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Call Charlotte pool contractors to prepare your summer oasis for fun in the sun!

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Pool contractors in Charlotte are beginning to receive a surge of calls from customers getting ready for the summer pool season. With this year’s mild spring, homeowners are already readying their decks for Memorial Day and Fourth of July parties, and getting a good look at the how their pool fared over the winter; sometimes it isn’t pretty. Pool surfaces can go through a lot of wear and tear from the elements in only one season, and if you have been putting off maintenance of your pool deck or the surface of the pool itself, it may be time to call the professionals at Carolina Pool Plastering before the guests start arriving!

Pool contractors help keep maintain pool surfaces for optimal use

Pool contractors should be familiar with all the usual surfaces used on pools and decks. These surfaces include the most common: concrete, as well as tile and stone finishes. Regular maintenance of your pool by reputable swimming pool builders will enhance the look and performance of your entertainment investment, as well as lengthen the life of the product.

The Charlotte pool contractors at Carolina Pool Plastering use an eco-friendly approach to clean your pool and tile: water blasting. Without the help of abrasive chemicals or cleaners, your trustworthy pool builders can blast away dirt and stains from your pool and tile using a high-pressure water jet. Sandblasting used to be the preferred method of wiping away stains and debris that discolored your pristine pool surface. But sandblasting was not environmentally friendly, especially to those neighbors who love to swim in your pool over the summer, but might not appreciate a coating of dust on their cars and houses from your pre-summer sandblasting session. Pool contractors who care about their customers and the environment regularly offer water blasting surfaces to help maintain the look and longevity of your swimming pool.

Pool builders use shotcrete to create the pool of your dreams

You’ve seen those Hollywood pools, gently curving around natural landscaping as if put in place by Mother Nature herself, right? Of course, you have. And once you’ve seen those pools it is hard to be satisfied with a standard oval or rectangular pool. Well, when your swimming pool builders offer shotcrete, you don’t have to be satisfied with everyone else’s pool design! Shotcrete is yet another innovation that pool contractors have adapted for use on swimming pool designs.

Shotcrete uses mortar or concrete that is blown through a hose and pneumatically projected onto a surface a high velocity. Shotcrete is extremely flexible in its application process, which allows for the lovely curving lines of those Hollywood pools. Durability, flexibility and ease of application are just a few reasons why the most reliable pool contractors use Shotcrete.

Swimming pool construction has come a long way in the last decade. If you are looking to enhance the pool you already have in place, or to build a new pool or deck, it makes sense to call pool contractors from Carolina Pool Plastering in Charlotte NC who stay up to date on the latest trends and come with only the highest recommendations.

Charlotte pool contractors at Carolina Pool Plastering are waiting to help you with your next pool project! Call these reputable pool contractors today for consultation and quotes on the pool of your dreams!


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Charlotte’s pool remodelers perform efficient and Eco-friendly surface preparation with Water Blasting

Waterblasting helps Carolina Pool Plastering perform efficient and eco-friendly surface preparation

Carolina Pool Plastering is proud to offer water blasting.  Water blasting is an environmentally friendly approach to cleaning pool surfaces. Water blasting does not use cleaning agents or abrasive chemicals.

To do pool replastering right, it is important to use a method that works without being an environmental or health hazard. Preparation of pool surfaces used to be done conventionally through sand blasting. Customers, however, have expressed concerns about its impact on the surrounding area which can extend to the neighbors. It can spew dust into the air and on surfaces like cars, doors, windows, and even the pool owners’ lawn.

With waterblasting, a high pressure water jet can clean up the coatings as well as remove any undesirable irregularities on the pool’s surface which can prevent strong and durable bonding. It ensures high quality and longer lasting pool plastering.

Carolina Pool Plastering  in Charlotte, NC offers pool renovation and repair as well as tile replacement and repair to fix pools that have become damaged, stained or discolored.. The company provides a range of services including pool maintenance, pool replastering, water blasting, new pool shells, decks and pool and tile renovations for pool surfaces. Contact Carolina Pool Plastering for more information on water blasting or to get a quote on remodeling or repairing your pool, or tile.


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Donna Young joins Carolina Pool Plastering in Charlotte NC

Donna Young has joined Carolina Pool Plastering of Charlotte to serve as controller. Ms. Young, a certified public accountant, started working with the pool replastering company in Sept 2011. Carolina Pool Plastering owner Dave Deaton said, “We are excited and very happy to have someone as qualified as Donna joining our company.”

Ms.Young is licensed in North Carolina and Florida, with over 25 years of experience. She worked in public accounting for the last 10 years with Hoyman Dobson (now known as Carr, Riggs & Ingram LLC) of Melbourne, Florida. She relocated to Charlotte NC from Florida. 

Donna Young works with Dave Deaton and Carolina Pool Plastering to control costs and assist the company with its growth following the last few years of a rough economy and difficult time in the construction industry.

Carolina Pool Plastering based in Charlotte, NC offers pool renovation and repair as well as tile replacement and repair. Specifically, Carolina Pool Plastering does pool maintenance, pool replastering, water blasting, new pool shells, decks and pool and tile renovations for pool surfaces that have become stained, discolored, and/or damaged.

Welcome to Donna Young!


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