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Consider these great ideas for your new pool deck

Materials you might want to consider for your new pool deck

new pool deck installationWhen it comes time to build a new in ground pool or just update yours, it is also time to consider a new pool deck.  Traditionally, most pool decks were constructed of concrete and added little to the overall appearance of the pool and outdoor environment.  Today, however there are several other materials which can be used for a new pool deck and each one will add to the appearance of your outdoor recreation area.  Most of them can even be installed directly over your old concrete pool deck, so there is very little fuss or mess in creating a new pool deck.  Carolina Pool Plastering, one of the best pool contractors in Charlotte NC, can meet with you to discuss these and any other questions you may have concerning your new pool deck.

The best materials for a new pool deck

Brick is a very good choice for a new pool deck.  They provide an elegant, almost old world look to your pool. They are very similar to pavers and come in several colors.  They are only one size, though, so be sure you are looking for a very uniform appearance for your new pool deck.  Also be sure to select brick which is very smooth since anything rough will be hard on bare feet.

Another good choice is concrete pavers.  These are economical and come in a variety of colors, shapes and styles.  They can be laid in almost any pattern and you can also find coping to match.  Choose a color and style that matches the rest of your home and any other hardscaping that may already be present.  Also, pavers do not crack, so this makes them a very good choice for a new pool deck.

One of our favorites is flagstone or bluestone.  These are completely natural and look great around a pool, adding just the right touch of elegance.  Try using a random pattern with square and rectangular stones and add a grout which complements your house, such as grey or beige.  Another benefit of bluestone for a new pool deck is that it is very cool to the touch.  This makes it a great choice for a new pool deck in Charlotte NC which may get a lot of sun.

Travertine is another natural choice for a new pool deck.  This type of stone comes in several sizes and colors and you can get matching coping.  You may want to lay this tile in an irregular pattern and fill in with grout.  Also, be sure and get travertine for outdoor use so it is not as slippery, especially directly around the pool.

Depending upon the size of your new pool deck, you may also want to consider slab pavers.  These are much like concrete pavers, but are much larger and look like bluestone.  They are laid dry with swept sand in the joints.

Carolina Pool Plastering, one of the best pool companies in Charlotte NC will be happy to meet with you to discuss the details of your new pool deck.  Give them a call today to set up an appointment.


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How to choose a Charlotte pool company: Questions to ask

How to choose a Charlotte pool company

how to choose a Charlotte pool company When you are building a new pool, selecting the right pool company can make all the difference in the success of your pool project.  A qualified, experienced pool contractor will ensure your new swimming pool is built according to proper building codes and will last for a good while.  A professional, reliable pool company gives you the peace of mind in knowing that your backyard project will be done on schedule and correctly.  There are a few strategies to use to help you know how to choose a Charlotte pool company.

Where to look for a Charlotte pool company

You will find that there are several resources available for finding a swimming pool contractor.  Not all of these sources are created equal.  You should always contact several swimming pool contractors, not only to evaluate their expertise, but also so you can compare different quotes.  It is important to compare quotes to find which pool contractors offer competitive pricing.  Carolina Pool Plastering, one of the best pool companies in Charlotte NC, will be happy to meet with you to discuss your pool project and answer any of your questions.

When learning how to choose a Charlotte pool company, it is usually a good idea to select a local pool contractor rather than a larger company who may not be from your local area.  There are a number of reasons for this.  First, a contractor from your local area will be more familiar with soil concerns and local building codes.  They will also be from your community and more likely to want to maintain their local reputation.  A local company like Carolina Pool Plastering from Charlotte, will always ensure better quality control over your pool project and ensure the work is completed properly and on time.

What to ask

When you have identified several Charlotte pool companies, contact each company and ask them a few questions about their business.  To begin, you should ask about pricing and get an estimate for the type of swimming pool project you are considering.  When you want to know to choose a Charlotte pool company, cost is probably the first consideration, although not the only one.  Next, ask about the company’s ability to obtain building permits and their knowledge of local building codes.  Also ask for a start and finish date for your project and what happens if the project runs late or something happens on the job site.

