Adding water features to customize your pool installation

Pool installation by pool contractors When you are doing a new pool installation, you may want to consider adding water features to customize the project.  Unique water features can help turn an everyday, ordinary pool into a backyard paradise.  Water features range from simple to extravagant and can really add a personal touch to your pool installation.  Charlotte’s best pool company, Carolina Pool Plastering can provide advice and guidance on which water features will work with your design.  The most popular water features include waterfalls and spraying fountains.  Some include more complicated features such as lighting, colors, and sound. There are several good reasons for adding water features to your pool installation.


The sounds of water cascading down a waterfall is the epitome of peace and tranquility.  It is very calming to sit on your pool deck or in your outdoor living space and listen to the sound of water flowing down your waterfall or dropping into your pool.


When you add water features to your pool installation, you also add fun.  If you have a spillway, children and adults will have so much fun playing in the cascading water.  Add bubblers to provide interest and sound or a water slide to really ramp up the excitement.   Jets arching into the pool will create multi-colored rainbows for a constant source of entertainment.


Water features can truly add beauty to your pool installation.  You have the choice of a shear descent or a rain fall, both gorgeous additions to any pool.  You can add a rock wall with a grotto on the top and a waterfall cascading down the sides.  There are truly endless possibilities.

Ideas for water features

Water features can blend into any backyard pool installation.  They are easy to maintain.  You can clean them when you clean the pool.  If your water feature has rocks, stones, or gravel, it is important to ensure they remain clean and free of algae.

Consider placing the water features where they can take the advantage of sunlight streaming through the water.  Natural sunlight can enhance the beauty of the water feature and create natural rainbows for you and your family to enjoy.  Depending upon how you blend in the water feature, you can even add fish for your guests to enjoy.  Your water feature will also attract birds and butterflies to your backyard.  If you want to attract more wildlife, add indigenous trees and other plants.

Water features add to the aesthetic appeal of your backyard pool installation.  When you design your pool installation, consider adding a few water features to bring the area to life.  Carolina Pool Plastering, one of the best pool installation companies in Charlotte NC can help you with ideas and recommendations

Their expert staff will meet with you to discuss your pool installation design and make recommendations on what water features will work well with your plans for your backyard fun.  Give Carolina Pool Plastering a call today to schedule an appointment to discuss adding water features to your pool installation.


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