Overview on How to choose a Charlotte pool company

How to choose a Charlotte pool company in Charlotte, NCHow to choose a Charlotte pool company is simple with Charlotte’s best pool company. Offering a wide selection of installation, repair, and remodeling services, the experts in your area make exterior improvements an easy decision.

Pool Services

When installing or repairing your pool, How to choose a Charlotte pool company? it is important to select Charlotte’s best pool company. Your local experts specialize in Shortcrete installation. Shortcrete pools are constructed through a wet mixed method, in which materials are mixed and sprayed onto an excavation site. This allows for a custom shape and design. As opposed to poured concrete, Shortcrete is relatively inexpensive, aesthetically appealing, and readily bondable with rock, stone, brick, tile, and steel. Maintenance for Shortcrete pools, whether vacuumed, scrubbed, or washed, is simple. Furthermore, Shortcrete pools are incredibly durable, able to withstand up to 7,500 PSI.


Plaster is a great way to extend the life of your pool. You can apply it when first installing your pool, or you can use it to enhance a pre-existing pool. Plaster comes in an array of colors and styles, including white, marcite, quartz, and pebble. Your Charlotte pool contractors are experienced in plaster application, and can help you make the best choice for your property so you need to know how to choose a Charlotte pool company.


A well-maintained pool starts from the bottom. Water blasting is an excellent, eco-friendly way to prepare the surface of your pool for plastering. In order for plaster to bind for long-lasting results, the surface must be clean. Cleaning agents and abrasive chemicals can be hazardous, but water blasting is all natural. Furthermore, traditional sand blasting, which reduces the existing surface into find dust particles, can contaminate the surrounding air, lawn, and cars. Water blasting, by contrast, produces no dust. It uses 40,000 PSI of water pressure and a high-pressure jet to clean coatings and undesirable surface irregularities to create a bondable surface. When selecting your Charlotte pool company, remember that maintenance is an important investment in your pool and property as a whole.

Decorative Additions

If you want to improve the overall look of your outdoor space, consider a deck around your pool. Whether tile, concrete, or one of many other materials, a pool deck can significantly increase the value of your home or business.


If you are thinking about how to choose a Charlotte pool company, remember all of the elements that go into a great pool and outdoor space: the pool itself, maintenance, and decoration. Carolina Pool Plastering is Charlotte’s best pool company because they excel in all of these areas. Carolina Pool Plastering offers superior installation, repair, and remodeling services for residences and businesses. Founded in 1998 by David Deaton, the company consistently delivers high-quality, individualized results. In fact, Mr. Deaton is present on each project to ensure customer satisfaction.


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