pool installation by pool buildersFactors to consider when thinking about a swimming pool installation

If you are thinking about a swimming pool installation, there are many factors to consider. There are items such as building code requirements, the design and type of swimming pool you want, your available yard space, and the overall swimming pool installation cost. Other important considerations are whether or not you will need certain safety features such as a self-locking gate and fence to prevent small children from getting into the pool, winterizing the pool in cooler weather, the type of liner for the pool, and ongoing pool maintenance or upkeep. It is also important to think about how well your new swimming pool will blend into your landscape. You will want to ensure your swimming pool style, size, and shape will bring create a balanced oasis to your back yard. This important for two reasons, to increase the enjoyment for your family and guests and to ensure your swimming pool installation helps increase your property value. One of Charlotte’s best pool companies, Charlotte Pool Plastering can help you with all the details of your swimming pool installation.

Additional considerations for your swimming pool installation

When you are deciding upon a swimming pool installation, you may want to consider adding additional features at the same time. These can include an upgraded swimming pool deck, water features, and customized tile in and around the pool. You may also want to add lights and special stones or designs to the pool coping. You will need to decide which type of pool liner you want. Your choices are typically a concrete or shotcrete liner, although in some areas you may also choose fiberglass. The last major consideration is the size of the swimming pool installation project and how complicated the excavation will be. Depending upon the size of your pool, the excavation may include major renovations to your landscape. At a minimum, the project will require an area for large equipment to maneuver.

Another possibility is to enclose the pool so it may be used all year round. This is especially nice in an area like Charlotte NC where it can get nippy during the winter. The pool may be placed in an addition built onto your home or into a separate building or enclosed patio. The primary benefit of an indoor pool is that you, your family and your guests may use it no matter what the weather is like outside. Maintenance and upkeep may be a little easier, too since there are no leaves or other debris constantly falling into the pool. There is also no need to weatherize the pool during colder weather.

There are a few unique considerations when considering an indoor pool. You will need an indoor swimming pool dehumidifier and how to best heat the pool. Some homeowners opt for solar heating for their swimming pool installation, while others opt for more conventional heating. You may also want to add a spa or a current pool to the swimming pool installation project.

No matter what type of swimming pool installation project you are considering, the experts at Carolina Pool Plastering can help you with all the details of your project. Give them a call to discuss your swimming pool installation project.


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