Charlotte’s best pool contractor can do any necessary pool tile repair before you open your pool for the summer

Pool tile repair in Charlotte, NCBefore you open your backyard pool for the season, be sure to address any needed repairs or structural damage.  This is an important step before getting your pool up and running.  According to Carolina Pool Plastering of Charlotte NC, the best time to get pool tile repairs done is during the off season.  This is also an opportunity to fix any underlying damage around the swimming pool or make any cosmetic touch ups.  Along with pool tile repair, a pool contractor can also reset coping stones, replace caulking, set pool tiles, and replace or repair grouting.  It is also a good idea to renew or replace the caulking along the expansion joint which runs around the perimeter of the pool. Hiring Carolina Pool Plastering to perform pool tile repair and fix any other structural pool damage can help prevent more costly repairs later on.

Structural damage repair

There are a variety of things which can cause structural damage to your backyard pool.  These include freezing temperatures or soil problems.  If you live in an area which experiences very low temperatures, your pool may be at risk of damage.  This is also true if there are problems with the soil around your pool since your pool may settle over time causing damage.  Damage may also be caused by expansion and heaving which can cause the decking to shift.  When it gets cold, this water can then freeze and expand and damage the bond beam of the swimming pool.  This bond beam is typically the top six to eight inches of the pool wall which holds the pool tile and coping.  If the bond beam is compromised or damaged, you may see loose tiles or have tiles fall off.  It is important to hire Carolina Pool Plastering to repair the bond beam because until it is repaired, the tiles will continue to crumble and loosen.

Pool tile repair

Tile may begin to fall off your pool for several reasons.  Your pool may have freeze damage or a compromised bond beam, both of which may result in loose and falling tiles.  Age may also result in loose or damaged tiles.  Carolina Pool Plastering, one of Charlotte’s best pool companies will ensure the bond beam and coping stone are set properly and are structurally sound.  They can then replace any pool tile.  It is important to note that it may be difficult to completely match older pool tiles, so it is a good idea to save a sheet or two of pool tiles during installation for later pool tile repair.


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