The best ways to ensure the success of your swimming pool construction and renovation project

Swimming pool construction and renovation -  Charlotte, NC

People of all ages enjoy a quick dip in the pool, especially when it is summer and hot outside. If you have dreamed of a backyard pool for years, then it may be time to get it done.  Hiring a contractor for your swimming pool construction and renovation project is not as expensive as you think.  There are ways to save money during a swimming pool project.  From design to fill up, homeowners can realize savings in almost every step.  Carolina Pool Plastering, one of Charlotte’s best pool contractors has experts on staff to help you understand the ins and outs of a swimming pool construction and renovation project.

Pool design

The style and type of pool you select can make a big difference in cost.  Carolina Pool Plastering has been installing pool shells since 1998 and will be happy to advise you on the best pool for your Charlotte NC home.  Ask them about the models, sizes and styles which best meet your swimming pool construction and renovation budget.  They can also advise you on added features such as tile and pool decking.   There are several types of in-ground pools, including vinyl liners, fiberglass shells, shotcrete and regular concrete.  Prices will vary for your Charlotte NC swimming pool, with vinyl liners being the least expensive.  A fiberglass shell is a good option since it can be customized with tile or coping for a beautiful look.  Depending upon personal preference, all of these types of pools make good in-ground pools.


A swimming pool construction and renovation project includes more than just the swimming pool.  For the best results, the entire outdoor living area should be balanced between pool, lighting, and landscape.  Also consider the type of pool decking and how you will be using the space.  If you plan to entertain, it may be better to have wood or stone decking than concrete which can get hot during the day.  When it comes to water features, you may decide to include a small pond within the vegetation surrounding the pool and have it feed into the pool itself or add fiber optic lighting to create a beautiful ambience.

Maintenance costs

There are several ways to trim the cost of having a backyard pool.  Opting for lower cost maintenance products can significantly reduce the overall cost of a swimming pool construction and renovation project.  For example, using solar blankets instead of heaters can save money.  It is also important to install the correct size pump since a pump which is too large which be more expensive.  A larger pool pump is also less energy efficient.  When you are considering a swimming pool construction and renovation project, you can save costs by planning ahead.


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