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Before opening your pool for the season hire a professional pool contractor for pool tile repair

Charlotte’s best pool contractor can do any necessary pool tile repair before you open your pool for the summer

Pool tile repair in Charlotte, NCBefore you open your backyard pool for the season, be sure to address any needed repairs or structural damage.  This is an important step before getting your pool up and running.  According to Carolina Pool Plastering of Charlotte NC, the best time to get pool tile repairs done is during the off season.  This is also an opportunity to fix any underlying damage around the swimming pool or make any cosmetic touch ups.  Along with pool tile repair, a pool contractor can also reset coping stones, replace caulking, set pool tiles, and replace or repair grouting.  It is also a good idea to renew or replace the caulking along the expansion joint which runs around the perimeter of the pool. Hiring Carolina Pool Plastering to perform pool tile repair and fix any other structural pool damage can help prevent more costly repairs later on.

Structural damage repair

There are a variety of things which can cause structural damage to your backyard pool.  These include freezing temperatures or soil problems.  If you live in an area which experiences very low temperatures, your pool may be at risk of damage.  This is also true if there are problems with the soil around your pool since your pool may settle over time causing damage.  Damage may also be caused by expansion and heaving which can cause the decking to shift.  When it gets cold, this water can then freeze and expand and damage the bond beam of the swimming pool.  This bond beam is typically the top six to eight inches of the pool wall which holds the pool tile and coping.  If the bond beam is compromised or damaged, you may see loose tiles or have tiles fall off.  It is important to hire Carolina Pool Plastering to repair the bond beam because until it is repaired, the tiles will continue to crumble and loosen.

Pool tile repair

Tile may begin to fall off your pool for several reasons.  Your pool may have freeze damage or a compromised bond beam, both of which may result in loose and falling tiles.  Age may also result in loose or damaged tiles.  Carolina Pool Plastering, one of Charlotte’s best pool companies will ensure the bond beam and coping stone are set properly and are structurally sound.  They can then replace any pool tile.  It is important to note that it may be difficult to completely match older pool tiles, so it is a good idea to save a sheet or two of pool tiles during installation for later pool tile repair.


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Make your pool tile installation sparkle with blended colored glass tiles

Colored glass can improve the beauty of your pool tile installation

Pool tile installation in Charlotte, NCWhen you need to do a pool tile installation, consider using colored glass tiles to create custom color mosaics in a creative pool design.  These gorgeous mosaics are beautiful when viewed up close and even more impressive when viewed when submerged in the water.  The differently colored tiles begin to visually blend creating an endless variety of hues.  The tiles each create a single point of color and when blended together with each other, create a lovely blended color.  In each pool installation some tiles will be above the surface on the walls, others will be just a few inches below the surface and the rest will be several feet down.  The ever-shifting refraction and reflection of light, along with the water creates an incredible array of shifting visuals.  The best pool contractors in Charlotte NC, Carolina Pool Plastering can help you find just the right colors and designs for your pool tile installation.

Custom colors to reflect your style

Many homeowners feel an almost emotional response to their colored glass tile mosaics and finishes.  Many feel their colored glass tile design is the very best part of their pool.  The translucent and iridescent qualities of glass tiles often create this type of passion.  Glass tile manufacturers create glass tiles using the most alluring qualities of glass to bring out the internal colors and reflective properties.  The result of combining various colored glass tiles is a burst of colors that look like gemstones along the pool.  The light within glass tiles shifts depending upon the lighting source, such as the sun or fiber optic lights and the depth of the water. This means the colors and the design seem to change with every shifting light beam.  Since each glass tile is manufactured independently, each piece is different.  Work with Carolina Pool Plastering and their team of experts to create your own special pool tile installation for your Charlotte NC home.

What you need to know about glass pool tile installation

Glass tiles are not only beautiful, but they are one of the longest-lasting pool finishes.  Even so, they can chip and crack, especially if exposed to rapid changes in temperature.  You should carefully research glass tile manufacturers so ensure you select a high quality tile for your pool tile installation.  You should also be aware that some glass tiles may have sharp edges.  Carolina Pool Plastering’s team of experts knows how to fix this problem and make your glass tiles smooth and beautiful.  One of the most important considerations is a quality pool tile installation because glass tile can be challenging to install.  The team at Carolina Pool Plastering are experts at glass pool tile installations.


