Colored glass can improve the beauty of your pool tile installation

Pool tile installation in Charlotte, NCWhen you need to do a pool tile installation, consider using colored glass tiles to create custom color mosaics in a creative pool design.  These gorgeous mosaics are beautiful when viewed up close and even more impressive when viewed when submerged in the water.  The differently colored tiles begin to visually blend creating an endless variety of hues.  The tiles each create a single point of color and when blended together with each other, create a lovely blended color.  In each pool installation some tiles will be above the surface on the walls, others will be just a few inches below the surface and the rest will be several feet down.  The ever-shifting refraction and reflection of light, along with the water creates an incredible array of shifting visuals.  The best pool contractors in Charlotte NC, Carolina Pool Plastering can help you find just the right colors and designs for your pool tile installation.

Custom colors to reflect your style

Many homeowners feel an almost emotional response to their colored glass tile mosaics and finishes.  Many feel their colored glass tile design is the very best part of their pool.  The translucent and iridescent qualities of glass tiles often create this type of passion.  Glass tile manufacturers create glass tiles using the most alluring qualities of glass to bring out the internal colors and reflective properties.  The result of combining various colored glass tiles is a burst of colors that look like gemstones along the pool.  The light within glass tiles shifts depending upon the lighting source, such as the sun or fiber optic lights and the depth of the water. This means the colors and the design seem to change with every shifting light beam.  Since each glass tile is manufactured independently, each piece is different.  Work with Carolina Pool Plastering and their team of experts to create your own special pool tile installation for your Charlotte NC home.

What you need to know about glass pool tile installation

Glass tiles are not only beautiful, but they are one of the longest-lasting pool finishes.  Even so, they can chip and crack, especially if exposed to rapid changes in temperature.  You should carefully research glass tile manufacturers so ensure you select a high quality tile for your pool tile installation.  You should also be aware that some glass tiles may have sharp edges.  Carolina Pool Plastering’s team of experts knows how to fix this problem and make your glass tiles smooth and beautiful.  One of the most important considerations is a quality pool tile installation because glass tile can be challenging to install.  The team at Carolina Pool Plastering are experts at glass pool tile installations.


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