What every homeowner should know on how to choose a Charlotte pool company

How to choose a Charlotte pool company - Charlotte, NCThere are many decisions involved in building an in ground pool.  None of these is more important than selecting your pool contractor.  No matter how carefully you plan, it can all go out the window if your pool builder is not competent, is irresponsible, or unethical.  To help prevent any of these, it is recommended that you get at least three estimates from local pool contractors.  Since this is so important, just what do you need to know on how to choose a Charlotte pool company?  Here are a few ideas on ways to ensure you hire the best pool contractor you can.

Get recommendations

If there is someone in your neighborhood who put in an in ground pool, ask them about their experience and if it was good, get the name of their pool contractor.  Most pool owners will be happy to talk about their pool building experience.  They will hopefully be able to steer you toward a reputable, quality pool builder.  It is also possible to check consumer websites and internet forums for ideas, as well as the Chamber of Commerce.

Check references

When you check with a pool company ask for references.  If they seem eager to provide you a long list of happy customers, that is a good sign.  The more satisfied customers the pool contractor can point to, the less likely they are staged or cherry-picked.  If you get a lot of references, you probably do not need to check them all, however it is important to check several.  You can easily randomly select a few to call and talk to.  Pick names from different parts of the list, not just the top three. If the list is smaller, you should not automatically disqualify the contractor, but when you call their references be sure and ask some probing questions to ensure the references are actual customers.

Questions to ask

Even though it is unlikely, there may be times when a pool contractor may set up people to provide positive references.  To help ensure this does not happen, there are a few questions you can ask:

  • When did the contractor perform work for you? If the dates are older, it may mean the reference is cherry picked and not current.
  • Was the work completed on time? Did the contractor only ask for payment once work was finished?
  • Were the pool contractor team members courteous?

Before choosing a Charlotte pool company, be sure and visit their place of business for a good indication on how they will perform on the job site.   Follow these tips when you are wondering how to choose a Charlotte pool company.


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