Adding a new pool deck is a great way to upgrade your in-ground pool

New pool deck in  Charlotte, NCThe ultimate backyard upgrade is the addition of an in-ground pool.  However, if you already have an in-ground pool, perhaps you want a bit more.  If your current pool has a brushed concrete pool deck, installing a new pool deck of brick, pavers, or slate can add a great deal to your overall backyard landscape.  Prices are still good for in-ground pool and home improvements, so this is a good time to add a new pool deck.  In Charlotte NC, the best company to build your new pool deck is Carolina Pool Plastering.  They enjoy a reputation for excellence and quality work and will be happy to provide you an estimate for a new deck.

Designing your new pool deck

It does not matter if you have a full size in-ground pool or a lap pool, Carolina Pool Plastering can help you design a new pool deck to enhance your entire outdoor living area.  Typically, in-ground pools come with a brushed concrete pool deck.  This is fine, however concrete can be rough on bare feet and can get hot in sunny weather or high temperatures.  There are several other material choices for pool decking, including wood, brick, stone, and slate.  Each of these provides certain advantages and all make an incredibly beautiful pool deck.


Wood is one of the least expensive materials for a new pool deck.  It is versatile and there are many variety of woods available.  One of the advantages of wood is that it does not get as hot, however, a new pool deck made from wood must be treated annually to prevent swelling and disintegration.


Brick makes a lovely pool deck and you can even build in designs.  The bricks used as pool decking must be specially treated so they are not rough on bare feet.


Flag stones make some of the most beautiful decks available.  These stones come in a variety of colors and styles.  They may be combined with other materials such as tile to make intricate designs.  One important note, be sure and choose only absorbent stone so it absorbs water and does not become slick when wet.


Paving stones of slate are another good option for a new pool deck.  These types of pavers are very beautiful and make a great material for a new pool deck.  Like stone, they can become slick, so they must be specially treated.

When it comes to building a new pool deck, there is no company more qualified in Charlotte NC than Carolina Pool Plastering.  Give them a call to discuss the details of your new pool deck.


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