s best pool companies can help you choose the best material for your new pool deck.

Concrete decking

Decorative concrete comes in a variety of colors and textures.  It can be stamped with designs and can be colored to match your home’s exterior.  Decorative concrete allows homeowners to create a new pool deck which complements your Charlotte NC home’s exterior and can be designed to meld into the surrounding environment.  Concrete can even be textured and colored to replicate more expensive materials such as stone, slate or wood.  Concrete is very durable and affordable, especially when compared to stone or slate.

Concrete pavers

One of the more economical materials for a new pool deck is concrete pavers.  These pavers are available in many different colors, sizes, and shapes allowing them to be laid in a variety of designs and patterns.  You should look for colors and designs which match your home’s overall style and which match the overall landscaping around your new pool deck. One of the best things about concrete pavers is that they do not crack.

Flagstone and bluestone

One of the most popular natural materials to use in a new pool deck is flagstone or bluestone.  Placed in a random pattern using square and rectangular stones, flagstone and bluestone make a gorgeous new pool deck.  You can even use grout which complements the color palate of your home.  Another benefit of bluestone and flagstone is that is stays cool to the touch, even in the sun.  Slate, on the other hand gets very hot and usually is not a good choice for a new pool deck in Charlotte NC.


Brick can make a very pretty new pool deck, but you must be sure to use smooth bricks so they are not too hard on bare feet.  Brick is especially nice if you are trying to create an older look to match an established landscape.  Bricks are available in several colors, but only in one size.  The different colors provide an opportunity to create designed and patterns to customize your new pool deck.  Carolina Pool Plastering, one of Charlotte’s best pool contractors can help you create the perfect new pool deck for your home.


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The one piece of advice you need on how to choose a Charlotte pool company

When you want to know how to choose a Charlotte pool company

How to choose a Charlotte pool company in Charlotte, NCWhen you are considering building a new pool, the single most important consideration in how to choose a Charlotte pool company is getting the right references.  Many of you may know to ask for references for any Charlotte NC pool contractor, however there is a strategy for getting the right references.  There is more to this than just asking the pool contractor for references.  Carolina Pool Plastering, one of Charlotte’s best pool companies recommends any homeowner follow their recommended approach.

Properly asking a Charlotte pool company for references of previous work

When you meet with potential pool contractors, instead of asking them for a list of references, ask them how many pools they installed last year.  This seems like a simple question and the Charlotte pool company representative will probably answer the question quickly.  When they give you their answer, then ask for their reference list for last year.  If the pool contractor told you they did 20 jobs last year, then they should be willing to provide you 20 references.  If they cannot or will not, then you should consider moving on to another Charlotte pool company.

Satisfied customers

Most of the time a satisfied customer is happy to allow their name and contact information to be used as a reference by their pool contractor.  If a pool contractor tells you that they cannot give out names of previous customers because of privacy issues, he may not have any satisfied customers to use as references.  Unless all of their previous customers are international celebrities, they should be able to provide names and contact information of satisfied customers.

Other important considerations on how to choose a Charlotte pool company

Another important piece of information to get from any Charlotte NC pool contractor is a copy of their professional license and their insurance coverage.  Always check to ensure a pool contractor is properly licensed in the jurisdiction and in your state.  The last thing you need when building a new pool is to get fined for using an unlicensed pool contractor.  Checking the pool company’s workman’s compensation insurance coverage is also very important.  A reputable pool company will have appropriate workman’s compensation insurance for all their employees.  This helps protect you, the homeowner in case an employee is injured while working on your pool.

Carolina Pool Plastering, one of Charlotte’s best pool companies is happy to provide you a reference list, as well as proof of insurance and licensing.  They will also provide you a detailed estimate, including material and labor costs.  When you need to know how to choose a Charlotte pool company, follow these simple steps to help ensure success.


