Wondering how to choose a Charlotte pool company?

how to choose a Charlotte pool company in Charlotte, NCIf you want a new backyard pool or want to remodel the one you have, you may wonder how to choose a Charlotte pool company.  Building or remodeling a pool is a big project, so you are probably wise deciding to hire a professional Charlotte NC pool contractor.  One of the best pool companies in the area is Carolina Pool Plastering.  They are the local experts in remodeling and building in-ground pools and will be happy to meet with you to discuss your requirements for a new pool or remodel.  When you are ready to select your contractor, consider these tips.

Finding a good contractor

One of the best sources for contractor names is a recommendation from a friend, neighbor or family member.  These individuals will give an honest accounting of their experience with a pool contractor and you can always visit their home to see the results yourself.  Another source for pool contractor recommendations is a local building supply or pool supply store.  Be aware, however that some of these places get a finder’s fee if their recommended contractor gets the job.

Check the websites

Visit your state’s website and look for the contractor’s license reference site or something similar.  This link will guide you to a list of licensed pool contractors in your area.  In Charlotte NC, Carolina Pool Plastering is one of the most recommended companies in the area.  They are a great choice is you are wondering how to choose a Charlotte pool company.

Ask the right questions

Never hesitate to ask questions.  Reputable pool companies are happy to answer everything you ask and will provide you references and a copy of their license and insurance.  Some key questions to ask include.

  • Licensed? Is the contractor licensed and will they provide proof?
  • Start and finish dates. Let the contractor know if you have a deadline for finishing the project.  Be sure and add extra time so the project is done in plenty of time for a big event.
  • How long in business? Pool companies who have been in business in your community for several years are more likely to be good, quality contractors.
  • Work schedule. Ask the pool company for a schedule and ensure they arrive and leave at the same time every day. They should also give you a list of any days they will be off.
  • Who will be the site supervisor? Get this person’s name and contact information.
  • Will the workers and/or subcontractors be consistent throughout the project?
  • Workmen’s compensation insurance. This is a big one.  Ask for proof.

Carolina Pool Plastering are recognized as the local experts in pool repair and installation.  They should be your first choice when you are wondering how to choose a Charlotte pool company.


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