Check for necessary pool tile repair before opening the pool

pool tile repair worksBefore you open your swimming pool for the summer, you should always inspect it to see if you need any pool tile repair.  It is much easier to make these types of repairs during the down season.  Carolina Pool Plastering, one of Charlotte’s best contractors can fix any structural or cosmetic damage to your pool.  This includes setting or replacing tile, setting coping stones, caulking or grouting.  Quite often swimming pool expansion joints will need to be recaulked following the winter.  Any type of pool tile repair should be done as soon as possible to help prevent further damage and resulting in a major swimming pool renovation.

Your pool may be structurally damaged in a variety of ways.  For example, if you live in Charlotte NC or the surrounding area, you may get temperatures at or below freezing during the winter.  Freezes can damage tiles and result in a need for pool tile repair.  Additionally, if you have issues with the soil under your pool, you may also need pool tile repair occasionally as a result of the pool settling through the years.

If your pool deck is made from tile, you may also need pool tile repair if the ground under your deck expands or erodes.  Water can get into the areas that open when the ground shifts or expands or when it erodes around the pool.  This water can then freeze and damage the bond beam of the pool.  This beam is the top six or eight inches of the pool wall and is the area where tile and coping stones are often set.  If this bond beam becomes compromised, you may find yourself with loose coping tiles.  If you do not get the bond beam repaired, tiles will continue to loosen and fall off.  Carolina Pool Plastering are experts in pool tile repair and can help you decide what the best options are to repair your pool.

Repairing or Resetting Coping

The coping in your pool is subject to damage simply because it is exposed and gets a lot of abuse.  The coping tiles may come loose from the bond beam or may crack or shift.  Damage to coping tiles is sometimes easy to see, but can require the services of a pool contractor, such as Carolina Pool Plastering to determine the extent of any damage.

Pool tile repair

You may lose tiles from your swimming pool for a number of reasons.  One of the worst is freeze damage, but it may also be a damaged bond beam or even just time.  Many times, you will find damage in both the pool tiles and the coping and should get both repairs done at the same time.  Most pool tile repair is not complex, but should typically be done by a professional experienced in determining the type and extent of the damage and the best methods for repairing it.

Carolina Pool Plastering is one of the best pool contractors in Charlotte NC and are experts in pool tile repair.  Give them a call today.



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