Gunite pool tile repair

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Now is the perfect time for tile repair for your pool or deck. With the kids back in school, you still have good weather and time to replace the tile at the waterline of the pool. This would also be a great time to renovate or replace the coping, since the removal of the coping stones could cause tile to fall off. For those unfamiliar with pool terminology, the coping is the cap on the edge of a swimming pool or spa.

The role of swimming pool tile

Tile has a hugely aesthetic purpose when it comes to swimming pool design. Although tile adds a distinct beauty to your pool, the principal purpose of using tile is to hide the scum line that would be visible on the surface of the pool due to oils and lotions left by swimmers and bather at the water level. Swimming pool tile plays an extra important role for pool owners who live in climates where freeze/thaw and beam shear is a concern. In such cases, tile is really the best option for the top edge of the pool because it hides many of the issues that are inherent in gunite pools. In such cases, if the tile line were removed or left off of a pool, the gunite may develop the cracking and chipping at the frost line.

Lifespan of tile

Even when installed perfectly, swimming pool tile can move, and fall off as early as the first year after a pool has been constructed, especially in areas that experience extreme cold weather. The surface of the average pool should last 10-30 years. However, over time, the water chemistry will affect the surface and can cause etching or pitting on the surface. This happens commonly when water conditions become unstable. The water draws minerals out of the pool surfaces, which causes the surface material to breakdown and erode. Additional damage can occur in the filtering system as the water deposits minerals to the surface of the pool.

One of the top pool companies in Charlotte, NC

Carolina Pool Plastering offers many services to repair and remodel your pool, tile and the surrounding areas. If your swimming pool is becoming an eyesore, or is in need of repair, they are available to restore and transform your pool to a place of beauty. They offer eco-friendly solutions to prep the surface of your pool prior to its renovation. Carolina Pool Plastering can provide you with many options for your deck and decorative additions to your pool. They take pride in offering quality and individualized work, ensuring that each customer is more than satisfied. To learn more about tile repair for your pool or deck, contact Carolina Pool Plastering, in Charlotte NC, for a consultation and quote.


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