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You have a wide choice of materials to choose from when building a new pool deck

Building a new pool deck?  Choose the right building materials

New pool deck - Charlotte, NCIf you are building a new pool deck and do not want to use the traditional concrete, do not fret.  There are still a great many materials available that make a beautiful pool deck.  The favorites are natural materials and look great surrounding a new pool.  Old, cracked white concrete is no longer as popular and this has opened the way for all types of new natural and some man-made materials.  The best pool company in Charlotte, Carolina Pool Plastering uses many materials, from travertine to bluestone to concrete pavers.  Using these natural materials helps incorporate the new pool deck into the existing landscapes.  When you decide to build a new pool deck, using materials that go beyond the old, boring white concrete can open all sorts of options.


Bricks can provide a very classy, old world look to a pool.  They are similar to pavers, however brick only comes in one size, but many colors.  They are usually dry laid using sand in the joints or can be laid with mortar between the bricks.  It is important to ensure that the brick used possesses a smooth finish so it is not hard on the feet.  Brick can truly enhance the new pool deck at your Charlotte NC home.

Concrete pavers

One of the more economical materials to use on a new pool deck is concrete pavers.  These come in a wide variety of sizes and colors and can be laid in different patterns, along with matching coping.


Another beautiful natural stone is travertine.  It is being used by Carolina Pool Plastering, one of the best pool companies in Charlotte to build new pool decks with great results.  Travertine is available in several colors and different sizes.  It can be laid in an irregular pattern to create gorgeous designs.  One thing to remember, however, be sure to choose travertine tile that is created for outdoor use.  Otherwise, the tile may be too slippery for use around a pool.  Travertine developed for use outdoors actually absorbs water which helps make the stone coarser to family and guests do not slip.

Flagstone or bluestone

One of the most beautiful stones to use around a pool is bluestone or flagstone.  It can be used to give a new pool deck and the pool a touch of elegance.  It is particularly pretty when used in a random pattern created from square and rectangular stones.  It helps to use grout which complements the colors of your home.  Flagstone and bluestone is also very cool to the touch.

Carolina Pool Plastering in Charlotte NC is the expert in using any of these materials to create a gorgeous new pool deck for your home.



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Advice from the best on how to choose a Charlotte pool company

What every homeowner should know on how to choose a Charlotte pool company

How to choose a Charlotte pool company - Charlotte, NCThere are many decisions involved in building an in ground pool.  None of these is more important than selecting your pool contractor.  No matter how carefully you plan, it can all go out the window if your pool builder is not competent, is irresponsible, or unethical.  To help prevent any of these, it is recommended that you get at least three estimates from local pool contractors.  Since this is so important, just what do you need to know on how to choose a Charlotte pool company?  Here are a few ideas on ways to ensure you hire the best pool contractor you can.

Get recommendations

If there is someone in your neighborhood who put in an in ground pool, ask them about their experience and if it was good, get the name of their pool contractor.  Most pool owners will be happy to talk about their pool building experience.  They will hopefully be able to steer you toward a reputable, quality pool builder.  It is also possible to check consumer websites and internet forums for ideas, as well as the Chamber of Commerce.

Check references

When you check with a pool company ask for references.  If they seem eager to provide you a long list of happy customers, that is a good sign.  The more satisfied customers the pool contractor can point to, the less likely they are staged or cherry-picked.  If you get a lot of references, you probably do not need to check them all, however it is important to check several.  You can easily randomly select a few to call and talk to.  Pick names from different parts of the list, not just the top three. If the list is smaller, you should not automatically disqualify the contractor, but when you call their references be sure and ask some probing questions to ensure the references are actual customers.

Questions to ask

Even though it is unlikely, there may be times when a pool contractor may set up people to provide positive references.  To help ensure this does not happen, there are a few questions you can ask:

  • When did the contractor perform work for you? If the dates are older, it may mean the reference is cherry picked and not current.
  • Was the work completed on time? Did the contractor only ask for payment once work was finished?
  • Were the pool contractor team members courteous?

Before choosing a Charlotte pool company, be sure and visit their place of business for a good indication on how they will perform on the job site.   Follow these tips when you are wondering how to choose a Charlotte pool company.


