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Select the right pool before starting swimming pool construction and renovation

Charlotte’s best pool company can help with your swimming pool construction and renovation

Swimming pool construction and renovation - Charlotte, NCWhen you are considering adding a swimming pool to your back yard, it is important to select the right design for your family and lifestyle.  There are three primary types of in-ground swimming pools – shotcrete or concrete, in-ground vinyl liner, and fiberglass.  Each of these have certain advantages and which will be best for your swimming pool construction and renovation project will depend upon how you and your family plan to use the new pool.  The best pool contractor in Charlotte NC, Carolina Pool Plastering can advise you on which type of pool will best suit your lifestyle and lot.

Constructing an in-ground pool

Most homeowners prefer an in-ground pool, especially if they are looking for a pool that will last.  The right swimming pool construction and renovation project can truly beautify a backyard.  The three primary types of in-ground pools are all good options.  Which is best for your pool project will depend upon your and your family.

Concrete or shotcrete

This type of pool is the most durable.  The life expectancy for a shotcrete or concrete pool is 15 to 18 years.  This type of pool may last even longer than this as long as the shotcrete is well-maintained and redone when necessary.  In Charlotte NC, the best contractor for shotcrete and replastering is Carolina Pool Plastering.

In-ground vinyl liner

This type of pool holds water with a vinyl membrane.  A vinyl liner pool is typically the least expensive of in-ground pools.  The thickness of the vinyl used in these types of pools is measured in thousandths of an in or in mils.  Vinyl liners are usually more fragile than fiberglass and can be punctured during the swimming pool construction and renovation.  Other problems can occur when roots grow or punch through a vinyl liner.  If precautions are not taken, even pets, tools or children’s toys can cause an accidental puncture in a vinyl liner.  Carolina Pool Plastering in Charlotte NC can advise you on all types of pools, including the best in-ground vinyl liners.


This type of in-ground pool comes as a one-piece resin shell.  This shell is placed into the excavation site.  A fiberglass in-ground pool is typically more costly than a vinyl liner pool and can be as expensive as a concrete or shotcrete pool.  Fiberglass can last longer than vinyl, however when it begins to break down, it can fall apart very quickly.  Fiberglass liners come with a gel-like coating and if this coating breaks or cracks, water can get in between the layers causing de-lamination and blistering.

In Charlotte NC, Carolina Pool Plastering is the best choice for any type of swimming pool construction or renovation project.


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Increase energy efficiency by installing the right size pump during a pool installation

Reduce energy costs by using the right size pump during your pool installation

pool installation - Charlotte, NCHomeowners can save energy and still maintain a comfortable water temperature in their pool by using a higher efficiency, smaller pool pump.  The better the efficiency, the less a homeowner will need to operate the pump.  Studies show that pool owners can save as much as 75% in pumping bills when they install an energy-efficient pool pump.

Installing the right size pool pump

The bigger the pool pump, the greater a homeowner’s maintenance and pumping costs.  This is why a homeowner should always try to use the smallest size pool pump possible during their pool installation.  The best pool company in Charlotte NC, Carolina Pool Plastering can provide a homeowner with all the information they will need to make a decision about their swimming pool pump.  They will help match the hydraulics of the pool pump to both the pool’s flow characteristics and the pool’s piping.  Studies show that most residential pools will do fine with a .75 horsepower or less pool pump.

Make your smaller pump work efficiently

Smaller pool pumps not only cost less, but can be just as efficient as bigger pumps, if not more so.  There are several steps which a homeowner can take during pool installation to increase the efficiency of a smaller pump:

  • Decrease the length or increase the diameter of the swimming pool pipes
  • Substitute a larger filter rated to a minimum of 50% higher than the flow rate of the pool’s design
  • Replace any 90-degree pipes with either flexible or 45-degree pipes.

These steps work to decrease the hydraulic resistance of the pool’s circulation system.  Doing this can reduce energy consumption by at least 40 percent.   Carolina Pool Plastering, one of the best pool companies in Charlotte NC can provide information and advice on other ways to reduce energy costs during pool installation.

Working your pool pump less

Many times swimming pool pumps work longer than necessary.  They keep the swimming pool water circulated so the chemicals stay mixed and debris is removed.  Chemicals should be added while the pool water is circulating so they remain mixed.  Water does not have to be recirculated every day, even if there is debris.  Most debris can be skimmed or vacuumed.  Longer circulation also does not keep algae from growing.  It is better to use pool water chemicals and to scrub the walls to remove algae.