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Before opening your pool for the season hire a professional pool contractor for pool tile repair

Charlotte’s best pool contractor can do any necessary pool tile repair before you open your pool for the summer

Pool tile repair in Charlotte, NCBefore you open your backyard pool for the season, be sure to address any needed repairs or structural damage.  This is an important step before getting your pool up and running.  According to Carolina Pool Plastering of Charlotte NC, the best time to get pool tile repairs done is during the off season.  This is also an opportunity to fix any underlying damage around the swimming pool or make any cosmetic touch ups.  Along with pool tile repair, a pool contractor can also reset coping stones, replace caulking, set pool tiles, and replace or repair grouting.  It is also a good idea to renew or replace the caulking along the expansion joint which runs around the perimeter of the pool. Hiring Carolina Pool Plastering to perform pool tile repair and fix any other structural pool damage can help prevent more costly repairs later on.

Structural damage repair

There are a variety of things which can cause structural damage to your backyard pool.  These include freezing temperatures or soil problems.  If you live in an area which experiences very low temperatures, your pool may be at risk of damage.  This is also true if there are problems with the soil around your pool since your pool may settle over time causing damage.  Damage may also be caused by expansion and heaving which can cause the decking to shift.  When it gets cold, this water can then freeze and expand and damage the bond beam of the swimming pool.  This bond beam is typically the top six to eight inches of the pool wall which holds the pool tile and coping.  If the bond beam is compromised or damaged, you may see loose tiles or have tiles fall off.  It is important to hire Carolina Pool Plastering to repair the bond beam because until it is repaired, the tiles will continue to crumble and loosen.

Pool tile repair

Tile may begin to fall off your pool for several reasons.  Your pool may have freeze damage or a compromised bond beam, both of which may result in loose and falling tiles.  Age may also result in loose or damaged tiles.  Carolina Pool Plastering, one of Charlotte’s best pool companies will ensure the bond beam and coping stone are set properly and are structurally sound.  They can then replace any pool tile.  It is important to note that it may be difficult to completely match older pool tiles, so it is a good idea to save a sheet or two of pool tiles during installation for later pool tile repair.


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Make your pool tile installation sparkle with blended colored glass tiles

Colored glass can improve the beauty of your pool tile installation

Pool tile installation in Charlotte, NCWhen you need to do a pool tile installation, consider using colored glass tiles to create custom color mosaics in a creative pool design.  These gorgeous mosaics are beautiful when viewed up close and even more impressive when viewed when submerged in the water.  The differently colored tiles begin to visually blend creating an endless variety of hues.  The tiles each create a single point of color and when blended together with each other, create a lovely blended color.  In each pool installation some tiles will be above the surface on the walls, others will be just a few inches below the surface and the rest will be several feet down.  The ever-shifting refraction and reflection of light, along with the water creates an incredible array of shifting visuals.  The best pool contractors in Charlotte NC, Carolina Pool Plastering can help you find just the right colors and designs for your pool tile installation.

Custom colors to reflect your style

Many homeowners feel an almost emotional response to their colored glass tile mosaics and finishes.  Many feel their colored glass tile design is the very best part of their pool.  The translucent and iridescent qualities of glass tiles often create this type of passion.  Glass tile manufacturers create glass tiles using the most alluring qualities of glass to bring out the internal colors and reflective properties.  The result of combining various colored glass tiles is a burst of colors that look like gemstones along the pool.  The light within glass tiles shifts depending upon the lighting source, such as the sun or fiber optic lights and the depth of the water. This means the colors and the design seem to change with every shifting light beam.  Since each glass tile is manufactured independently, each piece is different.  Work with Carolina Pool Plastering and their team of experts to create your own special pool tile installation for your Charlotte NC home.

What you need to know about glass pool tile installation

Glass tiles are not only beautiful, but they are one of the longest-lasting pool finishes.  Even so, they can chip and crack, especially if exposed to rapid changes in temperature.  You should carefully research glass tile manufacturers so ensure you select a high quality tile for your pool tile installation.  You should also be aware that some glass tiles may have sharp edges.  Carolina Pool Plastering’s team of experts knows how to fix this problem and make your glass tiles smooth and beautiful.  One of the most important considerations is a quality pool tile installation because glass tile can be challenging to install.  The team at Carolina Pool Plastering are experts at glass pool tile installations.


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