You should ask for references on previous work and then check out those references to see how happy the customers are with the work done by a pool company.  It is also important to ensure the pool contractor is experienced in the type of pool you want.  Learning how to choose a Charlotte pool company is not an overnight process.  Asking the right questions will help you find the best pool contractor for your project.

Carolina Pool Plastering is one of the best pool contractors in Charlotte NC and will be happy to discuss all of the details of your project.  Once you learn how to choose a Charlotte pool company, give them a call.


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What you should think about when considering a swimming pool installation

pool installation by pool buildersFactors to consider when thinking about a swimming pool installation

If you are thinking about a swimming pool installation, there are many factors to consider. There are items such as building code requirements, the design and type of swimming pool you want, your available yard space, and the overall swimming pool installation cost. Other important considerations are whether or not you will need certain safety features such as a self-locking gate and fence to prevent small children from getting into the pool, winterizing the pool in cooler weather, the type of liner for the pool, and ongoing pool maintenance or upkeep. It is also important to think about how well your new swimming pool will blend into your landscape. You will want to ensure your swimming pool style, size, and shape will bring create a balanced oasis to your back yard. This important for two reasons, to increase the enjoyment for your family and guests and to ensure your swimming pool installation helps increase your property value. One of Charlotte’s best pool companies, Charlotte Pool Plastering can help you with all the details of your swimming pool installation.

Additional considerations for your swimming pool installation

When you are deciding upon a swimming pool installation, you may want to consider adding additional features at the same time. These can include an upgraded swimming pool deck, water features, and customized tile in and around the pool. You may also want to add lights and special stones or designs to the pool coping. You will need to decide which type of pool liner you want. Your choices are typically a concrete or shotcrete liner, although in some areas you may also choose fiberglass. The last major consideration is the size of the swimming pool installation project and how complicated the excavation will be. Depending upon the size of your pool, the excavation may include major renovations to your landscape. At a minimum, the project will require an area for large equipment to maneuver.

Another possibility is to enclose the pool so it may be used all year round. This is especially nice in an area like Charlotte NC where it can get nippy during the winter. The pool may be placed in an addition built onto your home or into a separate building or enclosed patio. The primary benefit of an indoor pool is that you, your family and your guests may use it no matter what the weather is like outside. Maintenance and upkeep may be a little easier, too since there are no leaves or other debris constantly falling into the pool. There is also no need to weatherize the pool during colder weather.

There are a few unique considerations when considering an indoor pool. You will need an indoor swimming pool dehumidifier and how to best heat the pool. Some homeowners opt for solar heating for their swimming pool installation, while others opt for more conventional heating. You may also want to add a spa or a current pool to the swimming pool installation project.

No matter what type of swimming pool installation project you are considering, the experts at Carolina Pool Plastering can help you with all the details of your project. Give them a call to discuss your swimming pool installation project.


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Tips from one of Charlotte’s most reliable pool contractors on keeping pool water clean

Most reliable pool contractors working om a swimming poolThe secret to sparking pool water from Charlotte’s most reliable pool contractors

Regular cleaning and maintenance is the secret to keeping your pool water sparkling clean and clear blue.  If you follow the weekly schedule below, you will enjoy crystal clear pool water all through the Charlotte NC swimming season.

Weekly pool cleaning tasks

  1. Add pool shock to your pool. This breaks down any organic matter which may be in the pool water and also disinfects the water, too.  There are both chlorine and non-chlorine products available.  The important thing to remember is to add the chemical to your pool water in the right ration based on your total pool water volume.  You can follow the directions on the pool shock label or call one of Charlotte’s most reliable pool contractors, Carolina Pool Plastering to determine the correct ratio for your pool.  Following a rainstorm or extremely hot temperatures, you may need to add additional pool shock to your pool water.
  2. Add a maintenance dose of algae prevention once a week.
  3. Clean all of the walls in the pool thoroughly with a brush.
  4. Clean the pool’s floor with a pool vacuum to ensure all debris is gone.

