Overview New Pool Deck

New pool deck in Charlotte, NCA new pool deck is a popular exterior improvement service for residents in Charlotte, NC. Your local pool contractors have the experience and expertise to both install a new pool deck or solve any deck-related repair need. There are also an array of other pool-related installations and repair services available in your area.

New Deck

There are numerous options for a new pool deck, all of which can extend your entertainment space and raise the value of your home or business. The most popular materials for a pool deck are flagstone, pavers, brick, and concrete. While all of these options can be tailored to your design tastes, there are some differences to be aware of. For example, concrete is the most economical option, as well as the easiest to maintain. It is also relatively heat reflective and slip resistant. While pavers are also heat reflective and slip resistant, they are more difficult to maintain. Pavers, brick, and tile are all more expensive than concrete because each unit is laid down separately, requiring more time and effort during installation. Your Charlotte, NC deck experts can recommend the best material for your budget and design goals.

Deck Repair

The first step in pool deck repair is to determine the kind of damage that has been done. For concrete pool decks, resurfacing with microtopping or a concrete overlay is the best method for repairing cracking or scaling. This method allows you to cover flaws, add color, change the texture, and add a pattern to your pool deck. You can also use resurfacing to reflect heat off of your deck, or provide slip resistance. Concrete pool decks often become discolored due to years of sun exposure, pool chemicals, and weathering. However, a fresh coat of concrete stain can make your pool deck look new again. The best concrete stains are UV-resistant, so that your color can last for many years. Finally, a sealer also helps protect color, extend the life of a concrete deck, and facilitate cleaning and maintenance. Your Charlotte, NC pool experts will be able to cover all of the options with you, as well as their respective costs and benefits.

Your Pool Experts

Carolina Pool Plastering is the best source for pool deck installation and repair. A new pool deck is a great way to increase the value and appeal of your pool, and your Charlotte, NC experts can assist you with nearly any situation. Founded in 1998 by David Deaton, Carolina Pool Plastering has expanded its services across the East Coast, offering quality and individualized work. Mr. Deaton has worked in the pool business since 1982, and is present on every project to ensure customers are satisfied and the job is completed expertly.



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