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If you are considering swimming pool installation or renovation this spring, you will need to give ample consideration to your choice of diving boards. Some of our best youthful memories include some type of diving board and the swimming pool. Basically, there are two common types of diving boards. Spring boards are the most common and the most easily recognized style of diving board in both residential and commercial swimming pools.

The spring board is the source of limitless fun, and is commonly installed at a height between 3-6 feet above the water surface. It is called a springboard because it is equipped with a spring on a hinge that allows the board to flex. The second type of diving board is not really a board at all, but is actually a diving platform. Diving platforms are flat towers at one end of the pool, and they are primarily used for diving competitions. The platform is specially constructed and covered in a non slip material to ensure diver safety.

History of diving

Swimming and diving are inseparable water sports. Competitive diving began in Sweden and Germany during the 18th century. Diving was born as a spin-off of competitive gymnasts when participants began practicing their routines into the swimming pool. Diving competitions can be individual, or synchronized with a partner. Regardless of its form, its popularity caused many private and commercial pool owners to make diving boards a source of fun and entertainment for recreational use.

Diving board safety

Safety is top priority when it comes to playing in and around the swimming pool. Diving boards are no exception. It is important that you hire a reputable pool company who will ensure that your diving board meets national standards and requirements for installation and safety.

When it comes to pool participants, they should be instructed to only dive into the deep end of the swimming pool to avoid injury. Divers should be reminded that they are never to run around or on top of the diving board. They should remember that when diving, to only jump out toward the middle of the pool. As long as you are safe, diving boards will provide hours of fun and relaxation, in addition to making your pool more attractive.

The best of the Charlotte pool companies

Carolina Pool Plastering offers many services to repair and remodel your pool. This includes construction and renovation of your pool deck and drain areas. If you are considering making your pool more beautiful and more fun, call their office to learn more about their services, or contact Carolina Pool Plastering, for a consultation and quote. Sit down to talk to them about adding a diving board to your swimming pool installation.


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