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One of the most reliable pool contractors in Charlotte tells you what to consider when building an in-ground pool

Carolina Pool Plastering, one of Charlotte’s most reliable pool contractors gives advice on planning your new pool

Most reliable pool contractors in  Charlotte, NCWhen you are ready to create your own backyard oasis, call Carolina Pool Plastering for help and advice.  They can help you design the perfect in-ground pool for your Charlotte NC home.  When you think about it, an in-ground pool is a masterful engineering feat.  The pool supports thousands of gallons of water while it withstands chemicals, the natural elements, and more.  For these reasons, an in-ground pool can be difficult to design and build.  It takes a company like Carolina Pool Plastering, one of Charlotte’s most reliable pool contractors to get the job done right.

Designing and building the new in-ground pool

When done correctly, an in-ground pool can last for decades.  It will take routine maintenance and upkeep, but the structure of a well-built in-ground pool can last for many years.  The finishes, including the plaster on the interior and the tile and coping can also last a long time if properly maintained.  However, if a pool is not built well, it can be a constant challenge of repairs and even replacement.  This is why it is so important to hire the most reliable pool contractors when you build your new in-ground pool.

Hiring the best

When you are ready to build your new in-ground pool, there are some factors to consider.  These include the size and shape of your space, your budget, how much you time and money you want to spend on maintenance, and what you will be using the pool for.  The key questions are:

  • Price – what will be the total price, including landscaping, decking, and other options?
  • Maintenance – it is important to understand how much work will be involved in maintaining the pool, including costs of chemicals and cleaning equipment.
  • Installation – how long and how complicated will the installation be?
  • Service – all of the most reliable pool contractors will service what they sell.

Landscaping and pool options

When planning your backyard oasis, it is important to consider the pool style and design in combination with existing and future landscaping, decking, and other features.  If you are dreaming of a garden atmosphere, consider adding water features which will also water the surrounding landscaping.  You may want to design your pool so the edges go right up to the plants.  You may also want to add lighting features, both in the pool and in the surrounding landscaping.  The right decking adds sunning and relaxation space and makes your outdoor living area perfect.  Carolina Pool Plastering, one of Charlotte NC’s most reliable pool contractors can help you create your vision.


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Tips for finding the best pool builders when building a new pool

How to find the best pool builders to build your new pool

Best pool builders in  Charlotte, NCWhen it comes to building a new in-ground pool, homeowners can be almost overwhelmed by the sheer number of options.  There are several different types of pools and there are even more options for features and installation. Other considerations are space, other landscaping and budget.  Homeowners should carefully consider these factors before deciding on their new in-ground pool.  Carolina Pool Plastering in Charlotte NC can help any homeowner with advice on types and features of in-ground pools.  There are primarily four types of in-ground pools.  These are fiberglass, vinyl liner, shotcrete, and concrete.

Fiberglass in-ground pools

Of all the options available, fiberglass is typically the least expensive.  This type of pool uses a molded fiberglass basin which is then laid into a pre-dug hole.  Plumbing and electric are installed before the fiberglass basin is installed.  A fiberglass in-ground pool is often a great solution for limited space.  They come in a variety of shapes and are relatively easy to install by one of the best pool builders.

Vinyl liner in-ground pools

The vinyl liner in-ground pool is a bit more expensive than a fiberglass pool, but is more structurally sound and often come in larger sizes than fiberglass pools.  This type of pool is pretty durable, although there is always the chance of a puncture to the lining.  Once in the ground, these pools appear very similar to the traditional in-ground pool and when tile or water features are added, there is really no discernable difference.  If you are considering a vinyl liner in-ground pool, Carolina Pool Plastering can provide advice and guidance on the best options for your new in-ground pool.

Shotcrete in-ground pools

Shotcrete is a mixture of water, sand and concrete which is then shot into the pool form to create the pool’s interior.  Carolina Pool Plastering is recognized as the expert in Charlotte NC for installing, maintaining, and renovating shotcrete in-ground pools.  This type of pool is more challenging and more expensive to install than a fiberglass or vinyl liner pool, but they are also much more durable and very closely resemble the traditional in-ground pool.  Plaster is often used over the shotcrete, creating a beautiful look for the new in-ground pool.  Tile and/or water features may also be added to further customize the look of the new pool.

Concrete in-ground pools

This type of in-ground pool is the most expensive and is not done very much anymore.  They consist of poured concrete and it is very labor-intensive to build one.  When comparing shotcrete to poured concrete, there is really not much difference, especially for the difference in cost.  Carolina Pool Plastering, one of Charlotte’s best pool builders will be happy to discuss all of your options with you.


