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The best pool builders in Charlotte, NC, know that time is money! And when it’s your money on the line, they want you to stay on schedule and get your pool installation or deck repair finished in a timely manner. So, how do you know that you have hired pool contractors who will make a reasonable deadline and stay on schedule? Doing your research and homework ahead of time ensures that you choose the best pool builders for the job.

References help find best pool builders in Charlotte

The best pool builders in Charlotte come with a long list of good references. When hiring pool companies it is important to get references and then check those references. Ask friends, family or co-workers if they can recommend pool contractors. Go to the Internet and do some surfing for pool contractors. Once you have a working list of pool company references, make sure to call those references. Don’t forget to ask if the pool contractors made a schedule and stuck to it.

Best pool builders offer written estimates

The best pool builders offer written estimates because they stand by their work. At Carolina Pool Plastering, they want homeowners and businesses to feel comfortable that they have hired the best pool contractors for the job; a written estimate shows integrity and conscientious to clients. Included in the estimate from pool contractors should be a timeline, as well as a list of materials and costs of those materials, including labor. Ask about landscaping and whether or not this is handled by the pool contractors or will need another company to come in and do the job. This may seem like nitpicking, but when you are looking for the best pool builders, they will always appreciate your concern.

Reputation is important to best pool builders

When interviewing pool companies to find the best pool builders for your job, make sure to consider how long the pool contractor has been in business and whether or not they are local. A local pool contractor will be much more responsive to a client’s needs, and is not likely to leave clients out on a limb to argue with sub-contractors on their own. Check the Better Business Bureau to make sure your pool company hasn’t had any negative complaints filed. Also, check on their professional affiliations. The best pool builders always have professional certifications and affiliations with professional organizations.

Once you have hired the best pool builders for your job, don’t be afraid to visit the worksite and ask if the pool contractors are on schedule. If they aren’t on schedule, find out why. Sometimes it is a permit issue or a weather issue; other times it may be because you changed something in your plans and it has affected the finish time. Just remember, time is money, and the longer it takes to do the job, the more money it may cost. Be flexible, but also stay on top of the timeline and keep track of where your pool contractor is in the job.

If you are looking for the best pool builders in Charlotte, NC, look no further than Carolina Pool Plastering! With an excellent reputation for pool installations and repairs, you will see why they are considered one of the best pool builders in the Charlotte area.


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