Twice weekly pool maintenance tasks

  1. Check the pool chemical levels using test strips. It is important to maintain the pool water’s chemical balance.  Your pool water’s pH should measure somewhere between 7.4 and 7.6. If you are using chlorine, this chemical should measure between one to three parts per million.
  2. Check and empty the pool’s filter baskets.
  3. Clean any tile work, especially at the water line. You can use a pool surface cleaner for this task.
  4. Remove insects, leaves, and any other floating debris from the water’s surface using a skimming tool.

Even if you routinely perform all of these maintenance tasks, there may come a time when you will need pool repair.  When you do, call Carolina Pool Plastering, one of Charlotte’s most reliable pool contractors.

Pool maintenance tasks after a special event

  1. If you have a large group of people in your pool at one time, it is a good idea to prepare your pool with additional pool shock before the event.  After the event, you should thoroughly clean your pool with a brush and then add chlorine.  Also clean your pool filters right away following a big party.
  2. If you have animals, such as your pet dog in your pool, it is extremely important to clean your pool after everyone is out. Skim the pool’s surface and empty your skimmer basket and filters so the pet hair does not get back into the pool water.

Performing proper maintenance and cleaning can help keep your pool water clean.  When you do need repairs to your backyard pool, call Carolina Pool Plastering, one of Charlotte’s most reliable pool contractors to do the work.


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Build your dream pool with the best pool builders in Charlotte NC

Best pool builders working on a swimming poolHire the best pool builders to build your dream pool

Building your dream pool is a big project. This is a major investment, so you want it right. Designing and then building a new pool requires planning, designing, and then construction. Carolina Pool Plastering, one of Charlotte’s best pool companies has experts on staff to help you with every step of the project.

Designing the pool

The first step in making your new swimming pool a reality is the design. You will work with the pool designer to create a pool which perfectly fits your lifestyle and home. It is important to have all of the details of the pool’s design worked out prior to beginning the pool project. This makes the project planning and then pool construction proceed much faster and more smoothly. Once the design is finished, the best pool builders in Charlotte NC will start your new pool.


Once you have your design and all the necessary permits, Carolina Pool Plastering can begin excavation. This is part of preparing your lot for the pool. We have all the right machinery to complete excavation as quickly as possible.

Building the pool

Following excavation of the hole for your pool, Carolina Pool Plastering will then place steel rods along the floor and the sides of the pool. Next, we put in the plumbing, including the piping and the drains. If you have lights or other electrical components, we will install these as well. Everything will be inspected to ensure the work is done properly.

Once the plumbing is in, the next step is to pour the cement. Carolina Pool Plastering recommends shotcrete when building a new pool. This is because shotcrete is a wet mix and can be immediately applied to the walls and floor of your new pool. Shotcrete allows for different pool designs and creating almost any shaped pool is easier with shotcrete. Shotcrete pools are also easy to clean and to maintain. Once the pool is poured it usually takes around seven days for the material to dry.

When the pool material is dry, we put in the coping and tile. The design for the tile and the coping will be determined during the pool design phase. You will have a wide array of choices when it comes to tile design for your new pool. You can opt for ceramic, slate, or even glass tiles as long as they are waterproof. The final step is finishing the interior of the pool. There are many choices available for the interior design, so you can choose the best one to fit with your lifestyle and home design. Once the pool’s interior is finished, we will fill the pool and you can start swimming.

Carolina Pool Plastering, one of Charlotte’s best pool companies can build the pool of your dreams. Give these best pool builders a call to begin construction on your new backyard paradise.


