Why you should hire one of Charlotte’s best pool builders to build your new concrete pool

Pool builders working on a new swimming pool installation
Many of us envision a backyard paradise, complete with a beautiful pool and spa.  As you begin the process of making this dream a reality, it is a good idea to talk with some of the best pool builders in Charlotte to get an idea of what the project may require.  In preparation for meeting with a pool builder, there are a few steps you can take.

Check out the potential area

Take a good, hard look at where you want to place your new pool.  You can use a recent survey of your property to help identify the best locations on your property to construct the new pool.  You should also consider any local ordinances or codes which might restrict where you can place the pool.

Sketch the design

Take a pad and pencil and sketch out a few potential designs for the pool.  Try different shapes and sizes in all the potential areas.  Consider which shapes fit best on your property and which shape would be best for your family’s lifestyle.  Also, think about what the pool will be used for.  Will it be primarily a lap pool or will the entire family be playing and splashing around? If this will be primarily a family fun pool, a free form shape may be perfect, while a lap pool is typically a rectangle.

Once you have a penciled design, draw it out with spray paint on the ground to see how the shape and size you like will fit in with your property.   Use different colors of paint to designate the pool, deck, and landscaping or water features.

Talk with the best pool builders in Charlotte NC

Now you are ready to begin discussions with the best pool builders in Charlotte.  Ask them to visit your home so they can see your location and discuss your plans with you.  Ask them some basic questions about their warranties, licenses and referrals.

Once you have this information, select several of the best pool builders and arrange to have them visit your property and invite them to submit a proposal for the job.   There are several important questions to ask the best pool builders when they meet with you:

  • Ask how long they have been in business
  • Ask for references for both completed and uncompleted projects
  • Ask for their license numbers and certificates
  • Ask about their equipment
  • Ask about warranties and guarantees
  • Ask what happens if they miss their completion deadline
  • Ask for an itemized proposal, including standard and optional items

The answers to these questions will help you determine which of the best pool builders to hire.  When you are ready to award the contract to build your new custom pool, call Carolina Pool Plastering, one of Charlotte’s best pool companies.


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