Planning a pool or spa

Swimming pool installed from pool builders
The first step in building a swimming pool installation begins in your head. You must develop a preliminary plan, and with the help of your pool builders, choose your site carefully. You are only limited by your imagination and of course, your budget restrictions. You pool contractor will help you with all the local laws that affect your project. Every decision regarding your pool will need to be well thought out before your pool or hot tub can become a reality. Naturally, in-ground pools and spas are permanent fixtures and will be central entertainment areas in and around your home for decades to come. This means that you will need to invest the time and energy necessary to create a pool that will last a lifetime.

Financial realities of pool ownership

The financial reality of owning a pool or spa must be taken into consideration before you decide to build your pool. Most people are aware that there will be an ongoing expense for chemicals and pool maintenance service. However, it is advisable that while you are planning your pool budget, that you call your insurance agent to find out how owning a pool will impact your insurance premiums.

This is the time to find out what your insurance company requires in order to maintain coverage. For example, many policies require that a locking fence is installed around the pool; or a certain type of pool cover may be required. Make sure that your insurance protection begins before pool construction. Swimming pool contractors and subcontractors are required to carry liability and property damage insurance, make sure this is the case before you sign a contract.

You will also need to consider that there are varying levels of maintenance costs, depending upon the pool design that you choose. Routine pool maintenance includes the expense necessary to keep the water chemically balanced and sanitary, regular maintenance and repairs of support equipment, as well as periodic cleaning of the pool surfaces. Cost will vary depending upon many factors, including contracting a Charlotte pool company to perform these services.

Designing your pool

Pool design depends upon much more than just your personal preference in materials and shape of the pool. You must take the dimensions of your yard, the slope of the ground, your type of soil, and the accessibility for construction equipment for a start. Challenging conditions such as steep slopes, rocky soil, and limited access will add significantly to the initial cost of construction. Consulting with your pool builders will determine the shape and style that will suit your needs.

One of the best pool builders in Charlotte, NC

Carolina Pool Plastering offers many services to repair and remodel your pool, its tile, and surrounding areas. Be sure to ask them about their many options and ideas for spas. They can help you with inspired ideas that will create a pool with enticing comfort zones, and extend your entertainment space. Retaining walls require special skill and experience that only comes from years in the business. A swimming pool can only increase the value of your home or business. To learn more about swimming pool installation or maintenance, contact Carolina Pool Plastering, in Charlotte, NC.


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