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How to choose the best new deck for your pool

More options than brushed concrete for your new deck

New deck installed in a swimming pool
It used to be that the only option for a deck was brushed concrete.  Today, however you have several great options for a new deck.  When you consider which material is best for your deck, think about how you and your family will use the deck.  It is also important to consider spilled drinks, popsicles, and all the other things that will fall or be dropped onto your new deck.  The deck should also be large enough to accommodate lounge chairs and umbrellas.  You and your family and friends are likely to spend as much time as possible in this outdoor living area.  You should also remember that lighter materials are easier on bare feet.

The right material for your new deck

You will have a wide range of options when you build your new deck.  These include poured concrete, brick or concrete pavers, stone, wood, tile and composites.  Each of these materials has benefits and disadvantages, so it is important to do your research before settling on a material for your new deck.  Any of these materials can be used to build your new deck.  They each have benefits and disadvantages, but all make a great choice.  .

Poured concrete

This is the most popular decking material, especially in areas where it can get hot.  Concrete can be customized with almost any color and stamped in almost any design.  Concrete paint and stains are two attractive ways to customize your new deck.

Brick or concrete pavers

If you prefer a different look, you can try brick or concrete pavers.  These allow your deck to look like a brick deck and come in a large selection of colors, shapes and sizes.  Pavers will typically cost more than poured concrete, but are very attractive and make a nice deck.


Stone may be the most expensive decking material, but is very durable and attractive.  Stone works very well, especially if your new deck is surrounded by natural landscaping.


Wood makes a nice deck and is less expensive than stone.  Wood must be treated to last, which means more maintenance than with other decking materials.  Wood works well if your deck needs to be raised.


If you are considering tile for your new deck, be aware it must be unglazed tile so it will not be too slippery.  Tile is expensive to install, but is also very attractive.  There is also added maintenance keeping the grout clean in between the tiles.


Composite decking is also a good material for a new deck.  The material is typically a mi of recycled plastic and wood fibers.  The planks look like wood and come in a selection of colors.  Composite decking can also get pretty hot, so is not a great choice for area where the summer temperatures can get really hot.

Any of these materials make a great choice for a new deck.  Do your research and then select the right material for you and your family and your outdoor living lifestyle.



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Swimming pool construction and renovation ideas

Upgrade your pool’s look with these swimming pool construction and renovation ideas

swimming pool construction and renovation by pool companies
Even if you already have a pool, you may want to update or refresh it by changing or renovating it.  There are many ways you can change the look of your pool to make its appearance modern and fresh.  If your pool is over twenty years old, you will be amazed by all the improvements and new upgrades available.  Renovating an older pool is really an investment in your home’s value.  The pool was an expensive addition to your backyard, so it only makes sense to keep it updated to help maintain its value.  Here are some great ideas for swimming pool construction and renovation:

New vinyl liner

If your pool is a bit older, the original vinyl liner may be showing its age.  You can replace your old liner with a new, updated one and add years to the life of your pool.  One of Charlotte’s best pool companies, Carolina Pool Plastering can install a new vinyl liner and truly improve the look of your pool.  While they are doing this project, they can also look for damage or rust in your pool and make any necessary repairs.

Add a spa

Putting in a new spa can enhance not only the look of your pool, but also the experience.  There are different ways of doing this. Adding a molded spa right next to your pool so the water can spill over into the pool is one great idea.  Spas are easy to cover and keep clean, but add so much enjoyment to using your pool.

Add a slide

Slides are not only for kids!  Even adults have a great time sliding down a waterslide and into the pool.  This is one of the best swimming pool construction and renovation projects and can be completed by Carolina Pool Plastering in a couple of days.

Improve or upgrade the pool deck

One of the most dramatic changes you can make to your pool area is to upgrade the pool deck.  Most pools, especially older ones, came with a brushed broom concrete deck.  Today’s options include beautiful stone pavers, brick, and flagstone and even stamped concrete.  You can choose just about any design you like and Carolina Pool Plastering, one of Charlotte’s best pool companies can make it happen.  Their team of experts will work with you to design your new pool deck, ensuring the new design enhances your pool area.

