A new pool tile installation is a great way to update the appearance of your pool

Pool tile installation in Charlotte, NCIf you are ready to change the look of your pool, a new pool tile installation is a good way to do it.  Updating or replacing your pool tile is a great way to give your entire outdoor living area a new look.  A new pool tile installation can be done by Carolina Pool Plastering in Charlotte NC and can provide a drastically new look for your pool.  A new pool tile installation can bring color, value and a completely new look to an older pool.  You may decide to replace pool tile or coping for a number of reasons.  These could be cosmetic or structural, including chipped or cracked tiles.  Pool tiles crack and loosen and can fall and create a trip hazard or unstable surface.  The experts at Carolina Pool Plastering can also repair or replace any old or damaged pool equipment at the same time.

Loose or falling tile

Pool tiles can become loose and fall off when the bond used to set them into place fails.  If you check behind the tile, you may see a horizontal crack which may be evidence of a cracked beam.  If you have popped tiles, this may be caused by water getting behind the tile and freezing.  This happens when there is no caulking in the expansion joint or that caulking fails. If it is only the tile which has fallen, it may be possible to reset or regrout it back into place.  Carolina Pool Plastering, one of the best pool companies in Charlotte NC uses waterproof grout during a new pool tile installation.

White deposits

Many times mineral deposits will collect on pool tiles creating a white deposit which must be scrubbed off or removed with some type of acid.  This is known as efflorescence and consists of mineral salts, including magnesium and calcium.  These minerals may come from the setting mud, the grout, or from the pool water.

Cracked tiles

Tiles may crack as a result of a cracked bond beam or when water freezes and presses against the tile when it expands.

Older tiles

As a pool ages, grout will erode away because of exposure to pool chemicals.  Carolina Pool Plastering will inspect your pool and determine the best way to fix any damage.  They may recommend regrouting of the pool or a new pool tile installation.  In older pools, grout can wear thin and allow water to seep in behind the pool tiles.  If water gets behind the pool tiles and freezes, the tiles will begin to fall off. Carolina Pool Plastering can replace or repair any damage during a pool tile installation.


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