More options than brushed concrete for your new deck

New deck installed in a swimming pool
It used to be that the only option for a deck was brushed concrete.  Today, however you have several great options for a new deck.  When you consider which material is best for your deck, think about how you and your family will use the deck.  It is also important to consider spilled drinks, popsicles, and all the other things that will fall or be dropped onto your new deck.  The deck should also be large enough to accommodate lounge chairs and umbrellas.  You and your family and friends are likely to spend as much time as possible in this outdoor living area.  You should also remember that lighter materials are easier on bare feet.

The right material for your new deck

You will have a wide range of options when you build your new deck.  These include poured concrete, brick or concrete pavers, stone, wood, tile and composites.  Each of these materials has benefits and disadvantages, so it is important to do your research before settling on a material for your new deck.  Any of these materials can be used to build your new deck.  They each have benefits and disadvantages, but all make a great choice.  .

Poured concrete

This is the most popular decking material, especially in areas where it can get hot.  Concrete can be customized with almost any color and stamped in almost any design.  Concrete paint and stains are two attractive ways to customize your new deck.

Brick or concrete pavers

If you prefer a different look, you can try brick or concrete pavers.  These allow your deck to look like a brick deck and come in a large selection of colors, shapes and sizes.  Pavers will typically cost more than poured concrete, but are very attractive and make a nice deck.


Stone may be the most expensive decking material, but is very durable and attractive.  Stone works very well, especially if your new deck is surrounded by natural landscaping.


Wood makes a nice deck and is less expensive than stone.  Wood must be treated to last, which means more maintenance than with other decking materials.  Wood works well if your deck needs to be raised.


If you are considering tile for your new deck, be aware it must be unglazed tile so it will not be too slippery.  Tile is expensive to install, but is also very attractive.  There is also added maintenance keeping the grout clean in between the tiles.


Composite decking is also a good material for a new deck.  The material is typically a mi of recycled plastic and wood fibers.  The planks look like wood and come in a selection of colors.  Composite decking can also get pretty hot, so is not a great choice for area where the summer temperatures can get really hot.

Any of these materials make a great choice for a new deck.  Do your research and then select the right material for you and your family and your outdoor living lifestyle.



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