What are phosphates?

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This is the time of the year when your pool has the highest level of phosphates for various reasons. We thought it would be a good idea to explain exactly what phosphates are, and how they get into your swimming pool. Additionally, we will recommend how to best treat this dilemma. Simply put, phosphates are made up of organic material, primarily plant nutrients. The problem is that phosphates can enter your pool from countless different sources. Consider the following short list:

  • Bird droppings
  • Leaves blown into the pool
  • Swim wear
  • Dirt, dust, and soil
  • Rain water
  • Tap water

Just about everything that enters your pool either contains phosphates, or has the potential of transferring phosphates into your swimming pool. Most pool owners think that the presence of chlorine in the water (whether via traditional methods or through a salt system) that their pool is sufficiently protected from phosphates. Many are surprised to find out that phosphates are virtually immune to chlorine.

What is the big deal?

You may be asking, “Why are phosphates in the pool such a big deal?” Phosphates are the primary food source for algae. Every type of algae that can be found in swimming pools thrives on phosphates. Whenever you discover algae in your pool, it is advisable that you have your water tested for phosphates; especially if you have experienced heavy rains or wind. It is recommended that phosphate levels should not exceed .1 Parts per million. If it does, there are a number of chemical agents available to help eliminate or reduce the level of phosphates in your pool.

Phosphates are an inescapable reality that every pool owner will deal with at some point in time. Do not make the mistake of taking phosphate levels lightly. Using an unyielding phosphate treatment is a necessary regiment, both during and after the swim season. It is advisable that you apply a phosphate treatment about once every 4-6 weeks during the swim season. You may find it necessary to use more if you live near farms, or it is the time of year for heavy winds or you have received quite a bit of rain.

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