Hire the very best pool builders in Charlotte to build your new swimming pool

Best pool builders - Charlotte, NCSummer’s almost here and your family may be clamoring for a new swimming pool.  If you dread thinking about going through another hot, humid summer, putting in a new pool may be just what you need.  A swimming pool provides hours of pleasure and fun for family and friends and is also an exceptionally good way to cool off during Charlotte’s hot summer days.  Building a new pool is no simple project.  You will want the best pool builders in Charlotte NC so you know the pool is well built and will last.  One of Charlotte’s best pool companies is Carolina Pool Plastering.  Their extensive experience and professional staff will help make your pool project a success.  They will work with you every step of the way to ensure your new swimming pool is everything you imagined.

Building a new pool

Whether you are building a custom pool or renovating your existing pool, Carolina Pool Plastering can help.  We tailor each swimming pool project to the needs of our customer, and as Charlotte’s best pool builders, we will work with you throughout the pool construction project to ensure you are happy with your finished project and the overall look of your new backyard oasis.  We continually communicate with you through the design and installation process so that each step is transparent and you know what to expect.

The construction process

Even though we tailor each project to the customer, there are certain steps you can expect to occur during your pool construction process.  These steps help a best pool builder ensure a professional, safe, and expertly designed pool.  These steps include pool design, layout, and excavation, steel and forming, electric and plumbing work, shotcrete or gunite, coping and tile, masonry and decking work, plaster, and pool instruction and start up.

The design process includes an initial meeting, discussing your goals for the project, measuring the job site, and creating blueprints and engineering.  Once you have approved a design, we draw permits, depending upon where your site is located, these may be from both city and county.  The next step is excavation which can take from one to fourteen days. During excavation and construction, the site and project will be inspected several times by official inspectors. The steel and forming phase provides the pool foundation and strength.  Plumbing and electric work is then completed, providing the necessary equipment to handle any water features, drains, skimmers, or other features requested by the customer.  Adding shotcrete or gunite is next and this step adds the mass and strength for the pool’s interior.  Following this step is the coping and tile.  The customer selects the tile and coping materials.  The pool deck is completed and the plaster added to the pool’s surface. The pool is now ready to be filled and inspected.   Carolina Pool Plastering, Charlotte’s best pool builders ensures each pool project surpasses customer expectations.


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