Designing your new pool deck

New pool deck installed by pool buiders
When you build a custom in-ground pool, one of the most important considerations is what material and design you want for your new pool deck.  Most pool builders will include a three foot broom-brushed concrete deck with their price.  This looks just like a sidewalk and while it will serve the purpose, may not add the elegance or style you want.  There are many options to upgrade your new pool deck, including stamped or stained concrete, wood, tile, brick, stone and slate.  Any of these will make a beautiful new pool deck, you just need to decide which one meets your needs and budget.

One of the most important considerations as you design your new pool deck is that this is more than just building a pool deck, you must envision how it will fit into your entire landscape. This is especially important in a locale like Charlotte NC where there is an extended pool season.  A new pool deck can expand your entire outdoor living space and can even link your indoor space to your outdoor.  This means you may want to use a deck material that will act as the transition from indoor to outdoor living.  Flagstone and tile are great for this since they can be used both inside and out.  Brick is also good, although using brick for the entire pool deck may be rough on bare feet.

Other considerations as you design your new pool deck is where it will go and how it will blend with your existing landscape.  You will also want to think about sun and shade for lounging and sunning.  Lighting is also important, especially if your pool gets a lot of use at night.  You will also want to seamlessly integrate your new pool deck into existing walkways and patio areas.

Selecting your new pool deck materials

There are several different materials available for building your new pool deck.  Brushed concrete is functional, affordable and look fine, but may not be stylish enough or as visually appealing.  You can select to stain, stamp or color your concrete pool deck.  Any of these will add color and vitality to your concrete pool deck making it one of a kind.

Wood can be very nice, adding warmth and beauty around your pool.  Popular wood pool deck choices include cedar, redwood, and mahogany.  These are premium hardwoods and do not tend to splinter as much as pressure-treated fir or pine wood.  Pavers are another great option for a new pool deck.  These are made from concrete or brick and connect to each other to form your design.  Unglazed tile and stone are two more very good choices for a new pool deck.  Never used glazed because they are too slippery when they get wet.  Any of these materials will work for your new pool deck in Charlotte NC.

One of Charlotte’s best pool builders, Carolina Pool Plastering can build your new pool deck using any of these or other materials.  For the best quality and service while constructing your new pool deck, give them a call.


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