There are different types of tiles for pool tile installation

Pool contractors doing pool tile installation Adding tiles to your pool can provide attractive details and customization.  The most popular type of tile to use around a pool is ceramic tile.  Ceramic tile is easy to work and is available in a variety of colors, sizes, and styles.  You may want to simply install a single row of tiles along the top of your pool or perhaps, at the water line.  You may want to do a pool tile installation covering the entire pool, both floor and walls.  Either way, it is important that you talk with a good pool contractor in Charlotte NC who specializes in pool tile installation.

The right tiles

Wet clay ceramic tiles are the most popular for use in pool tile installation.  These tiles are fired and then glazed which makes them waterproof.  There are special ceramic tiles which are made to be used in wet areas, however some are not suitable for use in a pool tile installation because they may have small, minute cracks which will allow in water.  Any ceramic tile used in a pool must be vitreous or impervious.  This means the tile is sealed all the way through and will not absorb water if cracked.  The best tiles are impervious tiles because they typically only absorb about .5 percent of moisture.  A vitreous tile may absorb as much as three percent, which is still okay for pool tile installation.

The pool tile installation

When your pool contractor begins installing your pool tiles, they will ensure the pool is ready.  The pool must be emptied and all walls and floors completely washed down.  Your Charlotte NC pool contractor will perform this wash down with a pressure washer to ensure all dirt and pool chemicals are removed and the walls completely clean.

Materials used for pool tile installation

The pool tiles are set in a thin set mortar fortified by latex.  This mortar is designed to be used in wet areas and must be impervious to pool chemicals and moisture.  Your pool contractor will know the best types of mortars for pool tile installation.  The Charlotte NC pool company will also select a grout containing no epoxy or Portland cement.  Either of these may change color or weaken when exposed to pool chemicals.  Any grout used in pool tile installation should be fortified with polymers for strength.  There should be at least a minimum of 1/8 inch in every grout joint.  This allows for movement of the pool tiles.

Tile setting

The pool tiles can be installed in almost any design or anywhere within the pool.  Your Charlotte NC pool contractor will work with you on a design and will typically lay it out ahead of time so you can see it.  Once the design is approved, the pool tile installation begins.  The tiles are laid into mortar spread onto the pool floors or walls.  Once installed, the tiles are then hit gently with a beating block and rubber mallet to drive them in.  The mortar should cure for at least 24 hours before grouting.

Adding tile to your pool can make it really stand out.  For the best pool tile installation in Charlotte NC, call Carolina Pool Plastering.


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