When you want to know how to choose a Charlotte pool company

How to choose a Charlotte pool company in Charlotte, NCWhen you are considering building a new pool, the single most important consideration in how to choose a Charlotte pool company is getting the right references.  Many of you may know to ask for references for any Charlotte NC pool contractor, however there is a strategy for getting the right references.  There is more to this than just asking the pool contractor for references.  Carolina Pool Plastering, one of Charlotte’s best pool companies recommends any homeowner follow their recommended approach.

Properly asking a Charlotte pool company for references of previous work

When you meet with potential pool contractors, instead of asking them for a list of references, ask them how many pools they installed last year.  This seems like a simple question and the Charlotte pool company representative will probably answer the question quickly.  When they give you their answer, then ask for their reference list for last year.  If the pool contractor told you they did 20 jobs last year, then they should be willing to provide you 20 references.  If they cannot or will not, then you should consider moving on to another Charlotte pool company.

Satisfied customers

Most of the time a satisfied customer is happy to allow their name and contact information to be used as a reference by their pool contractor.  If a pool contractor tells you that they cannot give out names of previous customers because of privacy issues, he may not have any satisfied customers to use as references.  Unless all of their previous customers are international celebrities, they should be able to provide names and contact information of satisfied customers.

Other important considerations on how to choose a Charlotte pool company

Another important piece of information to get from any Charlotte NC pool contractor is a copy of their professional license and their insurance coverage.  Always check to ensure a pool contractor is properly licensed in the jurisdiction and in your state.  The last thing you need when building a new pool is to get fined for using an unlicensed pool contractor.  Checking the pool company’s workman’s compensation insurance coverage is also very important.  A reputable pool company will have appropriate workman’s compensation insurance for all their employees.  This helps protect you, the homeowner in case an employee is injured while working on your pool.

Carolina Pool Plastering, one of Charlotte’s best pool companies is happy to provide you a reference list, as well as proof of insurance and licensing.  They will also provide you a detailed estimate, including material and labor costs.  When you need to know how to choose a Charlotte pool company, follow these simple steps to help ensure success.


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