Add water features

Adding a water feature or two is another great way to upgrade the look of your backyard pool.  This is a pretty simple swimming pool construction and renovation project and is very popular in the Charlotte NC area.  A water feature can be anything from sheet waterfalls to precise laminar deck jets and you and your guests will enjoy the sound of falling water as you relax on the new pool deck.

If your pool needs an update, Carolina Pool Plastering, one of Charlotte’s best pool companies will be glad to do the work.  Give them a call to set up an appointment for your swimming pool construction and renovation project.




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The benefits of adding water features during pool installation

Adding water features to customize your pool installation

Pool installation by pool contractors When you are doing a new pool installation, you may want to consider adding water features to customize the project.  Unique water features can help turn an everyday, ordinary pool into a backyard paradise.  Water features range from simple to extravagant and can really add a personal touch to your pool installation.  Charlotte’s best pool company, Carolina Pool Plastering can provide advice and guidance on which water features will work with your design.  The most popular water features include waterfalls and spraying fountains.  Some include more complicated features such as lighting, colors, and sound. There are several good reasons for adding water features to your pool installation.


The sounds of water cascading down a waterfall is the epitome of peace and tranquility.  It is very calming to sit on your pool deck or in your outdoor living space and listen to the sound of water flowing down your waterfall or dropping into your pool.


When you add water features to your pool installation, you also add fun.  If you have a spillway, children and adults will have so much fun playing in the cascading water.  Add bubblers to provide interest and sound or a water slide to really ramp up the excitement.   Jets arching into the pool will create multi-colored rainbows for a constant source of entertainment.


Water features can truly add beauty to your pool installation.  You have the choice of a shear descent or a rain fall, both gorgeous additions to any pool.  You can add a rock wall with a grotto on the top and a waterfall cascading down the sides.  There are truly endless possibilities.

Ideas for water features

Water features can blend into any backyard pool installation.  They are easy to maintain.  You can clean them when you clean the pool.  If your water feature has rocks, stones, or gravel, it is important to ensure they remain clean and free of algae.

Consider placing the water features where they can take the advantage of sunlight streaming through the water.  Natural sunlight can enhance the beauty of the water feature and create natural rainbows for you and your family to enjoy.  Depending upon how you blend in the water feature, you can even add fish for your guests to enjoy.  Your water feature will also attract birds and butterflies to your backyard.  If you want to attract more wildlife, add indigenous trees and other plants.

Water features add to the aesthetic appeal of your backyard pool installation.  When you design your pool installation, consider adding a few water features to bring the area to life.  Carolina Pool Plastering, one of the best pool installation companies in Charlotte NC can help you with ideas and recommendations

Their expert staff will meet with you to discuss your pool installation design and make recommendations on what water features will work well with your plans for your backyard fun.  Give Carolina Pool Plastering a call today to schedule an appointment to discuss adding water features to your pool installation.


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Pool and spa safety tips from the most reliable pool contractors in Charlotte NC

Safety tips from the most reliable pool contractors in Charlotte NC

Most reliable pool contractors working on a swimming pool
Many families dream of having a pool in their backyard.  They have visions of fun-filled days and family and friends gathering on summer evenings.  This is definitely the goal for most families, but even more important is taking steps to ensure everyone is safe when around and in the pool.

There are steps you can take to help keep your family and visitors safe while using your pool.  Taking these actions can also help you with insurance costs.  Local ordinances or codes may also require certain safety features for your pool and the surrounding area, so it is a good idea to discuss safety features with the most reliable pool contractors in Charlotte NC.  Recommended safety steps include:

