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The best pool builders in Charlotte will tell you that the basic, rectangular swimming pool is a thing of the past. Over the years, innovative trends in swimming pool construction and remodeling have made swimming pools original, unique and a person reflection on every pool owner. Here we will share a few classifications of the most popular design trends for new pools. If one of these ideas hit home with you, take some notes and call some pool companies for solid ideas for your pool and home.

Swimming pool bar areas

There is no doubt that you expect your swimming pool to be an ideal place to relax and unwind. Can you think of a better way to relax than to be able to lounge around on a pool deck that includes swim up bar with the beverages of your choice?

Combining fire and water

They say that opposites attract, and your guests will be cooled off by day and warmed at night when you combine fire pits and fireplaces. This combination is so popular because it is just as functional as it is beautiful. In addition, this extends the use of you backyard and pool area late into the fall. Imagine how beautiful it looks in summer evenings when the flames of your fire pit glows its reflection on the water.

Sports pools

In spite of increasing technology in our daily living, many homeowners are seeking a more active lifestyle. Sports design pools is a trend that opens up a whole new world for those who are enthusiastic about sports and fitness. Families are taking to water basketball and water volleyball. Many health conscious pool owners actually prefer lap swimming to running or jogging.

Saltwater chlorination

Many pool companies are recommending that pool owners switch to saltwater purification in an effort to make their pools chlorine free. This provides environmental as well as health benefits by reducing the level of chemicals in your pool that are eventually are released into the environment.

Energy efficient pumps and heating

Pool owners are always looking for ways to cut costs related to the operation and maintenance of their pools. The best pool builders are convincing pool owners to consider energy efficient pool pumps and heaters. Combined with features such as solar water covers, you can save money on both power and by reducing water evaporation.

Choosing one of the best Charlotte pool companies

Carolina Pool Plastering offers many services that will help homeowners to repair, remodel, and renovate their pool and the surrounding areas. They specialize in providing environmental friendly solutions and have been satisfying customers in Charlotte, NC for many years. To learn how to choose the best pool builders, call them for a free consultation and quote.


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