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Most reliable pool contractors will tell you that it is crucial that you keep your pool in chemical balance all year around. This means keeping cleaning agents, chemicals, and pH in a perfect balance so that they all work together to keep your water clean and safe. If you’re a new pool owner, or if you have simply left your pool’s chemical balance to your pool company, this may be a foreign concept to you. It is always wise to consult with your pool maintenance contractor to determine what the best levels for your pool are. The following are a few key factors that will help to put things into perspective and to make it easier for you to keep your pool clean.

Pool pH Levels

If you remember basic high school chemistry, pH refers to the acidity of your water. pH level plays a vital role in keeping your pool water in top condition. You water pH level should be in the range of 7.4 to 7.6 on the pH scale at all times. If your pH is too low, you will have a difficult time maintaining proper chlorine level because in such a case, the chlorine will dissipate much faster than is normal. On the flip side, if the pH level is too high, the chlorine will become inactive. Remember that a proper pH level is the beginning of getting your pool off to a good start.

Alkaline level

The alkalinity of your pool is closely tied with its pH levels. Whenever your alkalinity is off, it is highly probable that your pH levels are out of whack. The measurement term is called total alkalinity. This refers to the amount of alkaline in the pool water. In most cases, your alkaline level should read between 80 to 100 ppm in a plaster pool, and 100 to 150 ppm in a vinyl pool.

Chlorine stabilizer

This chemical allows your chlorine work longer by protecting it from breaking down in sunlight. Check with your Charlotte Pool Company about the product used in your pool, as some chlorine products have stabilizer already added in. If this is not the case for the product you use, you will need to add the proper amount of stabilizer to your pool.

Choosing one of the Most reliable pool contractors

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