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Pool tile repair and cleaning can help make your pool beautiful again

Professional pool tile repair and cleaning can restore your pool

Pool tile repair in  Charlotte, NC
When calcium deposits build up around a pool, it can make the pool look outdated or dirty.  These calcium buildups create a chalky film that can be difficult to remove.  If you have tried to clean off this film and find it an arduous, time-consuming task, call Carolina Pool Plastering, one of Charlotte’s best pool tile repair and cleaning companies.  They will do the job right the first time, saving you headaches and giving you a pool to enjoy all season.

Carolina Pool Plastering can clean or repair various types of tile, including pebble, coping, and brick, and flagstone, artificial and natural rock.  Their experts know how to remove the calcium buildup without damaging the tile and will restore your pool tile to its natural beauty.

Pool tile repair and clean up

Carolina Pool Plastering uses various procedures and products to clean and repair pool tile.  When your Charlotte NC pool needs repair or updating, they are the experts to call.  They will typically begin by draining the pool a bit so it is easier to work with the tiles.  Then they may use power washing or scrubbing to clean the tile without damaging it.  They will then make any necessary pool tile repairs and clean up everything when they are finished.

Pool tile repair and re-glazing

If your pool tiles appear to be beyond cleaning, then Carolina Pool Plastering may recommend they be re-glazed.  This means adding a glaze or coating over the tile to help restore them to a better, almost new condition.  This type of pool tile repair is especially good when tiles are faded because of exposure to sunlight, stained by pool chemicals or just dull with age.  Years of exposure to cleaning products and pool water can cause pool tiles to get dingy and dirty-looking.  Re-glazing tiles can often make restore the look of your pool tiles.  If this is your experience, Carolina Pool Plastering can make them look like new again.  If your tiles are cracked, chipped or loose, they may need to be replaced.  The pool tile repair experts at Carolina Pool Plastering will recommend the best solutions for your situation.

Carolina Pool Plastering offers other pool tile repair and cleaning services such as upgrades, renovations, and new pool shells. They can also repair or renew your pool’s shotcrete, creating a beautiful new interior.  Carolina Pool Plastering uses water blasting to clean the tiles and surfaces of your pool.  This is an eco-friendly method of pool tile cleaning and surface preparation.  Water blasting does not use any chemicals or cleaning agents, making it safe around family and pets.   Carolina Pool Plastering will be happy to evaluate your pool and provide recommendations for pool tile repair, cleaning, and upgrades.


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Clean mineral deposits during a pool tile installation

A pool tile installation is a good time to also clean off mineral deposits

Pool tile installation in  Charlotte, NC
Scale or mineral deposits are those flaky, chalky white deposits which form along the water line of a pool.  Since many pools have ceramic tile along that water line, these deposits form on the tiles and can be very noticeable.  Scale is composed of calcium carbonate.  As pool water evaporates, this residue accumulates along the water line.  There are several reasons for this, including a high calcium content in local water or imbalances within the pool’s chemistry.  When the pool water is too alkaline, scale can be a result.  Carolina Pool Plastering in Charlotte NC can provide advice and help with eliminating scale.  It is pretty simple to do, especially if it is done at the same time as a pool tile installation.  Carolina Pool Plastering will be happy to inspect your pool and provide recommendations on the best way to address issues with mineral deposits.

The fix

Often, simply lowering the pH of the pool water can help dissolve scale.  Carolina Pool Plastering recommends keeping the pool pH between 7.2 and 7.8.  This will help prevent these mineral deposits from forming.  Try doing a pH test and if the results show that the pH is too high, call Carolina Pool Plastering for help in correcting the imbalance.

Brushing and rubbing

There may be times when the scale deposits will not dissolve completely, even if the pH is the correct balance.  When this happens, you may need to get the pool tiles professionally cleaned.  If you do this in combination with a pool tile installation, Carolina Pool Plastering, one of Charlotte NC’s best pool companies will install your new tile and clean all the old.  They typically use muriatic acid mixed with water as a cleaning agent.  They will apply the acid mix to the tiles with scale and allow it to sit for several minutes.  They then either power wash the tiles or hand-scrub them, if necessary.  Power washing is usually a better option, but should be done by a professional so there is less chance of damaging the pool tile.

New pool tile installation

If you decide you need to replace your pool tiles, Carolina Pool Plastering is the right choice.  They are the locally recognized experts in pool repair and renovation.  Their experts will meet with you and provide recommendations on what types of tiles will work best with your situation.  No matter what type tile and design you select, their pool tile experts will ensure the final result meets all your expectations.  They are thorough, detailed and complete the job within the time promised.  Hiring Carolina Pool Plastering to do your new pool tile installation will guarantee a quality job at a great price.



