how to choose a Charlotte pool companyWhen building a new pool use these tips on how to choose a Charlotte pool company

When you are building a new pool, one of the most important questions you will have is how to choose a Charlotte pool company that will build a quality pool.  It is important that you choose carefully so ensure your Charlotte NC pool company is licensed and certified and has a reputation for quality work.  One of Charlotte’s best pool contractors is Carolina Pool Plastering, so they should be at the top of your list.  You can improve your chances of hiring the best Charlotte pool company by asking several questions.


Ask all potential pool companies how long they have been building or restoring pools and how many have they done.  Carolina Pool Plastering in Charlotte NC has been in business since 1998 and their professionals have built or restored hundreds of pools.

Follow on service and repairs

Ask if the pool company provides follow on service or repairs after the pool is built.  Pool contractors who provide service will generally build a better pool.  Carolina Pool Plastering provides both repair and service to all types of pools and spas.

Contacting the pool company

During construction of your new pool, your yard will be a mess for at least five weeks and perhaps longer.  If you have questions or issues during construction, you should be able to quickly and easily reach your pool contractor.

Builder references

Any quality pool contractor will be happy to provide references of both former and current customers.  When you get the pool company’s list of references, call a few of them and ask about their experience using the company.  Carolina Pool Plastering will be happy to provide customer references upon request.

Pool safety options

Your pool company should be thoroughly versed on safety options for your new pool.  This is an important factor in how to choose a Charlotte pool company.  Any good pool company will be able to provide you several options for keeping friends and family safe while they enjoy your new pool.

Professional alliances

Are the pool company and staff members of professional organizations?  These organizations provide training and certifications which ensure a pool company and their employees are up to date on the latest construction methods.  The pool company should also be a member of local business groups, including the chamber of commerce and the Better Business Bureau.

Write it all down

Another great tip on how to choose a Charlotte pool company is to ensure you get everything in writing.  Sit down with your pool contractor and ensure all of the details you discuss are in a written contract.  Then read that contract carefully before signing and hiring a pool contractor.  Carolina Pool Plastering will be happy to provide you a written contract to ensure you understand everything to be completed during a pool project. Follow these helpful tips on how to choose a Charlotte pool company and then call Carolina Pool Plastering for their professional estimate.


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