Filtration times

Homeowners should reduce filtration time to six hours daily.  If this does not keep the pool water clean enough, they should increase the filtration time by half-hour increments until the pool water is completely clean.  Call Carolina Pool Plastering, one of the most professional pool companies in Charlotte NC for more ideas on increasing the efficiency of your swimming pool pump.


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Build a great pool by using the most reliable pool contractor in Charlotte NC

When you’re building a new pool, it is wise to work with Charlotte’s most reliable pool contractor

Most reliable pool contractor - Charlotte, NCCarolina Pool Plastering is known throughout Charlotte and Concord NC as the most reliable pool contractor in the business.  Their professional staff will ensure your new swimming pool or renovation proceeds as smoothly as possible.  They will stay in constant communication with you throughout the project and work with you on every detail.  A new swimming pool is a complicated and challenging endeavor and it pays to hire the most reliable pool contractor in the area.  Knowing you are working with true professionals provides you peace of mind knowing your pool project will be a success.

What Charlotte’s most reliable pool contractor brings to the project

Carolina Pool Plastering has been in business more than twenty years and has the experience, knowledge and skills to perform any pool renovation or construction you can imagine.  Whether you are a homeowner or a commercial business, Carolina Pool Plastering can perform any service you need for your pool.  They can do renovations or updates, new pool shells and plastering, or anything in between.  They bring a vast amount of experience and can work with you on each detail of your pool project, from design, through excavation to opening the new pool.

Improving your pool

If you are looking for the most reliable pool contractor in Charlotte and Concord NC to perform improvements or upgrades to your pool, give Carolina Pool Plastering a call.  They are the best in the region at replacing pool tiles and coping, building new pool decks, and relining or replastering the interior of your pool.  They work with a wide variety of materials and can help you design the backyard oasis you have always imagined.   They will be more than happy to recommend materials and designs based on your goals for your pool project and will walk you through every step of the process to help ensure it is a total success.

Licensed, bonded and insured

Carolina Pool Plastering employs only the best and the testimonials from their happy clients is the proof.  Ask them for references and then call past and current clients about how their great experience using the most reliable pool contractor in Charlotte, Carolina Pool Plastering.  Recognizing that no two customers are alike, they tailor every pool project to the needs and goals of each customer.  This means your pool project will be as unique and special as you are.  It does not matter if you want gorgeous water features, a new tiles pool deck or an intricate tile design on your pool shell, Charlotte and Concord NC’s most reliable pool contractor, Carolina Pool Plastering can make it happen.


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Hire the best pool builder in Charlotte to install your new pool

Hire the very best pool builders in Charlotte to build your new swimming pool

Best pool builders - Charlotte, NCSummer’s almost here and your family may be clamoring for a new swimming pool.  If you dread thinking about going through another hot, humid summer, putting in a new pool may be just what you need.  A swimming pool provides hours of pleasure and fun for family and friends and is also an exceptionally good way to cool off during Charlotte’s hot summer days.  Building a new pool is no simple project.  You will want the best pool builders in Charlotte NC so you know the pool is well built and will last.  One of Charlotte’s best pool companies is Carolina Pool Plastering.  Their extensive experience and professional staff will help make your pool project a success.  They will work with you every step of the way to ensure your new swimming pool is everything you imagined.

Building a new pool

Whether you are building a custom pool or renovating your existing pool, Carolina Pool Plastering can help.  We tailor each swimming pool project to the needs of our customer, and as Charlotte’s best pool builders, we will work with you throughout the pool construction project to ensure you are happy with your finished project and the overall look of your new backyard oasis.  We continually communicate with you through the design and installation process so that each step is transparent and you know what to expect.

The construction process

Even though we tailor each project to the customer, there are certain steps you can expect to occur during your pool construction process.  These steps help a best pool builder ensure a professional, safe, and expertly designed pool.  These steps include pool design, layout, and excavation, steel and forming, electric and plumbing work, shotcrete or gunite, coping and tile, masonry and decking work, plaster, and pool instruction and start up.

The design process includes an initial meeting, discussing your goals for the project, measuring the job site, and creating blueprints and engineering.  Once you have approved a design, we draw permits, depending upon where your site is located, these may be from both city and county.  The next step is excavation which can take from one to fourteen days. During excavation and construction, the site and project will be inspected several times by official inspectors. The steel and forming phase provides the pool foundation and strength.  Plumbing and electric work is then completed, providing the necessary equipment to handle any water features, drains, skimmers, or other features requested by the customer.  Adding shotcrete or gunite is next and this step adds the mass and strength for the pool’s interior.  Following this step is the coping and tile.  The customer selects the tile and coping materials.  The pool deck is completed and the plaster added to the pool’s surface. The pool is now ready to be filled and inspected.   Carolina Pool Plastering, Charlotte’s best pool builders ensures each pool project surpasses customer expectations.


