Facts the prudent homeowner should consider before a swimming pool installation

Pool Installation - Charlotte, NC
If you are considering installing a backyard swimming pool, there are many things to consider.  Besides the more obvious such as building codes, cost, and yard space, you must also think about pool type and design, safety features, landscaping and hiring a pool contractor.  In Charlotte NC, one of the best pool contractors in the region is Carolina Pool Plastering.  Their professional staff can help you with the entire project from design to pool installation.

Safety features

When you are building a swimming pool, including safety features such as a fence or gate is very important.  This is especially true if there will be small children around the pool area.  The right safety features help ensure they never wander near or fall into the pool.


Most people choose to hire a professional pool contractor to do their pool installation.  While it is possible to install an in-ground pool yourself, it takes a great deal of expertise and equipment to ensure it is done properly.  Carolina Pool Plastering has been performing pool installations since 1998 and are the recognized experts in the Charlotte NC area.


Anytime you do a pool installation, proper landscaping is an important consideration.  You want the new landscaping and the pool to complement each other and bring balance to your outdoor living area.  This not only increases the aesthetic appeal of the pool, but also your pool enjoyment.  Good, balanced landscaping also increases the value of your Charlotte NC home and property.

Style and design

In-ground swimming pools come in a variety of shapes and designs.  Carolina Pool Plastering can walk you through the selection process, providing information on all types of pool shells and liners.  They can also help you with a design that will work with you available yard space and blend in with the rest of your outdoor living area.

Other features to consider

When you build an in-ground pool, there are other features you need to consider.  One is pool decking.  This is the area surrounding the pool where you and your family or guests can lounge, eat, or entertain.  Pool decking typically consists of concrete, stone, wood or non-slip tile.  Another important feature of your pool is the coping.  This is the area surrounding the pool perimeter and is often constructed of bricks, tile, concrete, and flagstone or coping stones.  You may also want to add lighting or water features when you do your pool installation.  Underwater fiber optic lights can truly enhance the pool experience while a waterfall or water jets most certainly add to the fun.

No matter why type of pool installation you are considering, Carolina Pool Plastering can help.  Give them a call today for the best possible pool installation experience.


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