  • Upgrading drain covers. If you pool has the old-fashioned, flat drain covers, it is recommended that you upgrade to new drain covers that comply with federal standards.  These drain covers are much safer and even reduce the amount of hair caught in the drains.  This greatly reduces the risk of someone drowning because of hair entrapment.
  • Enclose your pool with a fence at least four foot high. Any gates in the pool should be lockable and open away from the pool.  These gates should also be self-locking and self-closing.
  • Add an automatic cut-off device for your pool pump. This type of device detects an increase in suction pressure and cuts off the pool pump to relieve that pressure.  This often happens when the drain is blocked and is much faster than having to manually turn off the pump.
  • Use a pool cover that meets the safety standards as set by the American Society for Testing and Materials. These specifications will add a layer of protection, reduce water evaporation, and reduce heat loss.  This cover should be tightly secured on all sides when installed over the pool to prevent anyone, especially children from slipping under the cover.  Do not allow water to accumulate on the cover.
  • Install a rope dividing the shallow end of the pool from the deep end. This notifies swimmers of varying water depths.
  • Install in-pool alarms and motion detectors. These provide an alarm when there is someone in the pool.  They are also available for fences, doors, and as a clip-on for children.
  • If you are building a new pool, install more than one drain. This helps reduce pressure from each drain.  With a single drain, suction pressure may be strong enough to hold 400 to 500 pounds.  This is almost impossible for an adult to escape, not to mention a child.
  • Lock up all pool chemicals and keep the key away from children.
  • Never leave children unsupervised around the pool, even if the gates are locked.
  • Make sure everyone in your family knows how to swim. Children can be enrolled in swimming lessons at a very young age and it may save their life.

If you need to add or upgrade safety features for your backyard pool, call Carolina Pool Plastering, one of Charlotte’s most reliable pool contractors.


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Pool tile installation using ceramic tiles

There are different types of tiles for pool tile installation

Pool contractors doing pool tile installation Adding tiles to your pool can provide attractive details and customization.  The most popular type of tile to use around a pool is ceramic tile.  Ceramic tile is easy to work and is available in a variety of colors, sizes, and styles.  You may want to simply install a single row of tiles along the top of your pool or perhaps, at the water line.  You may want to do a pool tile installation covering the entire pool, both floor and walls.  Either way, it is important that you talk with a good pool contractor in Charlotte NC who specializes in pool tile installation.

The right tiles

Wet clay ceramic tiles are the most popular for use in pool tile installation.  These tiles are fired and then glazed which makes them waterproof.  There are special ceramic tiles which are made to be used in wet areas, however some are not suitable for use in a pool tile installation because they may have small, minute cracks which will allow in water.  Any ceramic tile used in a pool must be vitreous or impervious.  This means the tile is sealed all the way through and will not absorb water if cracked.  The best tiles are impervious tiles because they typically only absorb about .5 percent of moisture.  A vitreous tile may absorb as much as three percent, which is still okay for pool tile installation.

The pool tile installation

When your pool contractor begins installing your pool tiles, they will ensure the pool is ready.  The pool must be emptied and all walls and floors completely washed down.  Your Charlotte NC pool contractor will perform this wash down with a pressure washer to ensure all dirt and pool chemicals are removed and the walls completely clean.

Materials used for pool tile installation

The pool tiles are set in a thin set mortar fortified by latex.  This mortar is designed to be used in wet areas and must be impervious to pool chemicals and moisture.  Your pool contractor will know the best types of mortars for pool tile installation.  The Charlotte NC pool company will also select a grout containing no epoxy or Portland cement.  Either of these may change color or weaken when exposed to pool chemicals.  Any grout used in pool tile installation should be fortified with polymers for strength.  There should be at least a minimum of 1/8 inch in every grout joint.  This allows for movement of the pool tiles.

Tile setting

The pool tiles can be installed in almost any design or anywhere within the pool.  Your Charlotte NC pool contractor will work with you on a design and will typically lay it out ahead of time so you can see it.  Once the design is approved, the pool tile installation begins.  The tiles are laid into mortar spread onto the pool floors or walls.  Once installed, the tiles are then hit gently with a beating block and rubber mallet to drive them in.  The mortar should cure for at least 24 hours before grouting.

Adding tile to your pool can make it really stand out.  For the best pool tile installation in Charlotte NC, call Carolina Pool Plastering.


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