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Using glass can provide amazing results from your pool tile installation

Glass is a beautiful option for a pool tile installation

Pool tile installation - Charlotte, NCCombining tile and water is a tradition that has been around for centuries. Starting with the pools and spas of the ancient Romans and Greeks, adding decorative tiles to manmade bodies of water has transformed water features into works of art. Even with its long history, the extensive use of tile in backyard swimming pools has remained something of a luxury. For the most part, tile is used for waterline bands or as coping along the pool’s rim. The tile used for these applications is relatively plain and inexpensive. Recent improvement, however have opened up a world of possibilities for pool decoration and design. One of the most popular of these new tile products for pool tile installation is glass tile.

Flexible and beautiful

Glass tiles are made from silicate glass material. They are typically much smaller than ceramic tiles, often not more than two square inches. While small, these colorful tiles can make a dramatic impact. They are available in an almost infinite range of colors, transparency and textures. When installed properly, they are very durable offering high resistance to chemical corrosion, cracking or other types of damage. Glass tiles can last almost indefinitely when installed and maintained properly. Carolina Pool Plastering can install and maintain any type of glass tile you choose for your Charlotte swimming pool tile installation.

While durability is a benefit, most homeowners are drawn to the aesthetic value of glass tile. It can be used for almost any purpose in your swimming pool, from the waterline to the primary interior finish. Glass tile can also be used on raised walls, benches, steps, or shallow lounging areas creating focal points of color. They can be mixed to create lovely designs or installed in a uniform range of colors. They can even be used to create vivid mosaic designs. When glass tiles are viewed closely, you can see the colors of each individual tile. When the design is submerged under water, the different colors blend, creating an endless variety of hues.

What to know about glass pool tile installation

If you think glass tiles may be just the thing for your Charlotte NC pool, consider these factors:

• Quality is key. Even though glass tiles are extremely durable, they are only as good as the material used to create them. Carefully research each manufacturer and then ask a professional swimming pool tile contractor such as Carolina Pool Plastering for recommendations and advice.
• They can be rough. Glass tiles sometimes have sharp or rough edges, often created when the tile is trimmed. This is easy to fix with careful buffing following the pool tile installation. Just ensure you hire a qualified pool tile installer to do the work. It is also extremely important that glass tiles be installed properly. This helps prevent problems later on with chipping, cracking or loosening.

Carolina Pool Plastering, one of the best pool companies in Charlotte NC are experts at installing glass tile. Give them a call when you are ready for your pool tile installation.


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Why use concrete for a new pool deck

Concrete makes a great new pool deck

Swimming pool construction and renovation in Charlotte, NCWhen you want to build a new pool deck, concrete is a great choice.  There are coatings and textures which you can use to customize your pool deck and help make it resistant to weather issues.  Concrete alone may be a bit slippery, but you can use texturing or apply a slip-resistant coating to help with this issue.  You can also select coatings which can help preserve your concrete pool deck from exposure to cold, heat, and rain.  These coatings can also help your new pool deck resist mildew and rot.  When you meet with a Charlotte pool contractor, such as Carolina Pool Plastering, they may have recommendations for materials which work better in the area.  There are a variety of finishes, coatings, and techniques which will work with a concrete pool deck.

Stamped concrete for your new pool deck

Stamped concrete is produced using a stamping plate with a design or pattern.  This is pressed into the poured concrete to create patterns or designs.  These stamped designs make a naturally resistant and attractive surface for your new pool deck.   Patterns and designs may be used to create a customized look for your new pool deck.  These designs can replicate almost anything from fine art tiling to nature or wildlife.

Carolina Pool Plastering in Charlotte NC can help you create a tailored and beautiful new pool deck.  They will meet with you and discuss your goals for your new pool deck.  They may recommend a low-profile or seamless stamp for a new pool deck area.  It is important to keep the designs and lines shallow since anything deep will catch and retain water.  Most stamped concrete pool decks are finished with a sealer to protect the new pool deck from weathering and stains.

Textured concrete for a new pool deck

When you use textured concrete for a new pool deck surface it also helps make the pool deck non-slippery.  Textured concrete may be sprayed onto an existing concrete slab.  Textured concrete both dresses up a concrete pool deck and makes it non-slip.  The concrete pool deck must be completely clean and free of any grease or oils.  The textured concrete is then applied to the concrete slab and sealed.  The textured concrete can be almost any color so your new pool deck will match the style and décor of your home.