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Upgrade your in-ground pool by adding a new pool deck

Adding a new pool deck is a great way to upgrade your in-ground pool

New pool deck in  Charlotte, NCThe ultimate backyard upgrade is the addition of an in-ground pool.  However, if you already have an in-ground pool, perhaps you want a bit more.  If your current pool has a brushed concrete pool deck, installing a new pool deck of brick, pavers, or slate can add a great deal to your overall backyard landscape.  Prices are still good for in-ground pool and home improvements, so this is a good time to add a new pool deck.  In Charlotte NC, the best company to build your new pool deck is Carolina Pool Plastering.  They enjoy a reputation for excellence and quality work and will be happy to provide you an estimate for a new deck.

Designing your new pool deck

It does not matter if you have a full size in-ground pool or a lap pool, Carolina Pool Plastering can help you design a new pool deck to enhance your entire outdoor living area.  Typically, in-ground pools come with a brushed concrete pool deck.  This is fine, however concrete can be rough on bare feet and can get hot in sunny weather or high temperatures.  There are several other material choices for pool decking, including wood, brick, stone, and slate.  Each of these provides certain advantages and all make an incredibly beautiful pool deck.


Wood is one of the least expensive materials for a new pool deck.  It is versatile and there are many variety of woods available.  One of the advantages of wood is that it does not get as hot, however, a new pool deck made from wood must be treated annually to prevent swelling and disintegration.


Brick makes a lovely pool deck and you can even build in designs.  The bricks used as pool decking must be specially treated so they are not rough on bare feet.


Flag stones make some of the most beautiful decks available.  These stones come in a variety of colors and styles.  They may be combined with other materials such as tile to make intricate designs.  One important note, be sure and choose only absorbent stone so it absorbs water and does not become slick when wet.


Paving stones of slate are another good option for a new pool deck.  These types of pavers are very beautiful and make a great material for a new pool deck.  Like stone, they can become slick, so they must be specially treated.

When it comes to building a new pool deck, there is no company more qualified in Charlotte NC than Carolina Pool Plastering.  Give them a call to discuss the details of your new pool deck.


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Great tips on how to choose a Charlotte pool company

Wondering how to choose a Charlotte pool company?

how to choose a Charlotte pool company in Charlotte, NCIf you want a new backyard pool or want to remodel the one you have, you may wonder how to choose a Charlotte pool company.  Building or remodeling a pool is a big project, so you are probably wise deciding to hire a professional Charlotte NC pool contractor.  One of the best pool companies in the area is Carolina Pool Plastering.  They are the local experts in remodeling and building in-ground pools and will be happy to meet with you to discuss your requirements for a new pool or remodel.  When you are ready to select your contractor, consider these tips.

Finding a good contractor

One of the best sources for contractor names is a recommendation from a friend, neighbor or family member.  These individuals will give an honest accounting of their experience with a pool contractor and you can always visit their home to see the results yourself.  Another source for pool contractor recommendations is a local building supply or pool supply store.  Be aware, however that some of these places get a finder’s fee if their recommended contractor gets the job.

Check the websites

Visit your state’s website and look for the contractor’s license reference site or something similar.  This link will guide you to a list of licensed pool contractors in your area.  In Charlotte NC, Carolina Pool Plastering is one of the most recommended companies in the area.  They are a great choice is you are wondering how to choose a Charlotte pool company.

Ask the right questions

Never hesitate to ask questions.  Reputable pool companies are happy to answer everything you ask and will provide you references and a copy of their license and insurance.  Some key questions to ask include.

  • Licensed? Is the contractor licensed and will they provide proof?
  • Start and finish dates. Let the contractor know if you have a deadline for finishing the project.  Be sure and add extra time so the project is done in plenty of time for a big event.
  • How long in business? Pool companies who have been in business in your community for several years are more likely to be good, quality contractors.
  • Work schedule. Ask the pool company for a schedule and ensure they arrive and leave at the same time every day. They should also give you a list of any days they will be off.
  • Who will be the site supervisor? Get this person’s name and contact information.
  • Will the workers and/or subcontractors be consistent throughout the project?
  • Workmen’s compensation insurance. This is a big one.  Ask for proof.

Carolina Pool Plastering are recognized as the local experts in pool repair and installation.  They should be your first choice when you are wondering how to choose a Charlotte pool company.


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