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Most reliable pool contractors know the importance of making sure that you keep your pools and spas sparkling all year long. This does not happen magically; you must develop and follow a pool water maintenance routine. One of the most common problems for pool owners is the growth of algae in their swimming pools, when this happens, your water can become contaminated to the point in which it is unhealthy to swim in it. Here, we will discuss good pool water maintenance.

Balancing pH

Simply put, the pH level of your pool refers to how acidic the water is. A pool with a high pH is considered acidic, which also happens to be an ideal condition for the growth of algae. You want to keep your pH readings between 7.2 and 7.6. If you can keep your pH level in this range, you will be able to keep your pool water pleasant for swimmers, and you will not have to worry about growing algae.

If your pool water goes beyond a pH reading of 7.8, then your water is too alkaline. If your water is too alkaline, a number of things can happen; from swimmers suffering with burning eyes and nose, to cloudy or murky water.

Chlorine Level

Another factor in ideal pool water maintenance is to maintain proper chlorine levels. Chlorine is responsible for killing any algae that attempts to grow in your pool. If you have the proper amount of chlorine, it is impossible for algae to grow. However, you must use caution because chlorine is very toxic. It is universally recommended that you keep your chlorine level at 1 to 3 parts per million.

Cleaning the pool walls

A very important component of pool water maintenance is to clean the lining or walls of your pool regularly. This is also an important factor in helping to keep algae away. If your pool is lined with concrete, you can use a steel brush to clean it. However, if your pool has a nylon liner, you must use a soft bristled brush. Brushing will help you manage any algae colonies that might have formed. Once loosened, they will be drawn into the pool filter system and filtered out of the water. Proper pool water maintenance will go a long way towards keeping your pool sparkling all year long.

Choosing one of the best Charlotte pool companies

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