Concrete makes a great new pool deck

Swimming pool construction and renovation in Charlotte, NCWhen you want to build a new pool deck, concrete is a great choice.  There are coatings and textures which you can use to customize your pool deck and help make it resistant to weather issues.  Concrete alone may be a bit slippery, but you can use texturing or apply a slip-resistant coating to help with this issue.  You can also select coatings which can help preserve your concrete pool deck from exposure to cold, heat, and rain.  These coatings can also help your new pool deck resist mildew and rot.  When you meet with a Charlotte pool contractor, such as Carolina Pool Plastering, they may have recommendations for materials which work better in the area.  There are a variety of finishes, coatings, and techniques which will work with a concrete pool deck.

Stamped concrete for your new pool deck

Stamped concrete is produced using a stamping plate with a design or pattern.  This is pressed into the poured concrete to create patterns or designs.  These stamped designs make a naturally resistant and attractive surface for your new pool deck.   Patterns and designs may be used to create a customized look for your new pool deck.  These designs can replicate almost anything from fine art tiling to nature or wildlife.

Carolina Pool Plastering in Charlotte NC can help you create a tailored and beautiful new pool deck.  They will meet with you and discuss your goals for your new pool deck.  They may recommend a low-profile or seamless stamp for a new pool deck area.  It is important to keep the designs and lines shallow since anything deep will catch and retain water.  Most stamped concrete pool decks are finished with a sealer to protect the new pool deck from weathering and stains.

Textured concrete for a new pool deck

When you use textured concrete for a new pool deck surface it also helps make the pool deck non-slippery.  Textured concrete may be sprayed onto an existing concrete slab.  Textured concrete both dresses up a concrete pool deck and makes it non-slip.  The concrete pool deck must be completely clean and free of any grease or oils.  The textured concrete is then applied to the concrete slab and sealed.  The textured concrete can be almost any color so your new pool deck will match the style and décor of your home.

Sealing and coating a new pool deck

If a concrete pool deck is not sealed or treated with a coating, it may be damaged by the elements.  Exposure to rain, heat, and cold can cause the pool deck surface to crack.  Other items such as suntan oils, spilled beverages, or food can also stain.  If a concrete pool deck is not textured, it can be slippery.  Using the right sealer or protective coating keeps your new pool deck looking great for years.  Carolina Pool Plastering will help you select the right concrete for your new pool deck at your Charlotte home.


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