Landscaping factors to consider during pool installation

Pool contractors doing pool installationWhen you are installing a new pool, you want to ensure the surrounding landscaping add to the overall beauty and appeal of the new pool.  Depending upon where you live, one of your major concerns may be privacy or safety.  Landscaping can help with these by including trees, fences, walls and screens.  These can block the view of the pool and still be attractive and safe. Adding a fence and a safety gate is often one of the first things a homeowner does, especially if there is a chance that small children or pets may wander out to the pool area.  The pool deck is also an important consideration during a pool installation.  You will want a pool deck which provides enough space for sunning and entertaining and which is made from attractive materials that will not conduct heat.

Another important consideration is lighting, both in and around the pool.  Any area surrounding the pool should be well lit, while the pool itself may also have some type of lighting.  You may also want to add other water features to both the pool and the surrounding landscape.  These may include waterfalls, sprays, and fountains.  You may also consider adding small pools that drain into the larger swimming pool.  There are many options for landscaping during pool installation in Charlotte NC.  Carolina Pool Plastering, one of Charlotte’s best pool companies can help with advice and design ideas.

The basic criteria in landscape design during pool installation

When you are planning the landscaping for the area surrounding the pool, it is important to keep balance, unity, proportion, and variety in mind.  Balance is one of the most important considerations.  While your pool or spa may be the focal point of your backyard, you can create a balanced look by placing other focal points opposite your pool or spa.  You may want to use a large tree or a gazebo with a bench to help balance the overall area.

It is important that everything in your pool area looks like it belongs and that these features all work together.  Ensure each feature and plant is blended into the overall landscape.  Try and not include a feature which may stand out on its own.  This can offset the unity of your landscaping and create a feeling of disorganization.

As you begin to select landscaping elements, ensure they are in proportion to each other, as well as your house, pool, and lot size.  It you have a large lot, you can break it up into distinct spaces with different plantings or walkways.  Using the right mix of plantings, along with bordered paths can create different intimate conversation areas.

Variety is one of the most important factors when designing your pool and landscaping.  While keeping everything in proportion and balanced, you can add variety by playing with textures, grade levels, and shapes.  These provide visual interest and add to the beauty of the area.

Always remember to consider landscaping during your pool installation.  Carolina Pool Plastering in Charlotte NC has experts on staff to help you with ideas, so give them a call today.


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