Only the best Charlotte pool builders build great pools

A custom swimming pool by one of the best pool builders
If you are considering adding a pool to your property, it is important to choose one of the best pool builders to do the work.  Whether you are adding a small lap pool to your back yard or an elaborate custom pool to enhance your outdoor living space, you will find plenty of the best pool builders in the South located in Charlotte NC.

Professional pool builders will visit your site to determine what type of pool will best fit your property and lifestyle.  They will discuss with you where you and your family spend your time and what you enjoy doing together.  They will also talk with you about how much maintenance you are willing to do and explain all of the safety and security requirements.

The best pool builders will work with you on establishing a budget and deciding which design will work well with the rest of your landscaping and home design.  The pool builder may help you to provide them pictures or ideas for designs you like.  You may want to develop a wish book and fill it with pictures of designs and pools you like.

The best pool companies will explain the differences between the three different types of in ground pools.  Concrete pools are easily customized, so may be the best choice if you want a pool that reflects your taste and style.  Fiberglass pools are easier to install since they are molded and come in one piece.  Fiberglass pools come in a wide selection of models, including perimeter overflows and infinity pools.  The last type of in ground pool is a vinyl pool.  The advanced technology in vinyl pools makes it easier to find them in different styles and shapes.  Vinyl pools typically include polymer or steel walls which are lined with a thick vinyl liner.

Selecting a pool builder

When you decide think you know what type of pool you want, it is time to get estimates on how much it will cost.  Talk with several of the best pool builders in Charlotte NC to get a good idea of the total cost.  Getting several estimates will allow you to compare among the different types of pools, their projected maintenance costs and any how much it will cost to do the project.  The best pool companies will be happy to provide you references to check on other jobs they have done and it is important that you call these references and ask them about the company’s work.

One of the best pool builders in Charlotte NC is Carolina Pool Plastering.  Their professional staff will be happy to visit your home, evaluate the potential pool site, and provide an estimate of installation and customization costs.  When you want a great pool, give Carolina Pool Plastering a call.  They are one of the best pool builders anywhere.


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