Upgrade your pool’s look with these swimming pool construction and renovation ideas

swimming pool construction and renovation by pool companies
Even if you already have a pool, you may want to update or refresh it by changing or renovating it.  There are many ways you can change the look of your pool to make its appearance modern and fresh.  If your pool is over twenty years old, you will be amazed by all the improvements and new upgrades available.  Renovating an older pool is really an investment in your home’s value.  The pool was an expensive addition to your backyard, so it only makes sense to keep it updated to help maintain its value.  Here are some great ideas for swimming pool construction and renovation:

New vinyl liner

If your pool is a bit older, the original vinyl liner may be showing its age.  You can replace your old liner with a new, updated one and add years to the life of your pool.  One of Charlotte’s best pool companies, Carolina Pool Plastering can install a new vinyl liner and truly improve the look of your pool.  While they are doing this project, they can also look for damage or rust in your pool and make any necessary repairs.

Add a spa

Putting in a new spa can enhance not only the look of your pool, but also the experience.  There are different ways of doing this. Adding a molded spa right next to your pool so the water can spill over into the pool is one great idea.  Spas are easy to cover and keep clean, but add so much enjoyment to using your pool.

Add a slide

Slides are not only for kids!  Even adults have a great time sliding down a waterslide and into the pool.  This is one of the best swimming pool construction and renovation projects and can be completed by Carolina Pool Plastering in a couple of days.

Improve or upgrade the pool deck

One of the most dramatic changes you can make to your pool area is to upgrade the pool deck.  Most pools, especially older ones, came with a brushed broom concrete deck.  Today’s options include beautiful stone pavers, brick, and flagstone and even stamped concrete.  You can choose just about any design you like and Carolina Pool Plastering, one of Charlotte’s best pool companies can make it happen.  Their team of experts will work with you to design your new pool deck, ensuring the new design enhances your pool area.

Add water features

Adding a water feature or two is another great way to upgrade the look of your backyard pool.  This is a pretty simple swimming pool construction and renovation project and is very popular in the Charlotte NC area.  A water feature can be anything from sheet waterfalls to precise laminar deck jets and you and your guests will enjoy the sound of falling water as you relax on the new pool deck.

If your pool needs an update, Carolina Pool Plastering, one of Charlotte’s best pool companies will be glad to do the work.  Give them a call to set up an appointment for your swimming pool construction and renovation project.




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