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Shotcrete  Pools are the best types of pools to have in Charlotte, NC. Its superiority comes from the materials that are involved in building the pools. Shotcrete Pools uses what is called “wet mix method”. The materials are mixed in building equipment and is then sprayed on the excavation made for the pool. Listed below are some of the major advantages of Shotcrete Pools over the other types of pools.

Shotcrete Pools Comes in Different Designs

Since Shotcrete is sprayed into the pool excavation, shaping the pool in any design is easy. Unlike pools made with poured concrete, Shotcrete is cheaper and can be molded into any design that you can think of.  Many of our clients prefer Shotcrete because of the aesthetically attractive pools it creates.

Shotcrete Pools are easier to clean

Unlike other types of pools, Shotcrete pools are easier to clean, vacuum, scrubbing and washing are just some of the techniques that can be used.

Tile Installation on Shotcrete Pools is easy

When it comes to tile installation, Shotcrete pools are the easiest to install. Most Charlotte pool contractors can install tiles on Shotcrete pools with ease because its materials are highly compatible with most pool tile brands.

Shotcrete Pools will not break the bank

Unlike poured concrete pools, Shotcrete pools will give you the best-looking pool in Charlotte NC that fits your budget. The materials are of high quality but also inexpensive.  Shotcrete pools strength can range from 6500 to 7500 PSI!

Shotcrete Pools work Best with Plaster

To achieve better lifespan, Shotcrete pools are covered with plaster instead of liners. Liners are inferior to pool plasters because of bubbling. Unlike pool liners, pool plasters comes in different varieties and designs, which makes it the top choice as the interior surface materials for Charlotte pools!

Shotcrete binds easily to your Pool’s excavation

With whatever material covers your pool excavation, you can expect Shotcrete binds easily to your prepared pool surface. Most materials for pool’s excavation can range from rock, tile, stone, brick or even steel! This is one good reason why pool builders like Carolina Pool Plastering in Charlotte NC prefer this material.

Shotcrete is used to prevent erosion

Shotcrete is used to build swimming pools, and is also so durable that it is also used by construction companies for erosion control and slope stabilization.

With so many advantages of Shotcrete, most pool owners choose this material for their swimming pools. If you plan on building your own Shotcrete Pools in Charlotte, NC Carolina Pool Plastering is the one to contact. They only provide the best pool materials and service in Charlotte NC and the surrounding areas.


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