A pool tile installation is a good time to also clean off mineral deposits

Pool tile installation in  Charlotte, NC
Scale or mineral deposits are those flaky, chalky white deposits which form along the water line of a pool.  Since many pools have ceramic tile along that water line, these deposits form on the tiles and can be very noticeable.  Scale is composed of calcium carbonate.  As pool water evaporates, this residue accumulates along the water line.  There are several reasons for this, including a high calcium content in local water or imbalances within the pool’s chemistry.  When the pool water is too alkaline, scale can be a result.  Carolina Pool Plastering in Charlotte NC can provide advice and help with eliminating scale.  It is pretty simple to do, especially if it is done at the same time as a pool tile installation.  Carolina Pool Plastering will be happy to inspect your pool and provide recommendations on the best way to address issues with mineral deposits.

The fix

Often, simply lowering the pH of the pool water can help dissolve scale.  Carolina Pool Plastering recommends keeping the pool pH between 7.2 and 7.8.  This will help prevent these mineral deposits from forming.  Try doing a pH test and if the results show that the pH is too high, call Carolina Pool Plastering for help in correcting the imbalance.

Brushing and rubbing

There may be times when the scale deposits will not dissolve completely, even if the pH is the correct balance.  When this happens, you may need to get the pool tiles professionally cleaned.  If you do this in combination with a pool tile installation, Carolina Pool Plastering, one of Charlotte NC’s best pool companies will install your new tile and clean all the old.  They typically use muriatic acid mixed with water as a cleaning agent.  They will apply the acid mix to the tiles with scale and allow it to sit for several minutes.  They then either power wash the tiles or hand-scrub them, if necessary.  Power washing is usually a better option, but should be done by a professional so there is less chance of damaging the pool tile.

New pool tile installation

If you decide you need to replace your pool tiles, Carolina Pool Plastering is the right choice.  They are the locally recognized experts in pool repair and renovation.  Their experts will meet with you and provide recommendations on what types of tiles will work best with your situation.  No matter what type tile and design you select, their pool tile experts will ensure the final result meets all your expectations.  They are thorough, detailed and complete the job within the time promised.  Hiring Carolina Pool Plastering to do your new pool tile installation will guarantee a quality job at a great price.



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