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Many pool owners wonder how to choose a Charlotte pool company that is reliable and dependable. They hear first hand from neighbors and coworkers who seem to always be expressing dissatisfaction with their pool builders and poll contractors. Regardless if it is a concrete pool, a fiberglass in ground pool, or even an above ground pool; homeowners only have once chance to pick the right pool contractor to dig up their backyard.

Customers often ask the wrong questions

Of course, we have offered advice in previous articles, recommending that customers make sure that the contractor is licensed and insured. They should also ask specific questions about the construction project, such as when will it begin and how long will it take; but these questions do not get right to the heart of the matter. What you really want to know is how skilled and how reliable is this pool company?

The answer lies in one question… “Can I see your references?”

Pool Contractors references

Now the most important factor is how you ask this question. Prospective pool owners must understand that there is more involved than just asking for references. If a pool contractor is consulting with you and giving you a quote for your pool project. Most people will simply ask him for his reference list. Before asking for the reference list, ask him or her how many pools did they install last year? Most pool contractors are able to quickly give you the answer to this question.

Once the contractor has told you how many pools they built and maintained last year, then you ask the sixty-four thousand dollar question; which is, “May I see you reference list from last year?” If they installed 10 pools and only offer a list of five references, then you should assume that they have a 50% satisfaction rate. That is not great odds for the amount of money that you are going to lay down for pool construction and possibly years of regular maintenance afterwards.

Some pool contractors will try to convince you that they are not allowed to give out customer names due to privacy concerns. This is largely untrue unless all his customers are in the witness protection program. .Swimming pool owners have a deep appreciate for good service from their pool builder and will not hesitate to refer them to new customers. If a contractor refuses to give you the references you request, simply move on to someone else in the Charlotte area that is honest and confident with their business. Choosing the best contractor available will save you from unnecessary stress and lost money.

Consider one of the leading pool companies in Charlotte, NC

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