Sealing and coating a new pool deck

If a concrete pool deck is not sealed or treated with a coating, it may be damaged by the elements.  Exposure to rain, heat, and cold can cause the pool deck surface to crack.  Other items such as suntan oils, spilled beverages, or food can also stain.  If a concrete pool deck is not textured, it can be slippery.  Using the right sealer or protective coating keeps your new pool deck looking great for years.  Carolina Pool Plastering will help you select the right concrete for your new pool deck at your Charlotte home.


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What you need to know on how to choose a Charlotte pool company

Knowing how to choose a Charlotte pool company

How to choose a Charlotte pool company in Charlotte, NCWhen you are considering building a new pool in Charlotte NC, it is important to know how to choose a Charlotte pool company.  Not all pool companies are the same.  It is important to do your research to ensure you get make the right choice when hiring a pool contactor.  There are some basic steps you can take to help choose the right Charlotte pool company such as Carolina Pool Plastering.  You should do everything possible to ensure your new pool project is hassle-free.  Here are some simple steps to follow on how to choose a Charlotte pool company.

Ask about experience

First, ask the Charlotte pool company how long they have been in business.   Also ask them if they have ever conducted business under another name.  Visit their showroom and talk with their employees.  Ask to meet the business owner or manager.  Meeting the people who are actually going to build your new pool is an important part of how to choose a Charlotte pool company.  Carolina Pool Plastering is happy to provide references for past jobs.

Ask about insurance

Check with the swimming pool company’s insurance company to verify that the company has all the proper insurance.  It is imperative that any pool contractor be insured and licensed within your state and jurisdiction.  At Carolina Pool Plastering, we are completely insured for every contingency and have all required licenses and certifications.

Ask for references and check the pool company’s reputation

Always ask any pool contractor you are considering for references.  Any quality pool company will be happy to supply you with references and contact information. You may also want to ask about client testimonials and check them for accuracy.  This is an important part of how to choose a Charlotte pool company.  Be sure and call these references and ask how they liked their experience with the Charlotte pool company. Ask these customers if there were problems with their project and if so, how were these problems handled.   Also check with the local better business bureau.  You can also check out the pool contractor’s website and do an online search on the company name.  These are all good steps in how to choose a Charlotte pool company.

Get your quote in writing

Any reputable pool company will provide you a free estimate for any work you need done.  Get at least two or three quotes for comparison purposed.  Carolina Pool Plastering in Charlotte NC will be happy to meet with you and discuss your requirements for your pool project.  When you apply these steps on how to choose a Charlotte pool company, you will select the right company for your new pool project.



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Give your pool a facelift with swimming pool construction and renovation

Adding upgrades can really give your pool a facelift

Swimming pool construction and renovation in Charlotte, NCWhen you build your pool, your pool contractor will probably tell you that your pool will last for decades.  This is usually true, especially if you routinely maintain the pool.  One thing that many homeowners are not aware of is that every pool will eventually require updates.  When this happens, upgrades may be a matter of swimming pool construction and renovation.  This is especially true if you want to add significant upgrades to your pool.  Adding a spa or water features may require construction, while replastering the interior of the pool may be considered renovation.  When your Charlotte NC pool needs updating, Carolina Pool Plastering can provide advice and guidance on which upgrades to make.

Factors to consider during swimming pool construction and renovation

Sooner or later, every pool will need significant work.  This may be for practical purposes or for cosmetic reasons.  There are several reasons for swimming pool construction and renovation.  These include worn pool materials such as the liner or decking or older pool systems which need to be updated to be brought up to current standards.  Other reasons may include an outdated design which may no longer meet the owners’ needs or that the old pool simply needs to be livened up with new features.  Most of the time a swimming pool construction and renovation is a combination of factors.  There may be one or two items which actually do need to be replaced and there may be other upgrades which are added to the project simply because it is convenient.

Typical renovation jobs

There are different types of pool renovation.  The most common types of renovation jobs include coping replacement, deck resurfacing, adding an automatic safety pool cover, interior resurfacing or liner replacement, adding water features, installing a spa, adding or removing a diving board or water slide, changing the depth of the pool, converting to a salt water system, and adding other features such as swim-up bars or tanning ledges.  Almost anything can be done a swimming pool construction and renovation, including changing the shape or size of the pool.

Cost of swimming pool construction and renovation

Of course, while it is possible to do almost anything you want during a swimming pool construction and renovation, however these changes come with a cost.  Depending upon the type of renovation, costs can vary from minor and low enough to be put on a credit card to major which can be as expensive as a brand new pool.  When you are considering swimming pool and construction in Charlotte NC, Carolina Pool Plastering is the company to call.  They will help you decide on the right upgrades and renovations to make your pool the focal point of your backyard oasis.


