Reduce energy costs by using the right size pump during your pool installation

pool installation - Charlotte, NCHomeowners can save energy and still maintain a comfortable water temperature in their pool by using a higher efficiency, smaller pool pump.  The better the efficiency, the less a homeowner will need to operate the pump.  Studies show that pool owners can save as much as 75% in pumping bills when they install an energy-efficient pool pump.

Installing the right size pool pump

The bigger the pool pump, the greater a homeowner’s maintenance and pumping costs.  This is why a homeowner should always try to use the smallest size pool pump possible during their pool installation.  The best pool company in Charlotte NC, Carolina Pool Plastering can provide a homeowner with all the information they will need to make a decision about their swimming pool pump.  They will help match the hydraulics of the pool pump to both the pool’s flow characteristics and the pool’s piping.  Studies show that most residential pools will do fine with a .75 horsepower or less pool pump.

Make your smaller pump work efficiently

Smaller pool pumps not only cost less, but can be just as efficient as bigger pumps, if not more so.  There are several steps which a homeowner can take during pool installation to increase the efficiency of a smaller pump:

  • Decrease the length or increase the diameter of the swimming pool pipes
  • Substitute a larger filter rated to a minimum of 50% higher than the flow rate of the pool’s design
  • Replace any 90-degree pipes with either flexible or 45-degree pipes.

These steps work to decrease the hydraulic resistance of the pool’s circulation system.  Doing this can reduce energy consumption by at least 40 percent.   Carolina Pool Plastering, one of the best pool companies in Charlotte NC can provide information and advice on other ways to reduce energy costs during pool installation.

Working your pool pump less

Many times swimming pool pumps work longer than necessary.  They keep the swimming pool water circulated so the chemicals stay mixed and debris is removed.  Chemicals should be added while the pool water is circulating so they remain mixed.  Water does not have to be recirculated every day, even if there is debris.  Most debris can be skimmed or vacuumed.  Longer circulation also does not keep algae from growing.  It is better to use pool water chemicals and to scrub the walls to remove algae.

Filtration times

Homeowners should reduce filtration time to six hours daily.  If this does not keep the pool water clean enough, they should increase the filtration time by half-hour increments until the pool water is completely clean.  Call Carolina Pool Plastering, one of the most professional pool companies in Charlotte NC for more ideas on increasing the efficiency of your swimming pool pump.


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