Professional pool tile repair and cleaning can restore your pool

Pool tile repair in  Charlotte, NC
When calcium deposits build up around a pool, it can make the pool look outdated or dirty.  These calcium buildups create a chalky film that can be difficult to remove.  If you have tried to clean off this film and find it an arduous, time-consuming task, call Carolina Pool Plastering, one of Charlotte’s best pool tile repair and cleaning companies.  They will do the job right the first time, saving you headaches and giving you a pool to enjoy all season.

Carolina Pool Plastering can clean or repair various types of tile, including pebble, coping, and brick, and flagstone, artificial and natural rock.  Their experts know how to remove the calcium buildup without damaging the tile and will restore your pool tile to its natural beauty.

Pool tile repair and clean up

Carolina Pool Plastering uses various procedures and products to clean and repair pool tile.  When your Charlotte NC pool needs repair or updating, they are the experts to call.  They will typically begin by draining the pool a bit so it is easier to work with the tiles.  Then they may use power washing or scrubbing to clean the tile without damaging it.  They will then make any necessary pool tile repairs and clean up everything when they are finished.

Pool tile repair and re-glazing

If your pool tiles appear to be beyond cleaning, then Carolina Pool Plastering may recommend they be re-glazed.  This means adding a glaze or coating over the tile to help restore them to a better, almost new condition.  This type of pool tile repair is especially good when tiles are faded because of exposure to sunlight, stained by pool chemicals or just dull with age.  Years of exposure to cleaning products and pool water can cause pool tiles to get dingy and dirty-looking.  Re-glazing tiles can often make restore the look of your pool tiles.  If this is your experience, Carolina Pool Plastering can make them look like new again.  If your tiles are cracked, chipped or loose, they may need to be replaced.  The pool tile repair experts at Carolina Pool Plastering will recommend the best solutions for your situation.

Carolina Pool Plastering offers other pool tile repair and cleaning services such as upgrades, renovations, and new pool shells. They can also repair or renew your pool’s shotcrete, creating a beautiful new interior.  Carolina Pool Plastering uses water blasting to clean the tiles and surfaces of your pool.  This is an eco-friendly method of pool tile cleaning and surface preparation.  Water blasting does not use any chemicals or cleaning agents, making it safe around family and pets.   Carolina Pool Plastering will be happy to evaluate your pool and provide recommendations for pool tile repair, cleaning, and upgrades.


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