Waterblasting helps Carolina Pool Plastering perform efficient and eco-friendly surface preparation

Carolina Pool Plastering is proud to offer water blasting.  Water blasting is an environmentally friendly approach to cleaning pool surfaces. Water blasting does not use cleaning agents or abrasive chemicals.

To do pool replastering right, it is important to use a method that works without being an environmental or health hazard. Preparation of pool surfaces used to be done conventionally through sand blasting. Customers, however, have expressed concerns about its impact on the surrounding area which can extend to the neighbors. It can spew dust into the air and on surfaces like cars, doors, windows, and even the pool owners’ lawn.

With waterblasting, a high pressure water jet can clean up the coatings as well as remove any undesirable irregularities on the pool’s surface which can prevent strong and durable bonding. It ensures high quality and longer lasting pool plastering.

Carolina Pool Plastering  in Charlotte, NC offers pool renovation and repair as well as tile replacement and repair to fix pools that have become damaged, stained or discolored.. The company provides a range of services including pool maintenance, pool replastering, water blasting, new pool shells, decks and pool and tile renovations for pool surfaces. Contact Carolina Pool Plastering for more information on water blasting or to get a quote on remodeling or repairing your pool, or tile.


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