Planning your swimming pool installation

Pool installation
Swimming pool installation is one of the most enjoyable home improvement projects on the mind of many folks these days. Astute homeowners realize that the time to plan and prepare for an incredible pool and deck is now, way before home and garden shows tout the end of winter and the approaching of spring. Remember, planning is just as important as inspiration, and today we will discuss a part of planning where many prospective pool owners drop the ball.

If you plan to install a swimming pool, be sure to call your lawn sprinkler company and tell them about your plans for pool installation. There is usually a need for coordination on the part of the sprinkler company and the pool builders, so be sure to notify your lawn sprinkler company as soon as you select your swimming pool contractor. Make sure that you tell the pool project sales person that you have irrigation in your site that needs to be protected.

You have probably never even considered that protecting and restoring your sprinkler system could possibly be an added expense to your pool project. Be sure that you add sprinkler restoration as a budget line item if this is your case. The idea may seem crazy at first, but if you think about it, a pool usually gets placed in a wide open area that is irrigated by a sprinkler field. After your pool has been installed, the area is often cut in smaller pieces, especially after the addition of decks, patios and fences. In other words, you will probably need more zones and different heads than you originally had in place.

Here are some suggestions as to how you should coordinate between your pool builder and landscaper:

  • Secure a copy of your pool design from the pool company.
  • Make sure that the design includes the pool apron and paved areas connecting your home to the pool.
  • If you are installing fencing, get copies to that contractor as well.
  • Be sure that utility lines such as gas and electric for the pool are on the drawing.

You should not underestimate the changes that will be necessary to your irrigation system after the site has been reconfigured for your swimming pool. The sprinkler system lines, control wire, heads, and zone valves will need to be removed and rerouted after pool installation is complete. Contact your lawn sprinkler company and any other contractors that will be involved in underground utilities and installations even if they are not connected with your pool construction. Your pool company will need to have your systems active when preparing for the pool installation.

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