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Swimming pool construction and renovation - Charlotte, NCWhen you are considering adding a swimming pool to your back yard, it is important to select the right design for your family and lifestyle.  There are three primary types of in-ground swimming pools – shotcrete or concrete, in-ground vinyl liner, and fiberglass.  Each of these have certain advantages and which will be best for your swimming pool construction and renovation project will depend upon how you and your family plan to use the new pool.  The best pool contractor in Charlotte NC, Carolina Pool Plastering can advise you on which type of pool will best suit your lifestyle and lot.

Constructing an in-ground pool

Most homeowners prefer an in-ground pool, especially if they are looking for a pool that will last.  The right swimming pool construction and renovation project can truly beautify a backyard.  The three primary types of in-ground pools are all good options.  Which is best for your pool project will depend upon your and your family.

Concrete or shotcrete

This type of pool is the most durable.  The life expectancy for a shotcrete or concrete pool is 15 to 18 years.  This type of pool may last even longer than this as long as the shotcrete is well-maintained and redone when necessary.  In Charlotte NC, the best contractor for shotcrete and replastering is Carolina Pool Plastering.

In-ground vinyl liner

This type of pool holds water with a vinyl membrane.  A vinyl liner pool is typically the least expensive of in-ground pools.  The thickness of the vinyl used in these types of pools is measured in thousandths of an in or in mils.  Vinyl liners are usually more fragile than fiberglass and can be punctured during the swimming pool construction and renovation.  Other problems can occur when roots grow or punch through a vinyl liner.  If precautions are not taken, even pets, tools or children’s toys can cause an accidental puncture in a vinyl liner.  Carolina Pool Plastering in Charlotte NC can advise you on all types of pools, including the best in-ground vinyl liners.


This type of in-ground pool comes as a one-piece resin shell.  This shell is placed into the excavation site.  A fiberglass in-ground pool is typically more costly than a vinyl liner pool and can be as expensive as a concrete or shotcrete pool.  Fiberglass can last longer than vinyl, however when it begins to break down, it can fall apart very quickly.  Fiberglass liners come with a gel-like coating and if this coating breaks or cracks, water can get in between the layers causing de-lamination and blistering.

In Charlotte NC, Carolina Pool Plastering is the best choice for any type of swimming pool construction or renovation project.


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