Pool companies provide winter maintenance

Pool tile installation process
Preserving your beautiful pool tile installation is dependent upon how you maintain your pool over the winter months. Pool tiles are easily damaged by the harsh winter weather, and the first line of defense is your expansion joints. Expansion joints help the surface areas of your pool to expand and contract with the changes in temperature. During this time of year, it can be 65 degrees one day, and 35 degrees the next. Your pool expansion joints should be periodically inspected to make sure that the caulking on the joint has not shrunk or cracked. If it is, water will get work its way into the joint, and eventually behind the tiles. When that water freezes, it will expand, breaking or causing tiles to pop off.

Water level is important

Even when you pool is closed; the level of your water is a crucial factor in helping your pool tile to get through the winter with minimal damage. If the water level is too high, your pool tiles will be damaged once the water freezes. This places an incredible amount of pressure against the tiles, causing them to crack or break. It is prudent to keep your pool water level at least 5 inches below the tile line to prevent any damage.

Winter season is definitely the time of year when pools suffer the most damage. A reputable pool maintenance company will provide you with the professional service needed to spot potential problems before they become issues that can cost you money. If your pool tiles do need repair, a pool contractor can assess the situation and make the best recommendation for this time of year.

Installing the right tiles

Because of the nature of the material, pool owners must deal with the possibility of pool tiles that crack during the winter. Pool contractors often discover that some pools have been constructed with tiles that are not designed for freezing temperatures. This is usually an oversight of the pool builders. Some could have inadvertently chosen a tile that was for pools, but they were intended to be installed on indoor pools, or pools in warmer climates. Have your Charlotte pool company double-check that the tiles in your pool are appropriate for our weather.

One of the top pool companies for tile installation in Charlotte, NC

Carolina Pool Plastering offers many services to repair and install your pool, tile. If your swimming pool is need of tile repair, or if you are simply seeking a reliable pool contractor for regular maintenance, they are available to restore and transform your pool to a place of beauty. To learn more about tile installation for your pool or deck, contact Carolina Pool Plastering, in Charlotte NC, for a consultation and quote.


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