Best pool builders working on a swimming poolHire the best pool builders to build your dream pool

Building your dream pool is a big project. This is a major investment, so you want it right. Designing and then building a new pool requires planning, designing, and then construction. Carolina Pool Plastering, one of Charlotte’s best pool companies has experts on staff to help you with every step of the project.

Designing the pool

The first step in making your new swimming pool a reality is the design. You will work with the pool designer to create a pool which perfectly fits your lifestyle and home. It is important to have all of the details of the pool’s design worked out prior to beginning the pool project. This makes the project planning and then pool construction proceed much faster and more smoothly. Once the design is finished, the best pool builders in Charlotte NC will start your new pool.


Once you have your design and all the necessary permits, Carolina Pool Plastering can begin excavation. This is part of preparing your lot for the pool. We have all the right machinery to complete excavation as quickly as possible.

Building the pool

Following excavation of the hole for your pool, Carolina Pool Plastering will then place steel rods along the floor and the sides of the pool. Next, we put in the plumbing, including the piping and the drains. If you have lights or other electrical components, we will install these as well. Everything will be inspected to ensure the work is done properly.

Once the plumbing is in, the next step is to pour the cement. Carolina Pool Plastering recommends shotcrete when building a new pool. This is because shotcrete is a wet mix and can be immediately applied to the walls and floor of your new pool. Shotcrete allows for different pool designs and creating almost any shaped pool is easier with shotcrete. Shotcrete pools are also easy to clean and to maintain. Once the pool is poured it usually takes around seven days for the material to dry.

When the pool material is dry, we put in the coping and tile. The design for the tile and the coping will be determined during the pool design phase. You will have a wide array of choices when it comes to tile design for your new pool. You can opt for ceramic, slate, or even glass tiles as long as they are waterproof. The final step is finishing the interior of the pool. There are many choices available for the interior design, so you can choose the best one to fit with your lifestyle and home design. Once the pool’s interior is finished, we will fill the pool and you can start swimming.

Carolina Pool Plastering, one of Charlotte’s best pool companies can build the pool of your dreams. Give these best pool builders a call to begin construction on your new backyard paradise.


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