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Get the full price: these items should be included in your pool installation estimate

When gathering pool installation estimates, always make sure these items are included

Pool installation in Charlotte, NCMost of the time, when a homeowner is gathering estimates for a new pool installation, it is their first time building a pool.  As a result, they may not be aware of everything which should be included in their Charlotte NC pool installation estimate.  Carolina Pool Plastering, one of Charlotte’s best pool installation companies provides advice on what to ensure is included in any pool installation estimate.

The last thing a homeowner wants is a bunch of additional or hidden costs in their pool installation project.  It is very important that anyone signing a contract for a pool installation review that contract very carefully.  The following are some of the important items that should always be included in an estimate for a pool installation.

Zone charges: These are the fees that must be paid to haul away dirt when the lot is excavated for the new pool.  The homeowner must be sure the pool contractor provides an estimate for both excavating the pool and taking away excess dirt.

Expediting fees and permits:  Depending upon the locality, there may be a variety of fees required to build a new pool.  These permits can range from a couple hundred dollars to several thousands and all of these costs should be included in the pool installation estimate.

Steel reinforcing and engineering: There may be specialty engineering required depending upon the type of pool and the soil on the lot.  Also, there may additional reinforcement needed, again, depending upon the type of pool.

Plumbing: Ensure the plumbing included is all that is required. Look for wording which may limit the scope of work to “run/hook up only”.  This may result in additional costs for plumbing.  Also, ensure gas and electric are included.

Soil surveys and reports:  Your locality may not require a soils survey or report, however it is almost always a good idea to have at least one of these, if not both.

Shotcrete/gunite:  While an estimate for these materials may not be exact, it is a good idea to have some type of estimate in the contract.  Be careful if the estimate includes a limit on the amount of gunite or shotcrete.

Coping and tile:  While these are usually included, ensure what is included is labeled and that detailed costs are explained.  These should include cost per unit and how much the contract allows.

Bonding grid: This item is often forgotten in a contract, however almost every locality will require that some sort of bonding be used to directly connect the pool to the surrounding decking.

These are a few of the possible hidden costs that should always be spelled out in a pool installation contract.  Carolina Pool Plastering and their team of professionals will provide an accurate estimate for any new pool installation.


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Carolina Pool Plastering, one of Charlotte’s most reliable pool contractors explains the steps in pool construction

One of the most reliable pool contractors in Charlotte NC explains the pool construction process

Most reliable pool contractors in Charlotte, NCIf you are not sure of what to expect during your pool construction, here are a few things to know.  Installing a new pool is not as simple as digging a hole and adding water.  There are permits to be acquired, designs to be drawn, materials to select, inspections to pass and more.  All of these can sometimes make it seem like it will never end, but it will and when it does you will have a wonderful new pool to enjoy with your family and friends.  To give you an idea of what to expect, here are the basic steps in constructing a new swimming pool from most reliable pool contractors:


The price of your pool will include the cost of excavation and how difficult it will be to get a tractor in and out of the pool site.  Other factors complicating the cost will be big rocks and hillsides.  The easier it is to get a tractor in and out, the less cost tied up in excavation.  Another possible cost factor is the grading required on the site.  If your soil is difficult to work with, it may raise the cost.  Fees for permits and inspections will also impact the cost.


It is extremely important to ensure all of your engineering requirements are included in the contract.  You can identify possible engineering requirements by reviewing such things as the grade of your lot.  If your pool will be located on flat ground in an open area and your design is pretty basic, you can probably use a standard set of engineering diagrams.  However, if your pool is on a hillside or has water features or an infinity edge, then you will typically need a separate set of engineering drawings for each item.

Gas, electrical, and plumbing

One of the most important parts of the pool design and construction is the plumbing.  There are often many different codes and requirements to be met, so it is very important to use a professional contractor.  One of the most reliable pool contractors in Charlotte NC is Carolina Pool Plastering and their professional staff can ensure each and every one of these requirements is met.


Shotcrete or gunite is pool concrete which is “shot” into the pool to create the lining.  Shotcrete is premixed concrete which can be shot at a higher psi to create your pool’s interior.

Coping, tile, and concrete decking

The coping, tile and decking are important parts of your new pool’s aesthetic appeal.  You have many options, including using glass or ceramic tile for everything or using other natural materials for the coping and decking.  Decking can be wood, natural stone or even stained concrete.  Any of these will work well and look beautiful.  Carolina Pool Plastering, one of Charlotte’s most reliable pool contractors will help you create your perfect pool.



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