Adding upgrades can really give your pool a facelift

Swimming pool construction and renovation in Charlotte, NCWhen you build your pool, your pool contractor will probably tell you that your pool will last for decades.  This is usually true, especially if you routinely maintain the pool.  One thing that many homeowners are not aware of is that every pool will eventually require updates.  When this happens, upgrades may be a matter of swimming pool construction and renovation.  This is especially true if you want to add significant upgrades to your pool.  Adding a spa or water features may require construction, while replastering the interior of the pool may be considered renovation.  When your Charlotte NC pool needs updating, Carolina Pool Plastering can provide advice and guidance on which upgrades to make.

Factors to consider during swimming pool construction and renovation

Sooner or later, every pool will need significant work.  This may be for practical purposes or for cosmetic reasons.  There are several reasons for swimming pool construction and renovation.  These include worn pool materials such as the liner or decking or older pool systems which need to be updated to be brought up to current standards.  Other reasons may include an outdated design which may no longer meet the owners’ needs or that the old pool simply needs to be livened up with new features.  Most of the time a swimming pool construction and renovation is a combination of factors.  There may be one or two items which actually do need to be replaced and there may be other upgrades which are added to the project simply because it is convenient.

Typical renovation jobs

There are different types of pool renovation.  The most common types of renovation jobs include coping replacement, deck resurfacing, adding an automatic safety pool cover, interior resurfacing or liner replacement, adding water features, installing a spa, adding or removing a diving board or water slide, changing the depth of the pool, converting to a salt water system, and adding other features such as swim-up bars or tanning ledges.  Almost anything can be done a swimming pool construction and renovation, including changing the shape or size of the pool.

Cost of swimming pool construction and renovation

Of course, while it is possible to do almost anything you want during a swimming pool construction and renovation, however these changes come with a cost.  Depending upon the type of renovation, costs can vary from minor and low enough to be put on a credit card to major which can be as expensive as a brand new pool.  When you are considering swimming pool and construction in Charlotte NC, Carolina Pool Plastering is the company to call.  They will help you decide on the right upgrades and renovations to make your pool the focal point of your backyard oasis.


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